Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Research: DNA contained in honey reveals honeybee health
Vari (Athens) | May 23, 2022 5:54:59 PM IST
Researchers from Greece's B.S.R.C. 'Alexander Fleming' have optimized a method for characterizing DNA traces in honey, revealing the species with which honeybees interact. ... read..

Fatal heart rhythm disorder linked to air-pollution: Study
Brussels | May 23, 2022 12:54:10 AM IST
Arrhythmias are life-threatening and occur very commonly on days with highly polluted air (ESC), according to new research by the scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology. ... read..

Durability and effectiveness of immune response against COVID-19: Study
Washington | May 23, 2022 12:54:08 AM IST
In multiple studies from eight cohorts across the United States, a group of researchers accelerated the collection of essential data to answer questions about the immune response needed for long-term protection against SARSCoV2. ... read..

Cranberries may help improve memory and fight dementia, according to a new study
London | May 22, 2022 6:55:35 PM IST
According to new research from the University of East Anglia (UK), including cranberries in your diet may help improve memory and lower bad cholesterol. ... read..

A study identifies over 500 animal species that are thought to be extinct
Washington | May 22, 2022 6:55:29 PM IST
An international study has provided the first global assessment of all terrestrial vertebrate species that have not yet been declared extinct, identifying over 500 species as 'lost.' This species has not been seen in more than 50 years. ... read..

Light pollution can interfere with navigational abilities of monarch butterflies: Research
Cincinnati (Ohio) | May 22, 2022 4:54:08 PM IST
Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have found that light pollution can disorient monarch butterflies, which travel as far as Canada to Mexico and back during their multigenerational migration. ... read..

Physicists describe how certain sort of aurora on Mars forms
Iowa City | May 22, 2022 4:25:35 PM IST
Researchers at the University of Iowa have discovered how a sort of aurora on Mars forms, according to a recent study. The researchers discovered separate auroras formed by the interaction of the solar wind and the crust of Mars' southern hemisphere. ... read..

Research finds jellyfish stinging cells reveal biodiversity secrets
Washington | May 22, 2022 3:55:10 PM IST
): According to a new Cornell research at the National Academy of Sciences, Cnidocytes, often known as stinging cells, are found in corals and jellyfish. It makes us wary of our feet while wading in the sea, and it's also a fantastic model for better unde ... read..

Research: Stinging cells of Jellyfish hold clues to biodiversity
Washington | May 21, 2022 11:25:04 PM IST
According to a new Cornell research, Cnidocytes, also known as stinging cells are characteristics of Corals and Jellyfish. It makes us cautious of our feet while wading in the sea, are also a magnificent model for a better understanding of the emergence o ... read..

Physicists explain how type of aurora on Mars is formed
Iowa City | May 21, 2022 5:56:48 PM IST
According to a new study at the University of Iowa, researchers have learned how a type of aurora on Mars is formed. The physicists reported discrete aurora form through the interaction of the solar wind and the crust in Mars' southern hemisphere. ... read..

Novel AR-based smart contact lenses can be used as computer screen
New York | Saturday, 2022 1:45:10 AM IST
US-based firm Mojo Vision has developed the world's first augmented reality (AR)-based smart contact lens that comes with a built-in display delivering invisible computing. ... read..

Qualcomm showcases its AR glasses with next-gen chip
New Delhi | Saturday, 2022 1:45:10 AM IST
US-based chipmaker Qualcomm on Friday unveiled its own wireless AR Smart glasses powered by the Snapdragon XR2 Platform. ... read..

Study identifies more than 500 animal species considered to be lost
Science | May 21, 2022 1:25:35 AM IST
Washington [US], May 21 (ANI) An international study has offered the first global assessment of all the terrestrial vertebrate species that have not yet been declared extinct and identifies more than 500 species considered 'lost'. These species have not b ... read..

Researchers reveal satellites and drones can help save pollinators
Exeter | May 20, 2022 5:54:27 PM IST
According to the University of Exeter, satellites and drones can provide critical information to help protect pollinators. ... read..

NASA's Marsquake hunting mission to last only till December
Washington | Friday, 2022 1:45:09 AM IST
NASA's InSight Mars lander, known to hunt for quakes on the Red Planet, is set to shut down by December as it is losing power due to dusty solar panels, according to the mission officials. ... read..

Edtech platform Vedantu lays off 424 more employees
New Delhi | Thursday, 2022 4:45:10 AM IST
Edtech platform Vedantu has laid off 424 more employees, nearly 7 per cent of its workforce, as the online education space shrinks in the country. ... read..

How exhaust pollution from SpaceX, Blue origin rockets heat atmosphere
Washington | Thursday, 2022 2:45:10 AM IST
Rockets' propulsion emissions create significant heating and compositional changes in the atmosphere, finds a study. ... read..

Researchers reveal major infrared breakthroughs can lead to solar energy at night
Parkville | May 18, 2022 6:54:49 PM IST
Researchers have developed a device based on a technique similar to night-vision goggles that can generate electricity from heat radiation. ... read..

Reseachers finds imbalance between energy emitted from Mars and seasonal energy
Houston | May 17, 2022 4:56:25 PM IST
A seasonal imbalance in the amount of solar energy absorbed and released by the planet Mars is a likely cause of the dust storms that have long intrigued observers, a team of researchers reports. ... read..

Here's how greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced
Potsdam | May 16, 2022 10:54:03 PM IST
According to a study by a team of Potsdam scientists, global food system needs to be transformed in order to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ... read..

Bezos' Blue origin targets May 20 for next space tourist flight
San Francisco | Monday, 2022 2:15:10 AM IST
Jeff Bezos' space venture Blue Origin is targeting May 20, to launch its fifth tourist flight to space. ... read..

Study suggests some strategies to cut methane emissions might not be effective
Nairobi | May 15, 2022 11:53:54 PM IST
Environmental methane emissions are fuelled by the natural burps and belches from livestock ruminants like cows, buffaloes and other animals. ... read..

Research suggests soil from moon can generate fuel, oxygen
Nanjing (Jiangsu) | May 15, 2022 11:24:55 PM IST
Moon soil contains active compounds that can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and fuels, according to a recent study. ... read..

Scientists identify how brain triages emotions during dream sleep
Washington | May 15, 2022 6:24:07 PM IST
Scientists at the Department of Neurology of the University of Bern and University Hospital Bern has identified how sleep helps in processing emotions. ... read..

Research suggests a new approach to treat Glioblastoma Multiforme, a form of brain cancer
Washington | May 15, 2022 5:53:54 PM IST
The findings of a seven-year research project suggest a new approach to treat one of the most common and devastating forms of brain cancer in adults, Glioblastoma Multiforme. ... read..

Regular exercise with expert dietary advice can reduce mobility problems among frail older people: Study
Washington | May 15, 2022 4:53:58 PM IST
Findings of a trial have reached to the conclusion that a programme of regular exercise with expert dietary advice is linked to a decline in mobility issues amongst frail older people living in the community. ... read..

Director-General of ITER Bernard Bigot passes away
New Delhi | Sunday, 2022 1:15:09 AM IST
Bernard Bigot, Director-General of the ITER Organisation, to which India is consistently delivering in-kind contribution for the upcoming world's largest first-of-its-kind fusion reactor in southern France, passed away on Saturday due to illness. He was 7 ... read..

Research suggests nano and micro plastics in atmosphere pollute oceans
Bremerhaven | May 14, 2022 11:54:02 PM IST
The atmosphere as a related cause of plastic pollution in the waters of our planet has recently been studied during a study. ... read..

Quantum mechanics explains spontaneous mutation of DNA: Study
Washington | May 14, 2022 11:53:47 PM IST
A team of physicists and chemists at the University of Surrey, by using sophisticated computer modelling, has shown that errors in DNA replication can arise due to the strange rules of the quantum world. ... read..

Sustain a long and healthy life via new intranasal and injectable gene therapy: Study
Washington | May 14, 2022 4:54:12 PM IST
With the elderly population growing globally, it's critical to have an effective and diverse means of mitigating the impact of ageing on human health be it socioeconomically or medically. ... read..

Researchers reveal remote work doesn't have negative impact on productivity
Texas | May 14, 2022 4:53:55 PM IST
According to new research, employees working remotely during natural disasters and other events do not have a negative impact on their productivity. ... read..

Research finds switching to low-carbon energy could reduce racial disparities in air pollution
Davis (California) | May 13, 2022 4:54:07 PM IST
According to the University of California, switching to low-carbon fuels for transportation, cooking, heating, electricity generation and other needs will help combat climate change and reduce racial and ethnic disparities in exposure to air pollution. ... read..

Google's new 10-shade skin tone scale to boost inclusivity, cut AI bias
San Francisco | Friday, 2022 1:45:10 AM IST
Tech giant Google has launched a novel 10-shade skin tone that will be incorporated into its products over the coming months to boost inclusivity and to reduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) bias. ... read..

First image of supermassive black hole in centre of Milky Way revealed
New Delhi | Friday, 2022 1:45:09 AM IST
A global team of radio astronomers have on Thursday unveiled the first image of the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. ... read..

Scientists find plants can successfully grow in lunar soil
Gainesville | May 13, 2022 1:25:06 AM IST
Scientists from the University of Florida have shown that plants can successfully sprout and grow in lunar soil. It is a first in human history and a milestone in lunar and space exploration. ... read..

Lunar soil can generate oxygen and fuel, finds study
Nanjing (Jiangsu) | May 13, 2022 1:25:01 AM IST
According to a new study, soil on the moon contains active compounds that can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and fuels. ... read..

EU directs chat apps to scan private messages for child abuse
Brussels | Thursday, 2022 1:45:10 AM IST
The European Commission on Wednesday proposed a new legislation to prevent and combat child sexual abuse on social media platforms. ... read..

Google to lift ban on FDA-approved stem cell therapy ads
San Francisco | Thursday, 2022 1:45:10 AM IST
Tech giant Google is set to remove the ban imposed on FDA-approved stem cell therapy ads from July. ... read..

DNA provides unique insights of moa and climate change: Study
Dunedin (Otago) | May 11, 2022 4:24:46 PM IST
According to a study at the University of Otago, ancient Moa DNA has provided insights into how species respond to climate change. ... read..

Strategies to cut methane emissions from cows, other ruminants not effective for 2050 climate target plan: Study
Nairobi | May 11, 2022 12:23:47 PM IST
The natural burps and belches from livestock ruminants like cows, buffaloes and other animals contribute most to environmental methane emissions. ... read..

Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology to support Wayanad tribals
Thiruvananthapuram | Wednesday, 2022 1:45:17 AM IST
The Thiruvanthapuram-headquartered Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) has launched a major project to support the traditional enterprises of tribal communities in Kerala's Wayanad district. ... read..

Ingenuity helicopter survives communications snag on Mars
Washington | Wednesday, 2022 1:45:09 AM IST
NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has reestablished communications with the Perseverance rover, after facing snag last week due to cold and dust on the Red Planet. ... read..

IBM plans to deliver 4,000+ Qubit system for Quantum computing era
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2022 1:45:09 AM IST
In yet another push to its quantum computing dream, IBM has announced a new roadmap to deliver a massive 4,000+ qubit system built with multiple clusters of modularly-scaled processors by 2025. ... read..

Micro and nano plastics in atmosphere pollute oceans: Study
Bremerhaven | May 10, 2022 6:54:16 PM IST
A new study investigates the atmosphere as a related cause of plastic pollution in the waters of our planet. ... read..

Total Lunar Eclipse 2022: Everything you need to know about Blood Moon
New Delhi | May 10, 2022 11:24:06 AM IST
North American Skygazers can see the moon take on a reddish tint on the night of May 15-16. ... read..

Instagram testing NFTs this week, Facebook soon: Zuckerberg
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2022 4:15:10 AM IST
Meta-owned Instagram is starting to test digital collectibles or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) this week, its CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Monday, as the global NFT market sees downturn. ... read..

Nothing OS now available for all devices with Android 11, higher
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2022 2:15:10 AM IST
London-based consumer tech brand Nothing on Monday announced that its Nothing Launcher (Beta) operating system is now available for all devices with Android 11 and higher. ... read..

How a common sunscreen ingredient damages coral reefs
London | Tuesday, 2022 1:45:10 AM IST
Researchers have identified a mechanism by which oxybenzone - a common sunscreen component - may be hastening the demise of reefs. ... read..

Google pledges $14 mn to provide in-demand digital skills
San Francisco | Tuesday, 2022 1:15:09 AM IST
Google on Monday announced $14 million reinvestment to provide digital training pathways and support job placement for people seeking jobs. ... read..

Researchers find new approach for treatment of devastating brain tumours
Washington | May 10, 2022 12:24:22 AM IST
The findings from a seven-year research project suggests that there could be a new approach to treating one of the most common and devastating forms of brain cancer in adults, Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). ... read..

Global warming causing world's oceans to lose 'memory'
New York | Monday, 2022 2:15:09 AM IST
Most of the world's oceans are steadily losing their year-to-year 'memory' under global warming, researchers have warned. ... read..

'Gold-plated Nintendo Wii' is again up for auction
London | Monday, 2022 1:45:16 AM IST
A rare gold-plated Nintendo Wii gaming originally meant as a gift for Queen Elizabeth II is now being auctioned. ... read..

Research: Quantum mechanics might explain why DNA mutates spontaneously
Washington | May 9, 2022 12:54:14 AM IST
Even though DNA replicates with astounding precision, it's not immune to mistakes and can lead to mutations. Using sophisticated computer modelling, a team of physicists and chemists at the University of Surrey have shown that such errors in copying can a ... read..

Research shows heart attack survivors may be at higher risk of mental weakness
Washington | May 8, 2022 8:24:31 PM IST
According to a new study, about one in three survivors of a heart attack experienced a significant mental decline in the days and months after the heart attack. ... read..

Researchers discover candy-coated pills can prevent pharmaceutical fraud
California | May 7, 2022 3:24:56 PM IST
According to a new study, colourful candy-coated pills could be a simple way to prevent pharmaceutical fraud. ... read..

Researchers observe increasing decline in bird population globally
New York | May 6, 2022 7:23:24 PM IST
As per a study by Cornell University, an increasing decline in the population of birds is taking place across the globe. ... read..

Study suggests 'climate change' could spark the next pandemic
Augusta (Georgia) | May 6, 2022 3:24:20 PM IST
According to a new study by Georgetown University Medical Center, the rising temperature of Earth due to massive climate change will lead to the forcible relocation of wild animals towards the region with the large human population. This change can drasti ... read..

ISRO, CUHP join hands to study collision threats from space objects
Bengaluru | Friday, 2022 3:15:10 AM IST
The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Central University of Himachal Pradesh (CUHP) have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in the areas of space situational awareness (SSA), astronomy and astrophysics. ... read..

China hosts largest DDoS botnet agents globally, India 2nd
New Delhi | Friday, 2022 1:15:10 AM IST
China hosts the largest number of distributed denial of service (DDoS) botnet agents globally at 34 per cent, followed by India which hosts 10 per cent of the DDoS botnet agents, a new report showed on Thursday. ... read..

Indian smartwatch brands capture 60% market share in Q1, Noise leads
New Delhi | Friday, 2022 1:15:10 AM IST
Led once again by domestic brands, India's smartwatch market grew 173 per cent (on-year) in the first quarter (Q1) this year, a new report showed on Thursday. The top three brands captured 60 per cent share in the January-March quarter. ... read..

Research reveals how MRI could revolutionize the diagnosis of heart failure
Norwich | May 5, 2022 1:24:20 PM IST
According to a new study from the University of East Anglia and the University of Sheffield, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is superior to echocardiography in diagnosing heart failure and is a powerful tool for predicting patient outcomes, including dea ... read..

Apple sues startup, former Indian-origin worker for stealing chip secrets
San Francisco/New Delhi | Thursday, 2022 3:15:10 AM IST
Apple has sued Santa Clara-based "stealth-mode" semiconductor startup Rivos and two former employees, Indian-origin Bhasi Kaithamana and Ricky Wen, for allegedly stealing trade secrets to build a chip lineup. ... read..

India-born scientist elected to US National Academy of Sciences
New Delhi | Thursday, 2022 1:15:10 AM IST
Kamal Bawa, a noted, Indian born, conservation biologist and president of the Bengaluru-based Ashoka Trust for Research and Ecology and Environment (ATREE), was elected to the US National Academy of Sciences, ATREE said on Wednesday. ... read..

Alibaba lost $26 bn in market value within minutes after a man named 'Ma' was detained (Ld)
Hong Kong | Thursday, 2022 1:15:09 AM IST
Alibaba, co-founded by Chinese e-commerce giant Jack Ma, saw its Hong Kong-listed shares plunge as much as 9.4 per cent after Chinese state media reported that an individual surnamed 'Ma' in the city of Hangzhou -- where Alibaba is based -- was detained o ... read..

Fungi-based meat alternatives to help save Earth's forests
Potsdam | May 4, 2022 10:54:14 PM IST
Substituting just a fifth of meat from cattle with microbial protein, a meat alternative produced in fermentation tanks, by 2050 could halve deforestation. ... read..

Apple employees slam new work-from-home policy in open letter
San Francisco | Wednesday, 2022 1:45:09 AM IST
A group of Apple employees have, in an open letter, slammed the company's new policy that only allows for two days of working from home. ... read..

Scientists reveal eight new sources of black hole echoes
Cambridge (Massachusetts) | May 3, 2022 3:54:49 PM IST
Astronomers have discovered eight new black hole binaries that echo around our galaxy, allowing them to piece together a common picture of how a black hole moves in an explosion, according to a new study. ... read..

IMD, IIT Bombay join hands for developing user-friendly weather forecasting apps
Mumbai | Tuesday, 2022 3:15:10 AM IST
India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Monday signed an agreement with IIT Bombay to work together for developing climate solutions for the stakeholders at village, city, and district levels through user-friendly weather forecasting applications. ... read..

Manufacturing in India will also benefit Tesla: Gadkari
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2022 1:15:10 AM IST
Reiterating his stand on Tesla manufacturing in India, Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari on Monday said that if Elon Musk comes to the country and makes Tesla cars here, that will also benefit the electric car-maker. ... read..

Researchers discover new function performed by nearly half of the cells in the brain
Massachusetts | May 2, 2022 9:23:28 PM IST
According to a new study at Tufts University, researchers have discovered a previously unknown function performed by a cell type that contains almost half of all cells in the brain. ... read..

Scientists find new plastic-loving bacteria able to cross oceans
London | Monday, 2022 3:15:09 AM IST
UK scientists have found new types of plastic-loving bacteria that stick to plastic in the deep sea that may enable them to "hitchhike" across the ocean. ... read..

Research discovers new bacteria that attach to deep-sea plastics and run through the ocean
Newcastle upon Tyne (England) | May 1, 2022 4:25:16 PM IST
According to new research, scientists have discovered a new type of plastic-loving bacterium that can attach to plastics in the deep sea, possibly allowing them to hitchhike across the ocean. ... read..

Employees grill Twitter CEO over fear of mass exodus post Musk takeover
San Francisco | Sunday, 2022 3:45:09 AM IST
Amid fear of mass exodus from Twitter, employees have grilled its CEO Parag Agrawal about their uncertain future once Elon Musk takes over. ... read..

Tesla, key chip makers resume production in Covid-hit Shanghai
Beijing | Sunday, 2022 1:45:09 AM IST
Key enterprises like SAIC Motor, US electric carmaker Tesla and semiconductor makers like SMIC and Hua Hong Semiconductor have resumed 80-90 per cent of their production in Shanghai which is under Covid lockdowns, The Global Times reported on Saturday. ... read..

Scientists show that solar energy outperforms nuclear on powering crewed missions to Mars
Berkeley (California) | April 30, 2022 11:54:07 PM IST
Researchers from the University of California have argued that human ground expedition on Mars can be powered by solar energy harvesting. ... read..

Gene mutations provide 'precise' head and neck cancer treatment targets: Study
Augusta (Georgia) | April 30, 2022 11:53:39 PM IST
About one-fifth of the often fatal head and neck cancers contain gene mutations in pathways important for normal cell proliferation, according to the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University. Scientists claim that these mutations have the capacity ... read..

Parental type 1 diabetes can affect cognitive development in children: Study
Copenhagen | April 30, 2022 8:23:52 PM IST
According to a new study, the cognitive development in children can be affected regardless of whether their biological parents have type 1 diabetes. ... read..

Research: Early autism self-awareness can lead to better life quality
Washington | April 30, 2022 8:23:44 PM IST
People who come to know that they are autistic at a younger age can have a heightened quality of life and sense of well-being in adulthood. ... read..

Insomnia negatively impacts people's physical, mental health: Research
Washington | April 30, 2022 6:54:39 PM IST
Sleep deprivation, also known as insomnia, is a serious health problem which can negatively impact an individual's physical and mental health. Eye problems such as dryness and itching are commonly experienced after episodes of sleep deprivation, while lon ... read..

Twitter logs $1.2 bn in revenue, cancels future outlook amid Musk takeover
San Francisco | Friday, 2022 3:45:09 AM IST
Twitter on Thursday reported an operating loss of $128 million on revenue of $1.2 billion and net income of $513 million in the first quarter of this year, its last quarterly result before Musk takes over. ... read..

Nothing OS in Beta arrives on Google Play Store
New Delhi | Friday, 2022 2:45:09 AM IST
London-based consumer tech brand Nothing on Thursday announced the availability of its Nothing Launcher (Beta) operating system on Google Play Store. ... read..

OnePlus brings 10R 5G, Nord CE 2 Lite 5G and Nord Buds to India
New Delhi | Friday, 2022 2:45:09 AM IST
Global technology brand OnePlus on Thursday launched premium 10R 5G and affordable OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G smartphones, along with Nord Buds in the Indian market. ... read..

Skeletons found in Ajnala belong to Gangetic plain martyrs of 1857: Study
Hyderabad | Friday, 2022 2:15:09 AM IST
Human skeletons found in Ajnala town of Punjab eight years ago belonged to residents of the Gangetic plain region, killed in 1857, according to a study. ... read..

Former IGCAR Director Bhaduri passes away
Chennai | Thursday, 2022 3:45:10 AM IST
Nuclear scientist and the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research's former Director Arun Kumar Bhaduri passed here on Wednesday, a senior official said. He was 62. ... read..

Musk now targets Indian-origin Twitter legal head Vijaya Gadde (Ld)
New Delhi | Thursday, 2022 1:45:09 AM IST
Even as tech billionaire Elon Musk took over Twitter, he slammed Indian-origin lawyer Vijaya Gadde over censoring exclusive stories related to US President Joe Biden's son Hunter's laptop in the wake of the Capitol Hill violence, early this year. ... read..

New model developed to predict patients with poor lung cancer outcomes: Research
Washington | April 27, 2022 11:53:15 PM IST
Moffitt Cancer Center researchers have been working to improve the ability to identify patients who are at a higher risk of poor survival through radiomics, an area of science that uses imaging, such as CT scans and MRIs, to uncover tumoral patterns and c ... read..

Scientists show solar energy is superior to nuclear for powering crewed mission to Mars
Berkeley (California) | April 27, 2022 3:54:44 PM IST
Researchers at the University of California argued that a human expedition on the surface could be powered by harvesting solar energy. ... read..

Google rolls out app privacy labels in Play Store
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2022 3:45:09 AM IST
Google on Tuesday said it is rolling out a new data safety section in the Play Store, where developers will be required to give people more information about how apps collect, share and secure users' data. ... read..

First private space mission astronauts return to Earth
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2022 5:15:08 AM IST
After spending about 17 days in space, American private space habitat company Axiom Space's first-ever private mission to the International Space Station (ISS) safely returned to Earth on Monday. ... read..

I hope my worst critics remain on Twitter: Musk
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2022 4:45:10 AM IST
Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Monday said that he hopes that his worst critics should remain on Twitter, amid reports that the board of the company has decided to accept his $46.5 billion takeover bid. ... read..

Meta to open its 1st retail store in US with hardware products
San Francisco | Tuesday, 2022 2:45:29 AM IST
Meta (formerly Facebook) on Monday announced to open its first retail store in the US that will sell its AR-VR headset Quest 2, Quest 2 accessories and Portal smart video devices. ... read..

'NPCIL wants time till 2026 for spent fuel facility for Kudankulam N plants'
Chennai | Tuesday, 2022 2:45:16 AM IST
Indian atomic power plant major, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) has approached the Supreme Court, seeking time till July 2026 for construction of the spent fuel facility or the Away From Reactor (AFR) for Units 1 and 2 at Kudankulam in Tam ... read..

Scientists find AI algorithm to model first impressions based on facial features
Hoboken (New Jersey) | April 25, 2022 11:25:09 PM IST
Researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology, working with Princeton University and the University of Chicago, have now directed an AI algorithm to model the first impressions and use facial photographs to accurately predict how people will be perceived ... read..

Researchers reveal humans possess surprising nutritional intelligence
Bristol | April 25, 2022 10:53:01 PM IST
Breakthrough research sheds light on what promotes people's basic food preferences, showing that our choices may be smarter than previously thought and influenced by specific nutrients, as opposed to just the calories we eat that we need, according to a n ... read..

Elon Musk says 'moving on' from making fun of Bill Gates (Ld)
New Delhi | Monday, 2022 6:15:26 AM IST
Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Sunday sent a short and crypto tweet, saying he was 'moving on', putting social media on fire with all sorts of speculations. ... read..

Mainstream media plays bigger role in disseminating disinformation: Meta
New Delhi | Monday, 2022 6:15:15 AM IST
Meta (formerly Facebook) has claimed that mainstream media plays a bigger role in disseminating disinformation, and polarisation is decreasing in parts of the world where social media use is rising. ... read..

Tablet market in Asia-Pacific to reach 57.2 mn units in 2022
New Delhi | Monday, 2022 6:15:09 AM IST
The tablet market in the Asia-Pacific region will reach 57.2 million units in 2022, with pandemic-driven purchases driving consumer demand in the first half. ... read..

Twitter experiment lets select developers to build 3rd-party apps
San Francisco | Monday, 2022 6:15:09 AM IST
Twitter has launched an experiment with select developers to promote their third-party apps directly on its platform. ... read..

Research suggests cooking nylon bags and plastic-lined cups can release nanoparticles into liquid
Washington | April 24, 2022 9:28:07 PM IST
According to a new study, nylon cooking bags and plastic-lined cardboard cups are conveniences many people rely on, but they are an underappreciated source of nanoparticles in liquids. ... read..

Ability to utilize energy of various nutrients can be affected by genetic differences: Study
Washington | April 24, 2022 9:27:40 PM IST
Minor genetic differences can affect the ability to utilize the energy of various nutrients, according to a new study by the University of Helsinki. ... read..

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