Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Scientists reengineer cancer drugs to be more versatile
Houston | February 16, 2023 9:03:06 PM IST
Rice University scientists have enlisted widely used cancer therapy systems to control gene expression in mammalian cells, a feat of synthetic biology that could change how diseases are treated. ... read..

CBD shows promise for reducing smoking
Washington | February 16, 2023 8:33:13 PM IST
Cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis, slows nicotine metabolism, according to recent research, which means it could assist tobacco users to control their desire for the next cigarette. ... read..

Study gives new insights into understanding of autism
Montreal | February 16, 2023 8:33:09 PM IST
The study revealed that sensory signals from the outside world are integrated differently in Fragile X syndrome (FXS), the most prevalent cause of autism, resulting in them being underrepresented by cortical pyramidal neurons in the brain. ... read..

Study: Doing physical activity at right time of the day increases fat metabolism
Solna | February 16, 2023 3:33:29 PM IST
At least in mice, physical activity at the appropriate time of day appears to be able to enhance fat metabolism. According to a recent study from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, mice who exercised during an ... read..

Radiotherapy is not an option for older breast cancer patients: Research
Washington | February 16, 2023 2:03:47 PM IST
According to new research, Radiotherapy does not increase survival chances in older people with early breast cancer. ... read..

Medicine linked to lower risk of dementia in people with diabetes: Study
Washington | February 16, 2023 2:03:32 PM IST
Diabetes patients are twice as likely as non-diabetics to develop dementia. A new study found that persons with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes who used the diabetic medicine pioglitazone were less likely to acquire dementia later in life than those who d ... read..

Study finds food coloring nanoparticles can affect human gut
Washington | February 16, 2023 6:04:15 AM IST
According to new research by Cornell and Binghamton University scientists, metal oxide nanoparticles - commonly used as food coloring and anti-caking agents in the commercial ingredients industry - may damage parts of the human intestine. ... read..

'Nation's Homeopath': Mukesh Batra, his amazing story & success mantra
New Delhi | Thursday, 2023 1:45:09 AM IST
His first job was as a charitable intern earning Rs 150 a month and after nine years of struggle, he started earning Rs 450 a month but he always wanted to branch out on his own, says Mukesh Batra, who today presides over a chain of 225 homeopathy clinics ... read..

One dead, 30 ill after drinking polluted water in Karnataka's Yadgir
Yadgir (Karnataka) | Thursday, 2023 1:45:09 AM IST
A woman died, while more than 30 other persons fell ill after drinking polluted water in a village in Karnataka's Yadgir district, officials said on Wednesday. ... read..

Detecting rapidly mutating bacteria and viruses with AutoPLP
Washington | February 15, 2023 10:33:40 PM IST
As we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, the microorganisms that cause various diseases can rapidly change into versions that avoid detection and treatment. However, researchers presenting in ACS Infectious Diseases have discovered a process that co ... read..

Irregular sleeping habits may increase risk of atherosclerosis in older adults
Washington | February 15, 2023 10:33:31 PM IST
According to new research published today in the Journal of the American Heart Association, an open access, peer-reviewed journal of the American Heart Association, sleeping an inconsistent number of hours each night and falling asleep at different times ... read..

Oral bacteria may increase heart disease risk: Research
Washington | February 15, 2023 10:33:29 PM IST
A study published today in eLife suggests that infection with a bacterium that causes gum disease and foul breath may raise the risk of heart disease. ... read..

Rapid screening test predicts effectiveness of steroid injections for neck pain
New York | February 15, 2023 10:03:56 PM IST
Researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine and other institutions claim to have developed a quick clinical test that predicts which patients with neck pain are more likely to benefit from epidural steroid injections, which deliver drugs directly around the s ... read..

COVID-19 infection raises diabetes risk: Research
Washington | February 15, 2023 3:33:29 PM IST
Researchers at Cedars-Smidt Sinai's Heart Institute have confirmed that persons who have had COVID-19 have a higher risk of developing new-onset diabetes, which is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease. ... read..

Alternate-day fasting may benefit patients with fatty liver disease: Research
Chicago | February 15, 2023 3:03:15 PM IST
University of Illinois Chicago nutrition researchers evaluated 80 persons with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and discovered that those who followed an alternate-day fasting diet and exercised were able to improve their health. ... read..

Targeting microbiome can improve child undernutrition: Research
Washington | February 15, 2023 7:32:51 AM IST
Research led by Queen Mary University of London suggests that nutritional interventions used to tackle child undernutrition in lower and middle-income countries should target gut microbiome development, rather than just human nutritional needs, to more ef ... read..

New screening tool aims to help in COPD diagnosis
Washington | February 15, 2023 5:32:21 AM IST
A new tool shows promise in helping primary care physicians identify adults with undiagnosed (COPD), according to research published in JAMA. ... read..

Biocon Q3FY23 revenue at Rs 3,020 crore, up 36%
Bengaluru | Wednesday, 2023 4:15:09 AM IST
Global biopharmaceuticals company Biocon Ltd on Tuesday announced its net revenue from operations for the quarter, ending December 31, 2022. increased by 36 per cent to Rs 3,020 crore from Rs 2,223 crore in the same period last year. ... read..

Assam gets nod to start MBBS course in Kokrajhar Medical College
Guwahati | Wednesday, 2023 3:45:09 AM IST
The Assam government has got the National Medical Commission's (NMC) permission to start MBBS course in the newly-built Kokrajhar Medical College in Kokrajhar district. ... read..

Diphtheria outbreak in Nigeria claims 40 lives
Lagos | Wednesday, 2023 2:45:09 AM IST
Nigerian health authorities have confirmed 216 diphtheria cases with 40 deaths in four states of the country since December 2022. ... read..

Heart failure places significant load on healthcare: Study
Solna | February 14, 2023 3:33:26 PM IST
An international study published in Heart reports found that patients with heart failure frequently suffer co-morbidities, putting significant pressure on healthcare resources. The researchers, based at Karolinska Institutet, identify an urgent need to im ... read..

Study: Change in how heart produces energy can be key to preventing heart failure
Washington | February 14, 2023 7:02:48 AM IST
Heart failure is often identified only when the heart has already deteriorated. This is in large part because the cause is unknown for about 70 per cent of people who experience heart failure. ... read..

Babul Supriyo hospitalised after complaining of chest pain
Kolkata | Tuesday, 2023 1:15:10 AM IST
Singer-turned-politician and West Bengal Tourism Minister Babul Supriyo was on Monday admitted to a hospital in Kolkata following complaints of severe chest pain, along with extreme uneasiness and excessive sweating. ... read..

Mother's blessing: Microbiota from mothers regulates lung immunity in newborns
Lisbon | February 13, 2023 11:33:20 PM IST
A new study led by Bruno Silva Santos, group leader and vice-director at the Instituto de Medicina Molecular Joo Lobo Antunes (iMM; Portugal), and published in the scientific journal Cell Reports discovered that T cells influence the transfer of maternal ... read..

Study reveals how CBD counters epileptic seizures
New York | February 13, 2023 11:05:20 PM IST
A new study illustrates how cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical present in cannabis, decreases seizures in several treatment-resistant forms of paediatric epilepsy. ... read..

Low brain pressure could be risk factor for developing glaucoma: Research
Kaunas | February 13, 2023 10:03:41 PM IST
An international team of researchers led by Lithuanian experts adds to the evidence that intracranial pressure is significant in normal-tension glaucoma, which accounts for up to 50 per cent of all glaucoma cases. A recent clinical investigation found tha ... read..

Kids use same brain network as adults for tough problems: Research
Ohio | February 13, 2023 9:34:06 PM IST
A new study found that children as young as four years old have evidence of a network in the brain found in adults that deals with complex cognitive problems. ... read..

Unemployment because of brain, spine cancer related to more pain, depression: Study
Washington | February 13, 2023 4:03:46 PM IST
According to a study, people who are unemployed due to brain or spine cancer may have more severe feelings of pain, discomfort, worry, and depression than people with the same illnesses who are employed. ... read..

Outpatient waiting lines may be reduced via remote symptom reporting systems: Research
Washington | February 13, 2023 4:03:11 PM IST
According to a new assessment published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, digital systems for patients to remotely monitor and report symptoms may offer a way to minimise outpatient waiting lines. ... read..

Study reveals pregnant women at higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life
San Francisco (California) | February 13, 2023 4:03:09 PM IST
A pregnant person is more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes later in life if they have gestational diabetes, according to studies. Another prevalent cause of newborns who are large for gestational age is gestational diabetes (LGA). ... read..

Pakistan to start polio vaccination campaign in 39 districts
Islamabad | Monday, 2023 4:45:09 AM IST
A polio vaccination campaign is set to kick off from Monday in 39 districts of Pakistan to vaccinate more than 6 million children under the age of five, the Pakistani Health Ministry said. ... read..

Ailing Oommen Chandy flown to Bengaluru
Thiruvananthapuram | Monday, 2023 1:15:12 AM IST
Veteran Congress leader and former Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, who has been ailing for a few months, was airlifted to Bengaluru on Sunday. ... read..

New study explores challenges of developing mucosal vaccines for respiratory viruses
Washington | February 12, 2023 10:04:07 PM IST
Vaccines that provide long-lasting protection against influenza, coronaviruses and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are difficult to develop. In a new review article in Cell Host & Microbe, researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infec ... read..

Study reveals how natural killer immune cells can change tissue inflammation
Melbourne | February 12, 2023 7:32:58 PM IST
Researchers have discovered a previously unidentified function of 'natural killer' (NK) immune cells, which has increased human understanding of how the immune system is controlled to prevent disease. ... read..

Research reveals link between obesity-related neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's
Montreal | February 12, 2023 7:32:55 PM IST
A recent study discovered a relationship between neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients, meaning that losing weight could minimise cognitive decline and cut the prevalence of AD. ... read..

Patients receive too little rehab therapy after stroke: Research
California | February 12, 2023 6:33:57 PM IST
According to a new UCLA-led study that followed over 500 patients across 28 acute care hospitals in their first year following a stroke, many patients do not receive much rehabilitation therapy after a stroke, despite overwhelming evidence that higher lev ... read..

Study sheds new light on treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Washington | February 12, 2023 6:03:16 PM IST
By 2020, there will be more than 55 million cases of Alzheimer's disease worldwide, predicts Alzheimer's Disease International. Every 20 years, this number will almost double, rising to 78 million in 2030 and 139 million in 2050. ... read..

Do you know antibiotic helps to fight against superbugs? Study reveals
Melbourne | February 12, 2023 4:35:13 PM IST
A novel antibiotic created by RMIT University researchers may be instantly altered to prevent developing resistance to dangerous superbugs. ... read..

Study reveals Phthalate exposure may increase risk of diabetes in women
Washington | February 12, 2023 2:04:16 PM IST
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in plastics may raise the risk of diabetes in women, according to a new study published in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. ... read..

Playing golf may be better than Nordic walking for older people: Study
Washington | February 12, 2023 2:04:11 PM IST
According to a new study, playing golf may provide more health benefits to older persons than regular or Nordic walking. ... read..

Study suggests extracts from two wild plants restrain Covid-19 virus
Atlanta | February 12, 2023 2:04:08 PM IST
Extracts from two common wild plants decrease the capacity of the virus that causes Covid-19 to infect live cells, suggests an Emory University study. ... read..

Calorie restriction is more effective for weight loss than intermittent fasting: Study
Washington | February 12, 2023 2:04:06 PM IST
A study found that eating large meals was more beneficial than intermittent fasting. ... read..

Govt has brought policies to encourage investors in healthcare sector: Mandaviya
Lucknow | Sunday, 2023 4:15:09 AM IST
Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Saturday said that the government is improving the healthcare and medical education sectors through a holistic approach that not only envisages creating more quality healthcare infrastructure but also trained man ... read..

Chinese families hit by adverse vaccine reactions call for govt probe
New Delhi | Sunday, 2023 3:45:09 AM IST
Dozens of families who have reported major health problems and deaths in China after getting vaccinated for various illnesses in recent years are calling on the Chinese government to investigate the matter, according to a media report. ... read..

Kerala govt faces quandary as trans-father who delivered baby wants to be named father
Thiruvananthapuram | Sunday, 2023 2:15:09 AM IST
The Kerala government will have to make a tough call on the request from a transgender couple, who has been blessed with a baby recently, and have now asked the hospital authorities to consider the trans father who delivered the child as the father in the ... read..

DCGI sends notice to e-pharmacies for selling drugs without licence
New Delhi | Sunday, 2023 1:45:09 AM IST
The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) has issued a showcause notice to online pharmacies, seeking an explanation on why action should not be taken against them for selling and distributing drugs in contravention of provisions of the Drugs and Cosme ... read..

Study brings out risk factors in children with chronic kidney disease
Philadelphia | February 12, 2023 12:03:17 AM IST
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) in children is rare, which makes research difficult and leaves large gaps in the quantity and quality of information that is useful for pediatric patients with the condition. The largest prospective studies also have limited u ... read..

Study suggests new type of immunotherapy for ovarian cancer patients
Solna | February 12, 2023 12:03:03 AM IST
CAR T-cell therapy, a sort of cancer treatment in which the immune system's T cells are trained to attack tumour cells, was found to be effective in mice with ovarian cancer, according to a study. ... read..

Study suggests antibody therapy can be used to treat liver disease
Solna | February 12, 2023 12:03:01 AM IST
There is currently no medication available to treat non-alcoholic liver disease, which affects many type 2 diabetes patients and can develop into more serious liver ailments. A therapeutic option for the treatment of fatty liver has been identified in a s ... read..

Men are more prone to develop obesity-related conditions: Study
| February 11, 2023 11:33:23 PM IST
Men are more likely than women to develop conditions associated with obesity such as cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and diabetes, says York Professor Tara Haas with the Faculty of Health's School of Kinesiology and Health Science. ... read..

Poor air quality can affect pregnant women: Study
Washington | February 11, 2023 11:33:20 PM IST
A new study has found that poor air quality can affect pregnant women. It can lead to a number of adverse effects including preterm birth. ... read..

Pregnant women who deliver large babies are at increased risk of developing diabetes later in life: Study
Washington | February 11, 2023 11:33:17 PM IST
Researchers will unveil findings that suggest pregnant women who do not have diabetes but deliver a large-for-gestational age baby are at an increased risk of developing prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes 10-14 years later in a new study to be presented at th ... read..

New eye-tracking test to quantify toddlers' level of attention to motherese: Study
Washington | February 11, 2023 10:04:06 PM IST
A recent study has created a novel eye-tracking technique to measure toddlers' attention to motherese. Using these metrics, the researchers were able to identify a subset of children with ASD whose low levels of attention to motherese were also related wi ... read..

Less wealthy people are more likely to have mental health disorders later in life: Study
Helsinki | February 11, 2023 8:05:14 PM IST
According to a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, people from less affluent backgrounds are far more likely to experience mental health issues later in life than people from more affluent ones. ... read..

Virtual reality exercise may relieve pain in endometriosis: Study
Washington | February 11, 2023 5:04:39 PM IST
Virtual reality exercise sessions can work wonders. A new study has explained how virtual reality exercise sessions help in providing short-term pain relief to women diagnosed with endometriosis. ... read..

Quality conversation with friend boosts daily well-being: Study
Kansas | February 11, 2023 3:34:46 PM IST
Talking to a friend once during the day to catch up, have fun banter or tell them you're thinking of them can boost happiness and reduce stress levels by the end of the day. ... read..

Mass Drug Administration campaign launched to eliminate lymphatic filariasis
New Delhi | Saturday, 2023 3:45:09 AM IST
Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan on Friday launched a nationwide Mass Drug Administration (MDA) campaign, aimed at ending lymphatic filariasis transmission, through the door-to-door administration of anti-filarial drugs, especially in 10 filaria-affe ... read..

Restricted access to abortions may add to stress in unwanted pregnancies: Study
Washington | February 10, 2023 11:32:40 PM IST
A new study has revealed that restricted access to abortions will cause tremendous stress and potential major psychiatric illnesses for mothers unwanted foetuses. ... read..

Pancreatic cancer rates rising faster in females than in males: Study
Washington | February 10, 2023 10:33:06 PM IST
Cedars-Sinai Cancer Center researchers confirmed in a large-scale nationwide survey that pancreatic cancer rates are growing and rising faster among younger women, than males of the same age. Their findings were published in the peer-reviewed journal Gast ... read..

Single dose of azithromycin lowers maternal sepsis or mortality: Study
Washington | February 10, 2023 10:32:59 PM IST
Infections that develop just before, during, or after delivery cause 10% of maternal fatalities. Maternal infections and sepsis, a serious infection consequence, are two of the top five causes of maternal mortality globally. Maternal infection significant ... read..

Study identifies human microRNAs linked to type 2 diabetes
New York | February 10, 2023 1:34:34 PM IST
Although it has long been believed that the microRNA (miRNA) molecules found in pancreatic islets play significant roles in type 2 diabetes, no specific miRNAs have been definitively linked to the condition in humans. ... read..

New compound inhibits influenza virus replication: Research
Bonn | February 10, 2023 12:04:50 PM IST
The host cell's molecular arsenal is used by viruses to multiply. This is something that researchers from the University of Bonn's Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation2 and their Japanese counterparts hope to take advantage of for the treatment of influe ... read..

'Kid's low appetite may be celiac leading to poor neuro-development'
New Delhi | Friday, 2023 4:45:09 AM IST
A four-year-old boy struggling with severe abdominal pains has been diagnosed with gluten intolerance and celiac disease, leading to excessive growth of bad bacteria in the intestines as well as a very sluggish large intestine, a health expert said. ... read..

Centre relaxes Covid travel norms for passengers from China, other countries
New Delhi | Friday, 2023 3:15:09 AM IST
Amid declining Covid cases in the country, the Center on Thursday relaxed the travel norms for passengers from China and other six countries. However, the random testing of 2 per cent travelers coming to India will continue. ... read..

Oommen Chandy recovering well, says doctor
Thiruvananthapuram | Friday, 2023 1:45:09 AM IST
Two-time Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, presently admitted to a leading private hospital with pneumonia is recovering well, a doctor said on Thursday. ... read..

Punjab's private drug rehab centres facing closure
Chandigarh | Friday, 2023 1:15:09 AM IST
The Punjab Drug Rehabilitation Centres Union (PDRCU) on Thursday sought intervention of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann to review a policy of the previous Congress government that has brought such centres being run in the private sector to the verge of closu ... read..

Army evacuates pregnant woman from winter isolated J&K's Nawapachi
Jammu | Friday, 2023 1:15:09 AM IST
A pregnant woman was evacuated by the Indian Army from the winter isolated Nawapachi area of Jammu and Kashmir's Kishtwar district, officials said on Thursday. ... read..

Protein droplets may cause many types of genetic diseases: Research
Berlin | February 9, 2023 10:03:55 AM IST
Most proteins are found in separate protein-rich droplets called "cellular condensates" in cells. These proteins carry sequence characteristics that serve as address labels, informing the protein which condensates to move into. Proteins may wind up in the ... read..

Study reveals we still don't know which factors most affect cognitive decline as we age
Ohio | February 9, 2023 9:02:43 AM IST
Millions of older Americans are suffering from cognitive impairment. However, dementia--an abnormal decline caused by illnesses such as Alzheimer's, cerebrovascular disease, and Lewy body disease--can account for only around 41 per cent of this decrease s ... read..

Study: 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week decreases liver fat
Pennsylvania | February 8, 2023 11:34:02 PM IST
According to new research from Penn State College of Medicine, the 150 minutes of moderate to severe aerobic activity per week suggested by the US Department of Health and Human Services can dramatically reduce liver fat. ... read..

High-fat diet allows immune system to eliminate parasitic worm: Study
Washington | February 8, 2023 11:04:07 PM IST
Scientists have revealed that a high-fat diet allows the immune system to eliminate a parasitic worm which is a major cause of death and illness in the developing world. ... read..

Pregnancy complications linked to increased risk of heart disease: Study
Washington | February 8, 2023 11:03:57 PM IST
Certain pregnancy issues raise the chance of heart disease later in life. However, much more research is needed to understand how arteriosclerosis occurs between pregnancy and heart disease later in life. A new study led by Lund University researchers in ... read..

Phthalate exposure might increase diabetes risk in women: Study
Washington | February 8, 2023 10:34:00 PM IST
According to a new study published in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in plastics might increase the risk of diabetes in women. ... read..

Study identifies warning signs of bad mental health among athletes
Washington | February 8, 2023 10:03:27 PM IST
According to new research, 'put down' language is a major indication of poor mental health in sports. ... read..

Harnessing good fats helps to relieve multiple sclerosis: Research
Washington | February 8, 2023 8:32:42 PM IST
Basic nutrition teaches that excessive fat consumption is hazardous to human health. However, the components of fats are complex. Unsaturated fats, or lipids, can reduce illness risk. In fact, according to a new study, a healthy fat derivative may be able ... read..

Study explores effect of early-life adversity on childhood mental health
Washington | February 8, 2023 4:04:23 PM IST
New research indicates that early-life adversity--such as homelessness, parental violence, or longstanding illness in the family--may lead to mental health challenges, which in turn have adverse consequences for the development of cognitive abilities duri ... read..

Health Ministry extends NEET PG 2023 internship completion date
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2023 5:15:09 AM IST
The Union Health Ministry on Tuesday extended the last date of completion of internship for MBBS aspirants to August 11 to complete the mandatory one-year programme. ... read..

Integrative medicine centre of All India Institute of Ayurveda inagurated at Safdarjung hospital
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2023 3:45:09 AM IST
Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Tuesday jointly inaugurated an integrative medicine centre at the Department of Integrative Medicine of the All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) at the Safdarjung hospital along with Union Minister of Ayush, Sa ... read..

Students' food poisoning: Karnataka Police lodge FIR against college management
Dakshina Kannada | Wednesday, 2023 3:15:09 AM IST
Karnataka Police on Tuesday lodged an FIR against the college management in Dakshina Kannada district in connection with the food poisoning case in which 231 students fell seriously sick after meals at the hostel mess. ... read..

Researchers reveals how antibiotic helps to fight against superbugs
Melbourne | February 8, 2023 2:32:37 AM IST
Researchers from RMIT University have developed a novel antibiotic that can be quickly modified to avoid becoming resistant to harmful superbugs. ... read..

Over 150 persons fall ill in Katihar after meal at ceremony
Patna | Wednesday, 2023 2:15:09 AM IST
More than 150 persons fell ill after consuming adulterated food at an event in Bihar's Katihar district, an official said on Tuesday. ... read..

Muzaffarpur civic body to spend Rs 1 crore on dog sterilisation
Patna | Wednesday, 2023 2:15:09 AM IST
The Municipal Corporation of Bihar's Muzaffarpur has decided to spend Rs 1 crore for the sterilisation of stray dogs in the district. ... read..

Sugar consumption, early interruption of breastfeeding are risk factors for dental caries: Study
Washington | February 8, 2023 12:03:19 AM IST
A study involving 800 children has shown the inclusion of sugar in their diet and early interruption of breastfeeding to be the main factors that contribute to the appearance of dental caries by age 2. ... read..

AI can improve lung nodule detection in chest x-rays: Study
Washington | February 7, 2023 11:33:15 PM IST
A study has evaluated the effect of artificial intelligence (AI)-based software in real clinical practice, as researchers found that AI significantly improved the detection of lung nodules in chest X-rays. ... read..

Methotrexate use is linked to an increased risk of skin cancer: Study
Gothenburg | February 7, 2023 10:03:22 PM IST
According to a recent study from the University of Gothenburg, the immunosuppressive medicine methotrexate (MTX) has been linked to an increased risk of three forms of skin cancer. Patients using the medicine have moderate to severe psoriasis; nonetheless ... read..

Study finds new cell death mechanism helps to treat cancer
Texas | February 7, 2023 9:02:45 PM IST
The disulfidptosis form of cell death, which was previously unknown, is described in a study from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center that was published today in Nature Cell Biology. This finding may pave the way for fresh cancer treatment o ... read..

Study finds playing golf can be better than Nordic walking for older people
Washington | February 7, 2023 3:34:07 PM IST
A new study suggests that older adults may gain more health benefits from playing golf than participating in regular or Nordic walking. ... read..

Antibiotic innovation helps fight against superbugs
Sydney | February 7, 2023 1:34:05 PM IST
Researchers at RMIT have developed a new form of antibiotic that can be swiftly re-engineered to avoid resistance to dangerous superbugs. ... read..

Least wealthy people more likely to have mental health disorder later in life: Research
Helsinki | February 7, 2023 1:04:16 PM IST
A study published online in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health reveals that those from poorer homes are considerably more likely to develop a mental problem later in life than those from affluent backgrounds. ... read..

Study gives explanation for severe graft-versus-host disease
Washington | February 7, 2023 12:03:17 AM IST
Researchers revealed that alterations in the gut microbiome are connected to an increase in oxygen levels in the intestine that follows immune-mediated intestinal damage. Pharmacologically reducing intestinal oxygen levels alleviated the microbial imbalan ... read..

Research reveals link between obesity-related neurodegeneration, Alzheimer's disease
Montreal | February 6, 2023 11:32:37 PM IST
A recent study found a link between neurodegeneration in obese persons and Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients, implying that decreasing weight could reduce cognitive decline and lower the incidence of AD. ... read..

Reducing calories more effective for weight loss than intermittent fasting: Study
Washington | February 6, 2023 11:32:32 PM IST
According to a study, eating large meals may be more effective than intermittent fasting. ... read..

Research reveals patients receive too little rehab therapy after stroke
Washington | February 6, 2023 11:02:35 PM IST
According to a new UCLA-led study that monitored over 500 patients across 28 acute care hospitals in their first year after a stroke, many patients do not receive much rehabilitation therapy following a stroke, despite clear evidence that higher levels ca ... read..

Researchers reveal how new type of immunotherapy for ovarian cancer
Solna | February 6, 2023 11:02:25 PM IST
According to a study, CAR T-cell therapy, a type of cancer treatment in which the immune system's T cells are trained to attack tumour cells, is successful in mice with ovarian cancer. ... read..

Study reveals risk factors of chronic kidney disease in children
Philadelphia | February 6, 2023 10:32:22 PM IST
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) in children is rare, making research challenging and leaving significant gaps in the quantity and quality of data that informs young patients with the condition. Even the largest prospective studies are restricted in their use ... read..

Study links use of electric vehicles to better health
California | February 5, 2023 7:32:47 PM IST
A team of researchers from USC's Keck School of Medicine has begun to document the actual impact of electric vehicle adoption in the first study to use real-world data to correlate electric cars, air pollution, and health. The researchers analysed a 'natu ... read..

How chemotherapy drug delays enzymes that support growth of cancer cells
New York | February 5, 2023 7:32:39 PM IST
A recent Cornell University study sheds fresh light on how the chemotherapy medication etoposide slows and destroys critical enzymes that drive cancer cell development. ... read..

Sudden cardiac arrest rare in older adult sportspersons: Research
Los Angeles | February 5, 2023 7:32:26 PM IST
Sports-related sudden cardiac arrest in elderly persons happens in just 2 to 3 cases per 100,000 people each year. The findings were reported in the peer-reviewed journal JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology. ... read..

Research reveals preventative measures for optic nerve hypoplasia
Blacksburg (Virginia) | February 5, 2023 6:32:37 PM IST
Researchers at VTC's Fralin Biomedical Research Institute are investigating potential preventative and treatment methods for optic nerve hypoplasia (ONH), a disorder that causes vision impairment in neonates. ... read..

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