Wednesday, November 21, 2018

NASA selects landing site for Mars 2020 Rover
Washington | Tuesday, 2018 1:15:04 PM IST
NASA has chosen Jezero Crater delta, where the sediments contain clays and carbonates, as the landing site for its upcoming Mars 2020 Rover mission, the US space agency said. ... read..

Astronomers expect rare gamma-ray burst
Sydney | Tuesday, 2018 11:45:04 AM IST
In a second only to the Big Bang event, astronomers have identified a "nearby" star system with the potential to produce a gamma-ray burst, one of the most energetic events in the universe. ... read..

China sends 5 satellites into orbit on single rocket
Beijing | Tuesday, 2018 10:45:04 AM IST
China launched a new space environment research satellite and four nanosatellites on a single rocket on Tuesday. ... read..

Smart homes of the future could adjust to your needs
New York | Monday, 2018 5:15:06 PM IST
Researchers in the US, including one of Indian-origin, are working on a technology that could make homes of the future adjust to your activity without the need for invasive cameras. ... read..

Researchers use VR to simulate black hole
London | Monday, 2018 3:15:05 PM IST
In a bid to better understand how black holes behave, researchers have created a virtual reality (VR) simulation of Sagittarius A, the black hole at the centre of our galaxy. ... read..

China launches twin BeiDou navigation satellites
Xichang | Monday, 2018 6:15:04 AM IST
China on Monday sent two new satellites of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) into space on a Long March-3B carrier rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province. ... read..

SpaceX scraps plan to upgrade Falcon 9 for more 'reusability'
San Francisco | Sunday, 2018 11:45:06 AM IST
SpaceX has dropped plans to make its Falcon 9 rockets even more reusable than they are now, company CEO Elon Musk has said. ... read..

GSAT-29 satellite pushed higher into orbit: ISRO
Chennai | Saturday, 2018 8:45:05 PM IST
India's latest communication satellite GSat-29 was successfully pushed up to its intended orbit during its third orbit raising activity, said a top official of ISRO on Saturday. ... read..

Cygnus cargo spacecraft launched to ISS
Washington | Saturday, 2018 7:15:05 PM IST
Northrop Grumman's Cygnus cargo spacecraft was successfully launched to the International Space Station (ISS) on Saturday, NASA said. ... read..

Russia's cargo craft blasts off to ISS (Lead)
Washington | Saturday, 2018 4:15:05 PM IST
Russia's Progress 71 cargo craft has successfully launched a Soyuz-FG rocket to the International Space Station (ISS), a first since the failure of the last manned mission on October 11, NASA said. ... read..

Planet-hunting Kepler telescope put to rest with final commands
Washington | Saturday, 2018 11:15:04 AM IST
NASA's Kepler space telescope, that discovered thousands of planets outside our solar system and revealed that our galaxy contains more planets than stars, has received its final set of commands to disconnect communications with Earth ... read..

Russia successfully launches cargo ship toward ISS
Moscow | Saturday, 2018 4:45:04 AM IST
Russia has successfully launched Progress MS-10 cargo ship toward the International Space Station (ISS), Russian state space corporation Roscosmos said on Friday. ... read..

Large meteorite impact crater found beneath Greenland ice sheet
London | Friday, 2018 2:45:05 PM IST
An international team of researchers has unearthed a large meteorite impact crater under more than a half-mile of ice in northwestern Greenland's Hiawatha Glacier. ... read..

Google Doodle celebrates humanity's first message into space
New Delhi | Friday, 2018 9:45:04 AM IST
In 1974, scientists sent humankind's first, three-minute long interstellar radio message - the Arecibo Message - and 44 years later, Google on Friday celebrated the feat with a Doodle. ... read..

Google marks 44th anniversary of Arecibo message
New Delhi [India] | November 16, 2018 2:41:29 AM IST
Google on Friday marked the 44th anniversary of the Arecibo message by dedicating a unique doodle. ... read..

GSAT-29 communication satellite orbit raised
Chennai | Thursday, 2018 2:45:05 PM IST
India's latest communication satellite GSAT-29's orbit was successfully raised on Thursday by firing its motors for 4,875 seconds, said the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). ... read..

Morocco to launch new satellite
Rabat | Thursday, 2018 2:15:06 PM IST
Morocco will launch a new satellite Mohammed VI-B on November 21, according to a report by Moroccan news agency MAP. ... read..

Cold 'super-Earth' exoplanet discovered orbiting nearby star
London | Thursday, 2018 12:45:05 PM IST
An international team of researchers have discovered a cold super-Earth exoplanet orbiting around the red dwarf Barnard -- the second closest star system to Earth. ... read..

India puts into orbit communication satellite GSAT-29 (Lead)
| Wednesday, 2018 6:45:05 PM IST
India successfully launched its latest communication satellite GSAT-29 with its heaviest rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III (GSLV-Mk III) on Wednesday evening in a copybook style. ... read..

India's heaviest rocket lifts off with communication satellite GSAT-29
Sriharikota (Andhra Pradesh) | Wednesday, 2018 5:45:05 PM IST
India's heaviest rocket - Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III (GSLV-Mk III)-- carrying 3,423 kg communication satellite GSAT-29 blasted off from the Sriharikota spaceport on Wednesday evening. ... read..

Woman held with grenades was carrying them for militants: J&K police
Srinagar | Wednesday, 2018 5:15:05 PM IST
The woman who was arrested with 20 grenades on the outskirts of Srinagar on Tuesday was carrying the consignment for militants, police said on Wednesday. ... read..

ESA's Gaia spots a 'ghost' galaxy next to Milky Way
London | Wednesday, 2018 5:15:04 PM IST
Using the European Space Agency's (ESA) Gaia telescope, an international team of astronomers discovered an enormous 'ghost' galaxy lurking on the outskirts of the Milky Way. ... read..

IIT Madras partners Japanese firms to set up research cell
Chennai | Wednesday, 2018 4:45:04 PM IST
The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) on Wednesday said it was going to establish a joint research cell in collaboration with two Japanese manufacturing firms. ... read..

Carbon goes with the flow
Washington D.C. [USA] | November 14, 2018 2:41:42 PM IST
Many people see the carbon cycle as vertical - Carbondioxide moving up and down between soil, plants and the atmosphere. ... read..

Watch NASA's InSight spacecraft land on Mars
Washington | Wednesday, 2018 11:15:04 AM IST
As NASA's InSight spacecraft touches down on the Red Planet on November 26, people from around the world will be able to watch the event live on NASA Television, the agency's website and social media platforms, including on YouTube, the US space agency sa ... read..

Google inspires kids to explore space on Children's Day
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2018 9:15:05 AM IST
Google on Wednesday celebrated Children's Day in India with a doodle inspiring children to explore space. ... read..

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