Saturday, March 23, 2019

Handful of nuts daily can boost memory in elderly
Sydney | Friday, 2019 8:45:04 PM IST
While age is known as the strongest risk factor for cognitive decline, eating a handful of nuts every day can improve mental health and memory skills by up to 60 per cent, finds a study. ... read..

Excess male hormones in women may up blindness risk
London | Friday, 2019 8:15:05 PM IST
Increased levels of hormone testosterone -- male sex hormone -- in women could cause a brain disorder that can lead to blindness, finds a new study. ... read..

FDA approves device to treat heart failure patients
Washington | Friday, 2019 7:45:05 PM IST
The US Food and Drug Administration has given approval for a new device that would help treat patients with life-threatening heart failure, and address an unmet need in patients who fail to get adequate benefits from standard treatments and have no altern ... read..

Childhood abuse worsens depression later: Lancet
London | Friday, 2019 6:15:05 PM IST
Facing trauma in childhood can significantly change the structure of the brain, which may result in severe depression which could even be recurrent in adulthood, say researchers. ... read..

Drinking orange juice daily may keep strokes at bay
London | Friday, 2019 5:15:05 PM IST
Drinking orange juice daily may cut your risk of deadly strokes by almost a quarter, suggests a study. ... read..

Study finds a promising combination for common paediatric brain tumour
| March 22, 2019 2:41:51 PM IST
A new study has found a new combination treatment for children suffering from brain tumour. The treatment aimed at resistant and recurrent low-grade gliomas slowed tumour growth and killed tumour cells in laboratory and mouse models. ... read..

Sports can have anti-depressant effects in preteen children
| March 22, 2019 2:12:01 PM IST
As part of a new study, researchers have linked participation in team sports to less depression in boys aged 9 to 11. ... read..

Here's a common link between Sleep and aging
| March 22, 2019 2:11:43 PM IST
As part of a recent study, researchers have found oxidative stress as the common link between sleep and aging. ... read..

Eating breakfast with parents linked with positive body image for teenagers: Study
| March 22, 2019 1:41:39 PM IST
A family that eats together, stays together, and now, according to a recent study, consistently eating breakfast as a family can also promote positive body image for children and adolescents. ... read..

Smart toilet can detect congestive heart failure
New York | Thursday, 2019 7:45:04 PM IST
Hospitals will soon be able to monitor patients with congestive heart failure in the comfort of their own homes, thanks to a new type of toilet-seats that can measure biometrics during "natural" processes. ... read..

New procedure could help regrow tissue lost to periodontal disease
| March 21, 2019 7:41:49 PM IST
A new research has reported the development of a membrane that helps periodontal tissue regenerate when implanted into the gums of rats. ... read..

Asian-Americans face barriers in workplace despite doing better at university
| March 21, 2019 7:41:44 PM IST
Asian Americans face additional barriers in their career despite doing well at university, new findings have suggested. ... read..

Medicine, personal care products may lead to new pollutants in waterways
| March 21, 2019 7:11:44 PM IST
Bacteria in sewage treatment plants may be creating new contaminants that have not been evaluated for potential risks and may affect aquatic environments, say scientists in a study published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Journal. ... read..

Smoking strong pot daily increases psychosis risks
London | Thursday, 2019 5:45:04 PM IST
Amid growing decriminalisation of cannabis use, a new study warns that daily cannabis use, especially of high potency, is strongly linked to the risk of developing psychosis, a mental disorder characterised by a disconnection from reality. ... read..

Manisha Koirala wants to explore more as an author
New Delhi | Thursday, 2019 4:15:19 PM IST
After writing about her battle against cancer in "Healed: How Cancer Gave Me a New Life", actress Manisha Koirala says she wants to write more books and has a "couple of ideas" in her mind. ... read..

Depression in 20s linked to memory loss in 50s: Study suggests
| March 21, 2019 3:11:40 PM IST
As part of a recent study, a team of psychologists has found that depression in the 20s can be linked to memory loss in 50s. ... read..

Premature babies could benefit from combined glucocorticoid, antioxidant therapy: Study
| March 21, 2019 2:41:38 PM IST
As part of a recent study, scientists have suggested that subtle changes to the drugs administered to mothers threatened with preterm birth or to premature babies could further improve clinical treatment and help increase their safety. ... read..

Stroke risk drops in older adults medicare enrolees
| March 21, 2019 2:11:45 PM IST
A new study has found that stroke risk drops in older adults who have enrolled themselves in medicare. ... read..

Older immigrants living in US more satisfied with life than native-born counterparts
| March 21, 2019 2:11:42 PM IST
A recent study suggests that people who immigrated to the United States are more satisfied with their lives in the "land of the free" than those who were born here. ... read..

Scientists develop robotic swarm for medical use
New York | Thursday, 2019 1:45:05 PM IST
Chinese scientists have developed a robotic system inspired by a colony of ants that can collectively achieve complex tasks like gathering large prey. ... read..

Adhesive gel to repair eye injury without surgery
Washington | Thursday, 2019 12:45:05 PM IST
American scientists have designed an adhesive gel that can seal wound or ulcers on the surface of the eye, thus sparing the need for eye surgery. ... read..

Brain function gets better while inhaling
Jerusalem | Thursday, 2019 12:15:54 PM IST
Israeli research has found that inhalation improves brain performance, the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) in Israel reported. ... read..

Statins effective against cancer-linked weight loss
Brasilia | Thursday, 2019 12:15:50 PM IST
Besides known to treat high cholesterol, statins can also be used to take care of rapid weight loss, weakness and wasting of the body due to cancer, Brazilian researchers have found. ... read..

Cardiovascular events cause 58% deaths among diabetics
Mexico City | Thursday, 2019 12:15:35 PM IST
Fifty-eight percent of deaths among people with type 2 diabetes are due to cardiovascular events, a leading Mexican expert has said. ... read..

Balance of two enzymes may help treat pancreatic cancer
Los Angeles | Thursday, 2019 12:15:30 PM IST
A new research has set the stage for clinicians to potentially use levels of a pancreatic cancer patient's PHLPP1 and PKC enzymes as a prognostic and for researchers to develop new therapeutic drugs that change the balance of the two enzymes as a means to ... read..

Breast implant safety put under scanner by FDA
Washington | Wednesday, 2019 8:45:04 PM IST
After thousands of women reported that breast implants had caused them problems, like debilitating joint pain and fatigue, the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and researchers have started re-examining its safety. ... read..

Stillborn baby's head dismembered during delivery
Chennai | Wednesday, 2019 7:45:05 PM IST
In a tragic incident, the head of a baby that had died in its mother's womb got separated during delivery at the primary health centre in Koovathur village in the Kancheepurm district, officials said on Wednesday. ... read..

USFDA approves first drug for postpartum depression
Los Angeles | Wednesday, 2019 7:45:05 PM IST
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a drug for the treatment of postpartum depression (PPD) in adult women. ... read..

Eating fish may help reduce asthma risk 70%: Study
Sydney | Wednesday, 2019 6:45:04 PM IST
Eating fish oil, rich in omega 3 fatty acids, can help reduce the risk of asthma by nearly 70 per cent, finds a study. ... read..

Smoking reduces due to tobacco control policies
| March 20, 2019 6:11:41 PM IST
Increasing taxes on tobacco and smoke-free policies have resulted in the reduction of smoking among older adults, according to a recent study. ... read..

Drinking hot tea increases risk of oesophageal cancer: Study
| March 20, 2019 5:41:51 PM IST
A recent study has found that the temperature of hot tea is linked with elevated risk of oesophageal cancer. However, previous studies had already established a link between drinking hot tea and oesophageal cancer. ... read..

Social anxiety in children connected to complications during childbirth reveals study
| March 20, 2019 5:41:47 PM IST
A recent study has found a link between children who suffer from social anxiety and babies who had a complicated birth. ... read..

Centre urged to ban tobacco promotion in Filmfare Awards
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2019 4:45:05 PM IST
A Delhi health official has written to the Central government to stop the advertisement, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco brands in the 64th Filmfare Awards slated to be held in Mumbai on Saturday. ... read..

Hearing two languages increases attention development in infants: Study
| March 20, 2019 4:41:45 PM IST
According to a recent study, children who live in homes where two languages are spoken have shown better attention control than kids in a monolingual family. ... read..

Study reveals positive attitude helps in eating healthy
| March 20, 2019 4:41:44 PM IST
A recent study found that motivation affects nutrition and diet. People with a positive attitude are more likely to eat healthy food. ... read..

Piping hot tea raises esophageal cancer risk: Study
New York | Wednesday, 2019 4:15:05 PM IST
Love to drink your tea piping hot? Beware, it could raise the risk of esophageal cancer, finds a study. ... read..

West Nile fever kills boy in Kerala, Centre on watch
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2019 11:45:04 PM IST
As a six-year-old boy undergoing treatment for West Nile Fever died in Kerala's Mallapuram, the government on Tuesday reviewed the current situation, preparedness and action taken to deal with the disease. ... read..

Electronic skin with self-healing abilities created
| March 19, 2019 8:41:39 PM IST
Inspired by jellyfish, researchers have created an electronic skin that is transparent, stretchable, touch-sensitive, and repairs itself in both wet and dry conditions. The novel material has wide-ranging uses, from water-resistant touch screens to soft r ... read..

Low adherence to statin raises heart disease risks
New York | Tuesday, 2019 7:45:05 PM IST
While statins prevent risk of death due to heart disease, a new study finds only about six per cent patients adhere to the medication, which may increase their risk of major cardiovascular event. ... read..

Chinese woman nearly dies after injecting juice
Beijing | Tuesday, 2019 7:15:05 PM IST
In a bizarre case, a woman in China nearly killed herself after self-injecting liquidised fruit -- a concoction of 20 fruits -- in her effort to stay healthy, the media reported. ... read..

Statins can be beneficial during heart attacks and cancer cell metastasis
| March 19, 2019 6:41:50 PM IST
While probing the side effects of drugs called statins, cholesterol-lowering drugs, cellular chemists rather found their unknown benefits. ... read..

Study illustrates precise, minimally invasive way to measure heart function in children
| March 19, 2019 6:41:46 PM IST
A new study has illustrated how a novel minimally invasive method using catheter-based ultrasound to measure heart function performed with similar precision as compared to a traditional highly invasive device. ... read..

A brain circuit can help reverse craving for liquor
New York | Tuesday, 2019 6:15:05 PM IST
Scientists have found that they can reverse the urge to drink alcohol, finds a study, which may open the door to developing drug or gene therapies to control alcohol addiction. ... read..

People who don't drink alcohol still suffer because of alcohol
| March 19, 2019 6:11:51 PM IST
A recent study talks about how the people who do not consume alcohol suffer because of the decisions and recklessness of those who do consume alcohol. ... read..

China conducts world's 1st remote surgery using 5G
Beijing | Tuesday, 2019 5:45:05 PM IST
The first remote surgery on a human using 5G technology was successfully conducted in China. ... read..

Research finds better way to treat PTSD patients
| March 19, 2019 5:41:42 PM IST
Researchers of a recent study have found a way to improve treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by changing how the brain responds to fearful conditions. ... read..

New coating helps astronauts fight superbugs on ISS
London | Tuesday, 2019 5:15:05 PM IST
Researchers have developed an anti-microbial coating that reduced the growth of bacteria on contamination-prone surfaces at the ISS, and could help protect astronauts beyond the Moon and Mars from the antibiotic-resistant superbugs. ... read..

Your friends may influence you to become obese
New York | Tuesday, 2019 4:45:04 PM IST
Besides genes and an unhealthy diet, your friends can also play a role in making you overweight, says a study, which found that obesity can spread through communities like a 'social contagion'. ... read..

Chronic inflammation causes loss of bone healing ability in elderly
| March 19, 2019 4:41:49 PM IST
A recent study has found out the reason why injured bones do not heal as well with age. The study shows that chronic inflammation is the main reason behind bones ability to heal with time. ... read..

Sugary drinks may increase risk of early death
New York | Tuesday, 2019 4:15:04 PM IST
Women who drink sugar sweetened beverages are at an increased risk of death from cardiovascular diseases, researchers have warned. ... read..

Decoded: Why some young adults engage in unsafe sex
Toronto | Tuesday, 2019 4:15:04 PM IST
Factors such as gender, sexual orientation and the desire to form lasting romantic relationships appear to influence sexual risk-taking among young adults, a new study suggests. ... read..

AI can make eye doctors more effective: Google
San Francisco | Tuesday, 2019 3:15:05 PM IST
As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, diagnosing diseases has become faster with greater accuracy. A new study from the Google AI research group shows that physicians and algorithms working together are more effective than either one alone. ... read..

Plant cellulose could be used for healthy bone graft
| March 19, 2019 2:11:40 PM IST
In a new finding, researchers have developed what could be the bone implant material of the future: an airy, foam-like substance that can be injected into the body and provide scaffolding for the growth of new bone. ... read..

Inflammation links heart disease and depression: Study
| March 19, 2019 12:41:39 PM IST
As part of a recent study, researchers have found links between heart disease and depression. ... read..

Coffee compounds may reduce prostate cancer risk
Tokyo | Monday, 2019 6:15:04 PM IST
Besides being the perfect morning drink, coffee may also play a role in delaying prostate cancer, finds a study, which may pave the way for treating drug-resistant cancer. ... read..

Painkillers in pregnancy won't cause asthma in kids
London | Monday, 2019 5:45:04 PM IST
Taking paracetamol or other painkillers during pregnancy is not responsible for increase in the risk of asthma in children, finds a study of nearly 500,000 women. ... read..

Sri Lanka plans colour coding for packaged food
Colombo | Monday, 2019 5:15:04 PM IST
Sri Lankan Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said on Monday health authorities would introduce a colour coding scheme for packaged food, indicating levels of sugar, fat and salt, in an effort to curb non-communicable diseases. ... read..

Musharraf shifted to Dubai hospital after 'reaction'
Islamabad | Monday, 2019 4:45:05 PM IST
Former Pakistan Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf has been shifted to a hospital in Dubai after suffering a reaction from a rare disease for which he is already under treatment, the media reported. ... read..

Fibromyalgia accurately spotted in an experimental blood test
| March 18, 2019 4:41:47 PM IST
In a first, researchers have found that fibromyalgia can reliably be detected in blood samples which could possibly lead to a simple and fast diagnosis. ... read..

Sugary drinks associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases
| March 18, 2019 4:41:38 PM IST
Here's another reason to cut down those sugar-sweetened drinks from your daily diet. According to a recent study, sugary drinks may be associated with an increased risk of death from cardiovascular diseases. ... read..

New cardiac index outperforms current tools in predicting death after admission
| March 18, 2019 3:41:38 PM IST
A new tool has been devised for heart disease patients that is better at predicting death after hospital admission vis-a-vis current indexes. ... read..

Origins and nature of 'math anxiety'
| March 18, 2019 2:11:44 PM IST
A recent study directed towards examining the factors that influence 'maths anxiety' among primary and secondary school students, has shown that teachers and parents may inadvertently play a role in a child's development of the condition, and that girls t ... read..

Positive work environment leads to feelings of inclusion among employees: Study
| March 18, 2019 2:11:42 PM IST
Looking for better office output from employees? According to a recent study fostering an inclusive work environment can lead to higher satisfaction, innovation, trust and retention among employees. ... read..

Hormonal treatment may trigger depression in men with prostate cancer: Study
| March 18, 2019 2:11:40 PM IST
According to a recent study, men who receive anti-hormonal treatment after having their prostate removed are 80% more likely to suffer from depression than men who don't receive this treatment. ... read..

Researchers identify 9 genes behind eyebrow colours
Beijing | Monday, 2019 1:45:04 PM IST
An international research team has for the first time identified nine genes responsible for eyebrow colours. ... read..

Six-year-old West Nile Virus patient dead in Kerala
| Monday, 2019 12:45:04 PM IST
A six-year-old boy, who was being treated for West Nile Virus (WNV) disease here, passed away on Monday, said Kerala Health Minister K.K. Shailaja. ... read..

Ears can be used for ECG to predict heart rhythm
London | Sunday, 2019 8:45:05 PM IST
Researchers have developed a novel electrocardiogram (ECG) method that uses signals from the ear to check heart rhythm, making it easy for drivers, athletes and persons in the military to scan their own heart beat. ... read..

Mentally draining work linked to higher diabetes risk among women: Study
| March 17, 2019 8:41:42 PM IST
Women who find their jobs mentally tiring are at increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, a new study has found. ... read..

Common heart drug may up sudden cardiac arrest risk
London | Sunday, 2019 8:15:04 PM IST
A drug commonly used to treat high blood pressure and chest pain could be associated with an increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest, according to a study. ... read..

Parrikar's condition 'extremely critical': CMO
Panaji | Sunday, 2019 7:45:07 PM IST
Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar's health is "extremely critical", the Chief Minister's Office tweeted on Sunday. ... read..

Space travel can trigger dormant herpes viruses: NASA
Washington | Sunday, 2019 7:45:07 PM IST
Over half the astronauts who travelled on the Space Shuttle and stayed aboard International Space Station (ISS) triggered the dormant herpes viruses, posing significant health risk for human missions to Mars and beyond, says an Indian-origin researcher at ... read..

Light physical activity may lower risk of cardiovascular disease in older women: Study
| March 17, 2019 7:41:45 PM IST
According to a recent study, light physical activity like gardening, strolling through a park and folding clothes might be enough to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease among women 63 aged and older. ... read..

New ECG detects heart rhythm by using signals from ear, hand
| March 17, 2019 7:11:41 PM IST
A new electrocardiogram (ECG) method has been revealed at EHRA 201, a European Society of Cardiology (ESC) congress. The device uses signals from the ear and hand to check the heart rhythm and does not require two hands. Also, it could be used by drivers, ... read..

Sperm of infertile men is healthy when taken directly from testicles
| March 17, 2019 6:11:46 PM IST
Scientists have found that the DNA of sperm taken from the testicles of infertile men was as good as that of ejaculated sperm of fertile men. ... read..

Testosterone slows prostate cancer recurrence in low-risk patients
| March 17, 2019 4:41:44 PM IST
US researchers have found out that testosterone replacement slows the recurrence of prostate cancer in low-risk patients. ... read..

Doctors not hopeful of Parrikar recovery: Deputy Speaker
Panaji | Saturday, 2019 11:15:05 PM IST
Doctors examining ailing Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar aren't saying he will recover, Deputy Speaker Michael Lobo said on Saturday. ... read..

Modicare a hoax, excludes outpatient care: Congress
New Delhi | Saturday, 2019 10:45:04 PM IST
The Congress on Saturday said the much publicised Ayushman Bharat scheme, also known as Modicare, was a "jumla" (hoax) as it excludes outpatient treatment, which constitutes 87 per cent of patients. ... read..

29 medical device firms found violating norms
New Delhi | Saturday, 2019 10:15:04 PM IST
The Central Drugs Standards Control Organisation (CDSCO) has decided to issue show cause notices to the 29 medical device units, which were found to be violating the norms of selling and manufacturing orthopaedic implants. ... read..

Parrikar stable now, not on life-support: Ministers
Panaji | Saturday, 2019 10:15:04 PM IST
Ailing Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar's health condition has been fluctuating for several days and had only briefly worsened on Saturday morning, Union Minister Shripad Naik said. ... read..

Joint surgery may shoot up sugar level in diabetics
New York | Saturday, 2019 8:45:05 PM IST
People with diabetes who undergo joint replacement surgery are at higher risk of experiencing elevated blood sugar levels after the operation, increasing their chances of developing infections and other complications, a new study suggested. ... read..

Daily consumption of eggs increases risk of heart diseases: Study
| March 16, 2019 8:12:27 PM IST
Don't crack that egg. Here's sombre news for all the egg lovers out there. A recent study found that egg yolk contains higher level of cholesterol which ultimately increases the chances of heart disease and early death. ... read..

Strength training reduces additional health risks associated with obesity: Study
| March 16, 2019 8:12:25 PM IST
Washington D.C. [USA] Mar 16 (AN): According to a recent study, strength training can help in reducing the health risks associated with obesity. ... read..

Vitamin D improves memory but slows down reactions, reveals study
| March 16, 2019 8:12:24 PM IST
According to a recent study, improvements in memory were noted in obese older women who took three times the recommended dose of Vitamin D. However, it was also seen that their reactions were slower. ... read..

Army veterans more likely to have heart disease: Study
| March 16, 2019 8:12:20 PM IST
After the war is over in the battlefield, army veterans face a new threat. According to a recent study, veteran soldiers are more likely to have heart disease at a younger age, when compared with non-veterans. ... read..

Cognitive training helps against mental health decline in older adults: Study
| March 16, 2019 8:12:18 PM IST
A recent study found that receiving cognitive training may help the older adults in improving memory, language, hand-eye coordination and reasoning. Adding to these improvements it was also found that this training can help healthy older adults gain a def ... read..

College drinking intervention strategies need a refresh: Study
| March 16, 2019 8:12:05 PM IST
According to a recent study, contrary to what students might state, peer approval is the best indicator of the tendency for new college students to drink or smoke. ... read..

Digital media linked to depression in young adults
New York | Saturday, 2019 6:15:04 PM IST
Increased use of digital media may be partly responsible for the growth in the percentage of young adults experiencing certain types of mental health disorders in the US over the past decade, suggests new research. ... read..

What makes old people feel younger
New York | Saturday, 2019 5:45:04 PM IST
Older adults feel younger when they feel that they have more control over their daily lives, regardless of stress or health concerns, suggests new research. ... read..

Night shift can affect bladder, health
Rome | Saturday, 2019 5:15:05 PM IST
Working night shifts may deteriorate your quality of life by affecting your bladder, researchers have warned. ... read..

Say no to cheese omelettes for healthier heart
New York | Saturday, 2019 5:15:05 PM IST
Do you savour cheese omelettes? If so, think again as consuming more eggs and dietary cholesterol may up the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and death from any cause, researchers have warned. ... read..

Inactive ingredients in medicines may cause allergy
New York | Saturday, 2019 5:15:05 PM IST
Be cautious while taking medicines as a new study suggests that some ingredients added to pills to improve their shelf life may cause allergy or lead to adverse reactions. ... read..

Kid's nose holds clues to serious lung infections
London | Saturday, 2019 4:45:05 PM IST
Tiny organisms in a child's nose could offer clues to improving the diagnosis and treatment of severe lung infections, a new study suggests. ... read..

Light physical activity may lower CVD risk in women
New York | Saturday, 2019 4:45:05 PM IST
While strolling or running are beneficial for heart health, light physical activity, such as gardening and folding clothes, may also lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in older women, say researchers. ... read..

Nicotine patches may help improve memory in older adult: Study
| March 16, 2019 4:11:41 PM IST
It turns out nicotine patches can do more than just control your nicotine cravings. According to a recent study, nicotine can help improve memory loss in older adults with mild cognitive impairment. ... read..

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