Monday, July 16, 2018

Wolbachia mosquitoes released in Fiji to curb dengue
Suva | Monday, 2018 5:45:04 PM IST
Fiji has identified hot spots for dengue fever where officials of the World Mosquito Programme (WMP) will release the Wolbachia mosquitoes on Monday to curb the spread of dengue, Zika and chikungunya diseases. ... read..

20 injured as canopy collapses during Modi's Bengal rally (Lead)
Midnapore (West Bengal) | Monday, 2018 4:15:04 PM IST
At least 20 persons were injured on Monday when a part of the canopy collapsed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rally in West Bengal's Midnapore town, a BJP leader said. ... read..

Scientists identify molecule to treat fibrotic diseases
New York | Monday, 2018 3:45:05 PM IST
Scientists have identified a molecule that can act as a potential therapy for fibrotic diseases -- a progressive scarring and hardening of internal organs. ... read..

Ticks are more likely to attack blood group A: Study
London | Monday, 2018 2:15:04 PM IST
People with type A blood could be more at risk of being bitten by a tick, including bugs that cause the potentially fatal Lyme disease, a study says. ... read..

Structured programs can improve elderly mobility
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 16, 2018 1:11:27 PM IST
Turns out, a regular program of structured physical activity, performed in the clinical setting, could reduce mobility loss in older adults. ... read..

Nursing notes may help ICU patients survive
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 16, 2018 12:11:31 PM IST
A new study revealed that nursing regular notes are a good indicator of whether intensive care unit (ICU) patients will survive. ... read..

Mortality from heart failure higher in women
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 16, 2018 12:11:31 PM IST
Death rates from heart failure are higher for women than men, according to a study. ... read..

Routinely screening can prevent opioid use
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 16, 2018 10:11:28 AM IST
A new study suggests that routine screening and proper treatment for patients can prevent the opioid abuse. ... read..

Food-induced anaphylaxis less severe in infants: Study
New York | Sunday, 2018 4:15:04 PM IST
Symptoms of food-induced anaphylaxis in infants are less severe than in toddlers and older children, a new study suggests. ... read..

Herpes virus linked to Alzheimer's, antivirals may help
London | Sunday, 2018 10:45:04 AM IST
Scientists have found evidence of a link between herpes infection and Alzheimer's disease as well as the potential of antivirals in reducing the risk of the neurodegenerative disease. ... read..

Sri Lankan medicines to be protected under international intellectual property system
Colombo | Sunday, 2018 8:45:05 AM IST
Sri Lanka has announced that it is moving its centuries-old folk medicine system for protection under the international intellectual property system. ... read..

Being positive helps fight cancer
Tel Aviv [Israel] | July 15, 2018 7:11:24 AM IST
While having a positive attitude in life has it's owns benefits, a latest research by Israeli scientists claimed that positive emotions can also be helpful in fighting cancer. ... read..

Bihar set to get cheapest drinking water in world (Lead)
Darbhanga/Patna | Saturday, 2018 8:45:05 PM IST
An innovative cost-effective drinking water project in Bihar promises to lower the price of one-litre bottle to 50 paise -- cheapest in the world. ... read..

Omega 3 fatty acids hold the key stop cancer
Washington DC, [USA] | July 14, 2018 3:41:37 PM IST
A study has found that a class of molecules formed when the body metabolizes omega-3 fatty acids could inhibit the spreading and growth of cancer. ... read..

'Deaths due to cardiovascular disease on rise in India'
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 14, 2018 1:11:25 PM IST
According to a recent study, deaths from cardiovascular disease are rising in India. ... read..

LGBQ teens at higher risk of substance abuse
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 14, 2018 6:11:39 AM IST
Turns out, lesbian, gay, bisexual or questioning (LGBQ) teens are at substantially higher risk of substance use than their heterosexual peers. ... read..

Punjab's rural dispensaries to act as drug rehab centres
Chandigarh | Friday, 2018 11:15:04 PM IST
Dispensaries falling under Punjab's rural development department will be used as drug rehabilitation centres to tackle the rampant drugs abuse problem in the state, a minister said on Friday. ... read..

Ayushman Bharat: Government partially yields to IMA demand for higher rates
New Delhi | Friday, 2018 10:15:05 PM IST
Bowing to pressure from the Indian Medical Association (IMA), the the only representative voluntary organisation of the country's private doctors, the government on Friday agreed to a higher package for hospitals treating poor beneficiaries of Ayushman B ... read..

HC condition of Rs 10 lakh deposit for exhuming baby's body uncalled for: SC
New Delhi | Friday, 2018 9:45:05 PM IST
The Supreme Court on Friday asked an NGO to move the Calcutta High Court for waiver of condition to deposit Rs 10 lakh for exhuming body of a six-month-old baby for conducting autopsy as he was allegedly buried by the hospital authorities. ... read..

Pharma companies must invest in R&D to keep growing: Prabhu
New Delhi | Friday, 2018 8:45:08 PM IST
Noting that India is now recognized globally as a key player in the generic medicine industry, Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu on Friday asked pharmaceutical companies to invest in research and development (R&D) for further growth of the sector. ... read..

Pilot launched to confirm 10 cr Modicare beneficiary families
New Delhi | Friday, 2018 8:15:06 PM IST
The National Health Agency (NHA) on Friday said it has launched a pilot for the Beneficiary Identification System (BIS) for confirmation of 10.74 crore poor and vulnerable families eligible for health coverage under Ayushman Bharat, or Modicare. ... read..

Novel malaria vaccine may offer treatment hope
New York | Friday, 2018 7:45:07 PM IST
Researchers have developed a vaccine that protects against malaria infection in mouse models by targeting the specific protein that parasites use to evade the immune system. ... read..

CMO monitoring issue of formalin in fish, says Goa Minister
Panaji | Friday, 2018 7:45:07 PM IST
The Chief Minister's Office is monitoring the crisis that arose on Thursday after formalin traces were found in fish being sold in the wholesale markets in the coastal state, Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said on Friday. ... read..

Obesity alone does not up death risk: Study
Toronto | Friday, 2018 3:15:05 PM IST
Patients who have metabolically healthy obesity but are free from other metabolic risk factors do not have an increased rate of mortality, a new study has found. ... read..

An orange a day may prevent age-related vision loss
Sydney | Friday, 2018 2:15:05 PM IST
If you want to prevent losing your vision as you age and keep your eyes healthy, eat oranges daily, says a study led by an Indian origin researcher. ... read..

Decoded: How baby's sex may influence pregnancy complications
London | Friday, 2018 2:15:05 PM IST
Scientists have found that the placentas of male or female babies control the level of small molecules which may explain the reason behind why pregnancy complications may vary depending upon the baby's biological sex. ... read..

Nearly 100 students fall sick in Bihar school
Patna | Friday, 2018 1:45:04 PM IST
Nearly 100 students have fallen sick apparently due to food poisoning at a government-run residential school in Bihar's Lakhisarai district, an official said. ... read..

Cinnamon oil can help fight superbugs: Study
Sydney | Friday, 2018 1:15:04 PM IST
A researcher at an Australian university has found that cinnamaldehyde, a component of cinnamon essential oil, can help fight superbugs by inhibiting the development of even those bacteria that resist the most potent antibiotics. ... read..

Preventing falls in older adults
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 13, 2018 1:11:30 PM IST
Researchers have found a way to predict older adults' risk of falling. ... read..

How heavy drinking increases risk of death?
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 13, 2018 12:41:24 PM IST
Heavy drinkers, take note! A recent study has found that drinking heavily results in uncontrolled iron absorption into the body, putting a strain on vital organs and increasing the risk of death. ... read..

Turn exercise into game and feel the change!
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 13, 2018 12:11:27 PM IST
Researchers have found that turning everyday exercise into a game is a good way to motivate people to get up and work out more. ... read..

US salmonella cases linked to recalled cereal reach 100
Washington | Friday, 2018 10:15:04 AM IST
The US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention said that 27 more people have fallen sick in an outbreak of salmonella illness linked to a recalled cereal, bringing the total number of cases to 100 since March. ... read..

Over 30 ill in US after consuming McDonald's salads
Washington | Friday, 2018 9:45:04 AM IST
Health officials in the US states of Illinois and Iowa are probing an outbreak of intestinal illness which caused over 30 people to have diarrhea and nausea after consuming McDonalds salads. ... read..

Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.96 bn in damages in baby powder lawsuit
Washington | Friday, 2018 7:45:04 AM IST
A jury in the US on Thursday ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.69 billion in damages to 22 women and their families who had claimed the company's talcum power products caused them to develop ovarian cancer. ... read..

Take note of time, space to sleep like a baby
New Delhi | Friday, 2018 3:45:04 AM IST
You've heard of oral hygiene, personal hygiene and food hygiene, but did you know you there was something as simple as sleep hygiene, that ensures blissful, uninterrupted sleep? Little things like room temperature, room darkness, sound disturbance and col ... read..

Regulation of healthcare needed to check corruption: Khurshid
New Delhi | Thursday, 2018 11:45:05 PM IST
Congress leader Salman Khurshid on Thursday said a strong regulatory system is needed to check widespread corruption in the Indian healthcare sector where 25 per cent of the money spent on health is lost due to fraud. ... read..

Goa FDA flips flops on formaldehyde use in fish, after minister's tweet
Panaji | Thursday, 2018 10:45:04 PM IST
Multiple raids on wholesale fish markets in Goa stoked controversy after a spot inspection by Food Drug Administration staff revealed a carcinogenic preservative formaldehyde's presence in fish, but after a minister's tweet giving a clean chit to the whol ... read..

GOQii launches waterproof fitness band in India at Rs 3,499
Mumbai | Thursday, 2018 9:46:09 PM IST
GOQii, a domestic fitness technology player, on Thursday unveiled its waterproof "Vital fitness band" with blood pressure monitor and heart rate sensor at Rs. 3,499. ... read..

ONGC installs Water ATM in Tripura hospitals
Agartala | Thursday, 2018 9:46:04 PM IST
State-owned ONGC, as part of its corporate social responsibility effort, has installed Water ATMs in big hospitals in Tripura to provide pure drinking water to the patients and their care-takers, an official said here on Thursday. ... read..

Cepheid to establish manufacturing unit for TB diagnostics in India
New Delhi | Thursday, 2018 9:45:59 PM IST
Expanding its footprint in India, US-based molecular diagnostics company Cepheid Inc on Thursday announced its plans to establish a manufacturing unit in the country to improve Tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics. ... read..

Odisha to check Andhra fish for presence of formalin
Bhubaneswar | Thursday, 2018 9:45:59 PM IST
The Odisha government on Thursday issued directions to examine the quality of fish being imported from Andhra Pradesh in order to detect the presence of formalin -- a cancer-causing chemical -- content in them. ... read..

Legalizing same-sex marriage improves health care access for gays: Study
New York | Thursday, 2018 9:45:54 PM IST
Legalizing same-sex marriage will offer the LGBT community a chance to significantly improve their quality of life by getting easy access to health services and care, a study has found. ... read..

Living near woods may ward off dementia risk in elderly
London | Thursday, 2018 9:45:44 PM IST
While exposure to tiny air pollution particles have known to increase the risk of dementia, including Alzheimers disease, researchers find that older adults, especially women staying near greener neighbourhoods would have better brain health as they age. ... read..

Aadhaar not must for Ayushman Bharat: Health Ministry
New Delhi | Thursday, 2018 9:45:44 PM IST
The government clarified on Thursday that Aadhaar card was not mandatory for taking benefits under Ayushman Bharat - National Health Protection Mission. Nobody would be denied health facilities for not having an Aadhaar number. ... read..

Eat more fruits, veggies to reduce asthma symptoms
London | Thursday, 2018 9:45:34 PM IST
If you have asthma, switching to a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals may help in reducing the symptoms like difficulty in breathing, chest pain and coughing among many other things, according to a study. ... read..

Diabetics at high risk of lung disease: Study
London | Thursday, 2018 9:45:29 PM IST
People with Type-2 diabetes may be more at risk of developing restrictive lung disease (RLD) characterized by breathlessness, than non-diabetic patients, a study has found. ... read..

Google rolls out 'Morse code' support on Gboard for iOS
San Francisco | Thursday, 2018 9:45:23 PM IST
To help people with disabilities connect better, Google has rolled out "Morse code" functionalities on Gboard for iOS and improvements to "Morse code" on Gboard for Android. ... read..

VR therapy may reduce fear of heights: Study
London | Thursday, 2018 9:45:18 PM IST
If you are acrophobic or are scared of heights, then taking automated virtual reality (VR) based psychological therapy may help reduce the phobia, say researchers. ... read..

10 new cancer risk genes identified
London | Thursday, 2018 1:15:07 PM IST
Using publicly available data, researchers have identified 10 new genes that are predisposed to ovarian and breast cancer among others, an advance that would contribute to improving cancer diagnoses and prevention in the future. ... read..

Exercise increases brain connectivity, efficiency
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 12, 2018 10:41:35 AM IST
Fifteen minutes of exercise creates optimal brain state for mastering new motor skills, a study has found. ... read..

Stress affects people with schizophrenia differently
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 12, 2018 10:41:33 AM IST
Turns out, stressful situations affect the brain and body differently in people with schizophrenia as compared to people without the mental illness. ... read..

Teens need vigorous exercise to cut heart risk later in life
Washington DC, [USA] | July 12, 2018 10:41:28 AM IST
Turns out, teenagers who engage in high-intensity exercise have lower blood pressure which ultimately may lead to a lower risk of developing heart diseases later in life. ... read..

Mexican scientists develop hybrid chayote fruit to battle cancer
Mexico City | Thursday, 2018 8:45:05 AM IST
Researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) developed a hybrid chayote fruit from two wild Mexican species, which could be used to battle cancer. ... read..

High blood pressure may cause brain diseases
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 12, 2018 6:41:24 AM IST
Turns out, older people who have higher blood pressure may have more signs of brain disease, specifically brain lesions. ... read..

New compounds identified to treat Zika virus
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 12, 2018 6:41:23 AM IST
A new chemical compound has shown promising antiviral activity that has major potential for treating Zika virus. ... read..

MTaI to organise Medical Packaging Seminar on July 16
New Delhi [India] | July 11, 2018 8:11:34 PM IST
New Delhi [India], July 11 (Newsvoir): Medical Technology Association of India (MTaI), an association of research-based medical technology companies who have made significant investments in India in terms both of R&D and manufacturing, is organizing a ... read..

26 Delhi students fall sick after mid-day meal
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2018 6:45:06 PM IST
Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday ordered inspection of all mid-day meal kitchens in the city hours after 26 students of a government school were hospitalised after eating their meal. The Deputy CM warned of strict action, includin ... read..

26 Delhi school children hospitalised after mid-day meal (Lead)
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2018 5:45:07 PM IST
As many as 26 students of a government school here were hospitalised after eating their mid-day meal, police said. ... read..

Positive attitude during pregnancy may keep your kids in shape
London | Wednesday, 2018 5:45:07 PM IST
Did you know even your mood and attitude during pregnancy can have an effect on the body weight of your children when they grow up? A new study has found that teenagers are less likely to be overweight if their mother or father had a positive attitude du ... read..

25 Delhi students hospitalised after mid-day meal
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2018 5:15:05 PM IST
Around 25 students of a government school here were hospitalised after eating their mid-day meal, police said. ... read..

Tablet games may offer speech therapy to children: Study
Moscow | Wednesday, 2018 5:15:04 PM IST
If your child is unable to communicate effectively, then engaging him or her to tablet-based games is likely to act as a speech therapy and boost the kid's motivation and satisfaction, according to a study. ... read..

New wearable patch sensor to boost diagnoses for heart rhythm disorder
New York | Wednesday, 2018 2:45:06 PM IST
A wearable patch that acts like a sensor can effectively improve the diagnosis rate for heart rhythm disorder without interfering with routine activities, scientists have found. ... read..

Better co-ordination may boost child's academic performance
London | Wednesday, 2018 2:45:06 PM IST
If your child has better eye-to-hand co-ordination then he or she is more likely to achieve higher scores in reading, writing and maths, a new study has found. ... read..

Breast is best: Pamela Anderson writes to UN
Los Angeles | Wednesday, 2018 2:45:06 PM IST
As US President Donald Trump's administration officials opposed a breastfeeding resolution of the World Health Organisation (WHO), actress Pamela Anderson on behalf of PETA wrote a letter to UN stating the importance of breastfeeding for newborns. ... read..

Gene editing technique can treat thalassemia in womb
New York | Wednesday, 2018 2:15:08 PM IST
In a breakthrough, a gene editing technique has shown potential to treat beta thalassemia -- a genetic blood disorder -- paving the way for treating various genetic conditions during early stages of foetal development. ... read..

TV actors urge fans to focus on health this monsoon
Mumbai | Wednesday, 2018 1:15:06 PM IST
Sipping your favourite tea with a plate full of fried pakodas while enjoying the drops of rain is what most people like to do during monsoon. But the rainy season also brings a lot of infections with it. Television actors like Kunal Jaisingh, Pearl V Puri ... read..

'Teens drinking regularly face worse alcohol problems than adults'
Sydney | Wednesday, 2018 11:45:11 AM IST
Teens aged under 17 who drink alcohol weekly are three times more likely to binge drink and be dependent on alcohol as adults compared with their peers who don't drink, an Australian-led research said on Wednesday. ... read..

Multivitamins, mineral supplements do not prevent heart problems
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 11, 2018 10:11:43 AM IST
Turns out, multivitamins and mineral supplements do not prevent heart attacks, strokes or cardiovascular death. ... read..

Oxygen levels on early Earth fluctuated several times
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 11, 2018 10:11:41 AM IST
A new study suggests that earth's oxygen levels rose and fell more than once hundreds of millions of years before the planet-wide success of the Great Oxidation Event. ... read..

Pfizer postpones drug price hikes after Trump warns
Washington | Wednesday, 2018 9:45:14 AM IST
Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has announced it will roll back the price increase of some 40 drugs after US President Donald Trump issued public warnings to the company. ... read..

Noradrenaline helps humans sense the world
Washington DC, [USA] | July 11, 2018 6:41:25 AM IST
Noradrenaline, a neurotransmitter is responsible for arousal in the brain since it plays a vital role for humans to sense the world around them. ... read..

Nephrectomy may benefit patients with early kidney cancer
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 11, 2018 6:41:25 AM IST
Turns out, robotic partial nephrectomy offers significantly better outcomes for patients with early kidney cancer. ... read..

High-end procedure saves Nigerian woman, her uterus
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2018 7:15:04 PM IST
A Nigerian woman suffering from adenomyosis, a severe uterus problem, for 12 years has been successfully operated through OSADA procedure, which cuts out the diseased tissue but keeps the uterus intact, a city-based hospital said on Tuesday. ... read..

India heading for comprehensive healthcare crisis: Amartya Sen
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2018 7:15:04 PM IST
India spends just a little over one per cent of its GDP on healthcare and this is leading the country into "a comprehensive healthcare crisis", according to Nobel laureate and noted economist Amartya Sen, who has called for greater allocation on healthcar ... read..

Delhi to emulate Singapore in water treatment: Kejriwal
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2018 5:45:07 PM IST
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday said the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) will follow the Singaporean model for water treatment and was taking a slew of steps to improve water availability by 15-20 per cent in two years. ... read..

Digital tools can help bridge India's healthcare gap: Survey
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2018 5:45:07 PM IST
India is facing an acute shortage of skilled healthcare professionals and hospital beds, and the situation can change if doctors embrace Artificial Intellignence (AI)-driven devices and wearables/apps at hospitals, a new report said on Tuesday. ... read..

Multivitamins may not prevent cardiovascular diseases
New York | Tuesday, 2018 5:15:04 PM IST
If you are taking multivitamin and mineral supplements to protect your heart's health, think again. A new analysis of 18 studies has found that it does not prevent heart attacks, strokes or cardiovascular death. ... read..

Solid foods may help infants sleep longer
London | Tuesday, 2018 5:15:04 PM IST
Infants introduced to solid foods early may have lesser sleep problems as compared to those who are breastfed, a new study has found. ... read..

Genetic changes may help spot leukemia risk
London | Tuesday, 2018 3:45:06 PM IST
Scientists may now identify people at high risk of developing leukemia almost five years before the patient develops the cancer using a blood test to track some changes in the DNA code, which may reveal the roots of the disease among healthy people. ... read..

Fasting improves multiple sclerosis symptoms
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 10, 2018 12:11:46 PM IST
You can ease your Multiple Sclerosis (MS) symptoms with fasting, finds a study. ... read..

E-cigarettes as harmful as cigarettes
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 10, 2018 12:11:45 PM IST
Did you know! E-cigarettes increase cardiovascular risk as much as cigarettes do. ... read..

Man dies after hearing son trapped in J&K gunfight (Lead)
Srinagar | Tuesday, 2018 10:45:07 AM IST
A father died of cardiac arrest on Tuesday after learning that his son was trapped in an ongoing gunfight with the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir's Shopian district. ... read..

Solid food helps babies sleep better
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 10, 2018 10:11:36 AM IST
Turns out, babies sleep better and suffer fewer serious sleep problems if they are introduced to solid foods early. ... read..

Rotational shifts are disrupting your metabolism
Washington D.C. [USA] | July 10, 2018 10:11:36 AM IST
Changes in work shifts or other nonstandard work schedules increases the risk of obesity and diabetes and other metabolic disorders, which ultimately also raises the risk of heart diseases, stroke and cancer. ... read..

RGCIRC launches drive to raise awareness about sarcoma cancer
New Delhi, [India] | July 10, 2018 6:41:43 AM IST
New Delhi, [India], July 10 (Newsvoir): "There is an urgent need to raise awareness about Sarcoma, the cancer of Bone and Soft tissues, to save life and limbs of young people who are falling prey to this cancer. There are about 250 types of cancers, out o ... read..

Now, breast cancer treatment time can be reduced
New Delhi, [India] | July 10, 2018 6:41:23 AM IST
A new form of treatment, Brachytherapy can now reduce treatment time for breast cancers. ... read..

Ambulance gets preference over VIP convoy in Karnataka
Bengaluru | Monday, 2018 10:45:08 PM IST
Ambulances across Karnataka need not wait for a VIP convoy to pass for rushing patients to hospitals for emergency treatment, a top city police official said on Monday. ... read..

Rajasthan, Maharashtra willing to join 'Ayushman Bharat': Health Ministry
New Delhi | Monday, 2018 10:45:08 PM IST
Dismissing media reports that Rajasthan and Maharashtra are unwilling to join Centre's flagship health insurance scheme, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Monday clarified that both the states "fully support Ayushman Bharat". ... read..

Punjab employees found positive in dope tests not to be punished
Chandigarh | Monday, 2018 10:45:08 PM IST
Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Monday made it clear that government employees who are found positive in the dope test to be conducted on them would not be punished or sacked but would be provided treatment. ... read..

Odisha to spend Rs 1,000 cr on cancer care programme
Bhubaneswar | Monday, 2018 10:15:05 PM IST
A roadmap for the implementation of Odisha Comprehensive Cancer Care Programme has been worked out with an outlay of Rs 1,000 crore, an official said on Monday. ... read..

Himachal to recruit 200 doctors
Shimla | Monday, 2018 9:45:12 PM IST
The Himachal Pradesh Cabinet on Monday decided to fill 200 posts of MBBS doctors on a regular basis through the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission. ... read..

Diabetes may up erectile dysfunction risk
New Delhi | Monday, 2018 9:45:12 PM IST
Men, please take note. If you are suffering from diabetes, you may be at a higher risk of erectile dysfunction (ED), a new study suggests. ... read..

Goa people's prayers helped me recover: Parrikar
Panaji | Monday, 2018 9:45:07 PM IST
Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Monday that more than medical treatment and willpower, it is the prayers by people from Goa, especially BJP workers, which led to his recovery. ... read..

Kejriwal finds 'desilted' drains choked, orders action
New Delhi | Monday, 2018 8:15:05 PM IST
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday found that drains, reported to have been desilted, were still choked and ordered suspension of the officers responsible officers, saying "no laxity will be tolerated" on issues concerning public health. ... read..

New function of protein that may treat sepsis identified
Roorkee | Monday, 2018 7:45:06 PM IST
Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee have identified a new immunomodulatory function of a protein that could potentially help in treating sepsis and other inflammatory diseases caused by abnormal functions of immune cells. ... read..

Delhi hospital removes 856 stones from man's kidney
New Delhi | Monday, 2018 7:45:06 PM IST
Doctors at Fortis Hospital here on Monday said they removed 856 stones from the left kidney of a 45-year-old patient at one go, using minimally invasive surgical techniques. ... read..

Chemo may not prolong life for young rectal cancer patients
New York | Monday, 2018 7:45:06 PM IST
The addition of chemotherapy and radiation to surgery may not prolong life for rectal cancer patients under 50 years of age, new research has found. ... read..

Lizard found near mid-day meal, Sisodia vows action
New Delhi | Monday, 2018 3:15:05 PM IST
Just two days after girls from an MCD school were hospitalised after eating their mid-day meals, a video on Monday surfaced online, showing cobwebs on the roof and a lizard near unpacked food at a mid-day meal centre here. ... read..

Imprisonment of parents may impact their child's behaviour
New York | Monday, 2018 2:45:04 PM IST
Young adults who had a parent imprisoned during their childhood are more likely to skip needed healthcare, smoke cigarettes, engage in risky sexual behaviour and indulge in alcohol and drug abuse, a new study suggests. ... read..

Childhood stress you suffered may affect your kids
New York | Monday, 2018 2:15:05 PM IST
Experiencing childhood trauma resulting from separation of parents or witnessing violence at home may have long-term effects, suggests a new study that found that ill effects of such stress can reach the kids of the sufferer. ... read..

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