Monday, April 23, 2018

Six-year-old Odisha girl critical after rape, neighbour held
Bhubaneswar | Sunday, 2018 6:45:04 PM IST
A six-year-old girl was raped in Odisha's Cuttack district, following which a man has been arrested, police said on Sunday. ... read..

Avicii's brother in Oman
Muscat | Sunday, 2018 1:45:04 PM IST
David Bergling, brother of world-renowned Swedish DJ and electronic music producer Avicii, whose demise on Friday shook music lovers and the showbiz industry all over the world, is here as his family seeks answers to what caused his death. ... read..

Medication use increases in newly-diagnosed dementia patients
Sydney | Sunday, 2018 12:45:04 PM IST
Researchers have found an increase in medication use by the patients who have been newly-diagnosed with dementia and they may consume unnecessary or inappropriate medicines that increase the risk of side effects. ... read..

Easier detection of concussions!
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.] | April 22, 2018 12:01:13 AM IST
Turns out, easier detection of concussions is possible. ... read..

Heart patients who walk faster hospitalised less
London | Sunday, 2018 11:15:04 AM IST
Increasing the pace of walking may bring some added benefits as researchers have found that faster walking patients with heart disease are hospitalised less. ... read..

WHO includes Shimla doctor's protocol in new guidelines on rabies prophylaxis
Shimla | Saturday, 2018 8:15:04 PM IST
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued revised guidelines on rabies prophylaxis by incorporating a low-cost treatment protocol recommended by a Himachal Pradesh government doctor for dog-bite patients. ... read..

Himachal to fill 200 more posts of doctors
Shimla | Saturday, 2018 6:45:04 PM IST
The Himachal Pradesh government has filled 262 posts of MBBS doctors through walk-in interviews and 200 more posts would be filled to meet their shortage in rural and far-flung areas, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur said on Saturday. ... read..

ORDI appeals to state governments to implement rare disease policy
New Delhi [India] | April 21, 2018 12:01:13 AM IST
Organisation for Rare Disease India (ORDI), a non-profit patient association focusing on improving the health of patients with rare diseases, has taken the initiative to appeal to the state governments to implement individual state rare disease policies a ... read..

Stronger people have sharper brains: Study
London | Saturday, 2018 4:15:04 PM IST
If you thought hitting the gym only builds your physical strength, think again. A study of nearly half a million people has revealed that stronger people perform better in brain functioning tests. ... read..

Mother's early menopause affects daughter's fertility
New Delhi [India] | April 21, 2018 12:01:13 AM IST
Mother's premature menopause can affect her daughter's fertility and is known as hereditary infertility. ... read..

Beer belly bad for your heart
New York | Saturday, 2018 3:15:04 PM IST
If you have developed a spare tyre, it is time you saw a doctor to assess your cardiovascular health as researchers have found that belly fat, even in people who are not otherwise overweight, is bad for the heart. ... read..

Running marathon boosts immunity: Study
London | Saturday, 2018 1:45:04 PM IST
Debunking the 'myth' that strenuous exercise increases infection risk by suppressing the immune system, a new study says that competing in endurance sports like marathon running may actually be beneficial for upping immunity. ... read..

Skull surgery performed on Stone Age cow: Study
Paris | Saturday, 2018 12:15:04 PM IST
For the first time, a definite example of cranial surgery has been found in a cow from Stone age that suggests that animal trials were held before graduating to humans, a study said. ... read..

Happy feet, happy heart
Washington D.C [USA] | April 21, 2018 12:01:13 AM IST
Faster walking patients with heart disease are hospitalised less, a recent study has found. ... read..

The stronger you are, the healthier your brain is
Washington D.C [USA] | April 21, 2018 12:01:13 AM IST
Turns out, muscular strength, measured by handgrip, is an indication of how healthy our brains are. ... read..

Is your belly putting your heart at risk?
Washington D.C [USA] | April 21, 2018 12:01:13 AM IST
Belly fat, even in people who are not otherwise overweight, is bad for the heart, a recent study revealed. ... read..

Treat sunburn, improve gastro immune system with yogurt
New Delhi | Saturday, 2018 6:45:04 AM IST
Yogurt, the versatile dairy product, is filled with nutrition and is equally useful for skin and hair. Treat sunburns, acne and improve your immunity with yogurt, say experts. ... read..

Nations must ensure vaccines reach 90% population: WHO
New Delhi | Friday, 2018 8:45:05 PM IST
As the World Immunisation Week begins on April 24, the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Friday said all member countries must ensure covering 90 per cent of the population each time and listed ways to achieve the target. ... read..

Sharif wife's chemotherapy treatment ends in UK
London | Friday, 2018 8:15:04 PM IST
Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Friday that the chemotherapy treatment of his ailing wife Kulsoom Nawaz, who is undergoing treatment for cancer in London, has ended. ... read..

Promising 'male pill' compound identified
New York | Friday, 2018 6:45:04 PM IST
Researchers have identified a compound which turns off the sperm's ability to swim, thereby significantly limiting fertilisation capabilities without causing any physical side effects. ... read..

Adolescents' eyes could signal risk of cardiovascular disease
Sydney | Friday, 2018 6:45:04 PM IST
Structural changes in the retina of adolescents could reveal their risk of cardiovascular disease later, say researchers including one of Indian-origin. ... read..

AI real winner at Microsoft's India talent hunt competition
New Delhi | Friday, 2018 6:45:04 PM IST
A software that features a Virtual Reality (VR)-based immersive view inside a CT or MRI scan where a user can navigate the 3D scan of a human body was the best Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solution at a Microsoft talent hunt competition here on Frid ... read..

Lack of Vitamin D may up diabetes risk by 5 times
Seoul | Friday, 2018 6:45:04 PM IST
Are you deficient in Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin? Beware, you may be at a greater risk of developing diabetes, warn researchers. ... read..

Indians consume far too less calcium than required
Warsaw | Friday, 2018 5:45:04 PM IST
Adults in India consume on an average about half the amount of calcium than required for healthy bones, according to a global map of dietary calcium intake launched on Friday. ... read..

Can art ease pain and anxiety in cancer patients?
Washington D.C. [USA] | April 20, 2018 12:01:13 AM IST
A study to review the impact of art therapy at bedside on patients with haematological cancers found that it improved mood and reduced pain and anxiety. ... read..

Slow walking heart patients are hospitalized more
Washington D.C. [USA] | April 20, 2018 12:01:13 AM IST
Heart disease patients, who walk faster, are hospitalised less, as suggested by a research. ... read..

Chip-based blood test could replace painful bone biopsy
New York | Friday, 2018 2:45:04 PM IST
Days of using painful bone biopsies to diagnose and treat certain cancers may be numbered as researchers have found that a simple blood test that uses a plastic chip about the size of a credit card can do the job. ... read..

Low Vitamin D levels associated with greater risk of diabetes
Washington D.C. [USA] | April 20, 2018 12:01:13 AM IST
Lack of Vitamin D is putting you at greater risk of diabetes, finds a research. ... read..

Dog gut bacteria more similar to humans than previously thought
London | Friday, 2018 12:45:04 PM IST
Dogs could be more like us than we previously thought as a new study says that canine and human gut microbiomes have more similar genes and responses to diet than earlier believed. ... read..

Lance Armstrong settles $100m US lawsuit for $5m
Washington | Friday, 2018 9:45:04 AM IST
American professional road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong has agreed to pay $5 million to the US government to settle a long-running lawsuit that was to cost him $ 100 million in damages, media reported. ... read..

Kale, beetroot: Nutritious ingredients for healthy food
New Delhi | Friday, 2018 2:45:04 AM IST
With people becoming more health conscious, several restaurants have started introducing dishes with healthy ingredients like kale, beetroot and quinoa. These dishes offer wholesome goodness as it is not just good on nutrient value but also on taste, say ... read..

'India absent from Malaria Summit in London' (Lead)
New Delhi | Thursday, 2018 11:15:04 PM IST
India was conspicuous by its absence from the Malaria Summit in London alongside the 25th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) despite having the third largest malaria cases in the world after Congo and Nigeria, those campaigning against the d ... read..

'India absent from Malaria Summit in London'
New Delhi | Thursday, 2018 9:45:04 PM IST
India was conspicuous by its absence from the Malaria Summit in London alongside the 25th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) despite having the third largest malaria cases in the world after Congo and Nigeria, a body partnering in a campaign ... read..

Parrikar to return in May third week: BJP leader
Panaji | Thursday, 2018 9:15:04 PM IST
Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer in the US, will return home in the third week of May, BJP state President Vinay Tendulkar said on Thursday. ... read..

AMU sets world record with laparoscopic surgery on infant
Aligarh | Thursday, 2018 8:15:04 PM IST
Doctors at the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) have successfully performed a laparoscopic surgery on a 244 days old girl, setting a new Guinness World Record. ... read..

Human brain grown in rodents to boost treatments for neurological disorders
New York | Thursday, 2018 7:45:05 PM IST
In a first, US scientists have grown miniature human brains or human brain organoids, in the skulls of mice, a breakthrough that could boost stem cell research as well as provide insight into neurological disorders such as autism, dementia, and schizophre ... read..

Young adults more at risk of liver function abnormalities, says survey (April 19 is World Liver Day)
New Delhi | Thursday, 2018 7:45:05 PM IST
Owing to a sedentary lifestyle coupled with non-adherence to a balanced diet, an increasing number of young adults below 40 are facing liver function abnormalities, which if not attended to early can lead to liver diseases, finds a survey. ... read..

R. Madhavan appeals for 'dignity' to leprosy victims
New Delhi | Thursday, 2018 6:45:04 PM IST
Actor R. Madhavan, who has supported leprosy initiatives, wants victims of the skin and nerve disease to live with dignity. ... read..

Protein linked to aggressive breast cancer identified
New York | Thursday, 2018 11:45:04 AM IST
Researchers have identified a protein that is strongly associated with metastatic breast cancer and that could be a target for future therapies. ... read..

Remo doing fantastic job with 'Race 3': Jacqueline
Mumbai | Thursday, 2018 9:45:04 AM IST
Actress Jacqueline Fernandez has praised director Remo D'Souza for doing a fantastic job with "Race 3", the third installment of the popular action-thriller franchise "Race". ... read..

HC directs DGCA to specify minimum, maximum flying hours for pilots
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2018 9:45:06 PM IST
The Delhi High Court on Wednesday directed the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to specify the maximum and minimum flying hours and prescribe the flight and duty time limitation (FDTL). ... read..

Over half trillion dollars spent on HIV/AIDS worldwide: Lancet
New York | Wednesday, 2018 7:45:06 PM IST
More than half a trillion dollars have been spent on HIV/AIDS worldwide between 2000 and 2015, a comprehensive analysis of funding for the disease by the Lancet has revealed. ... read..

SC reserves order on TN doctors' plea for quota in admission to PG courses
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2018 7:15:06 PM IST
The Supreme Court on Wednesday reserved its order on a batch of petitions by the Tamil Nadu Medical Officers Associations and others seeking direction to provide quota for in-service doctors for admission to post-graduate degree courses. ... read..

New app to help track diabetes in rural India
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2018 6:45:06 PM IST
Researchers have developed an innovative smartphone app that could enable community health workers track the growing burden of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, especially in the rural areas. ... read..

Need health schemes with widest coverage: Venkaiah Naidu
Guwahati | Wednesday, 2018 6:15:06 PM IST
Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu said there is a need to create health schemes that provide widest coverage to the young, aged and infirm, and those suffering from both critical acute and chronic ailments. ... read..

Monthly dose of new antibody may halve migraine attacks
London | Wednesday, 2018 4:45:06 PM IST
In a breakthrough, scientists have found an antibody, a monthly dose of which could halve the number of debilitating attacks of migraine on patients who have exhausted all other treatments. ... read..

Gujarat launches magazine on hemophilia to spread awareness
Gandhinagar | Wednesday, 2018 3:45:07 PM IST
On the occasion of World Haemophilia Day, Gujarat assembly Speaker Rajendra Trivedi launched 'Haemophilia Jagruti, a magazine to spread awareness about haemophilia, an inherited bleeding disorder, an official said on Wednesday. ... read..

Decoded: How HIV evades immune system
London | Wednesday, 2018 3:15:04 PM IST
Scientists have discovered how HIV virus avoids elimination from the immune system, a finding which could pave the way for the cure for over 40 million people infected worldwide. ... read..

Anaesthesia does not lower IQ in children: Study
New York | Wednesday, 2018 3:15:04 PM IST
There is no evidence to prove that children below three years of age who were given anaesthesia had lower intelligence level than those who did not have it, say researchers. ... read..

Over 95% of world's population breathing unhealthy air
Washington | Wednesday, 2018 2:15:04 PM IST
More than 95 per cent of the world's population is breathing unhealthy air, with India and China jointly contributing to over 50 per cent of global deaths attributed to pollution, a new report has found. ... read..

Jackie Shroff urges young couples to be aware of thalassemia
Mumbai | Wednesday, 2018 2:15:04 PM IST
Actor Jackie Shroff has urged young couples to be aware about thalassemia and to go for a blood test before planning a family so that the next generation can be born free of the condition. ... read..

LG Electronics to help 1,000 Indians receive eye surgery
Seoul | Wednesday, 2018 2:15:04 PM IST
South Korean electronics manufacturer LG Electronics on Wednesday said that it plans to help 1,000 visually impaired Indians receive surgery by the end of this year. ... read..

For dental pain relief opt for Ibuprofen over opioids: Study
New York | Wednesday, 2018 12:45:05 PM IST
Common painkiller ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) alone or in combination with acetaminophen are better at easing dental pain, than opioids, say researchers. ... read..

400 kg charas, Rs 17 lakh seized in Punjab
Chandigarh | Tuesday, 2018 10:15:24 PM IST
As much as 400 kg 'charas' (cannabis derivative) and around Rs 17 lakh in cash were seized from two drug suppliers who have been arrested, Punjab Police said on Tuesday. ... read..

Goa BJP says CM responding well to treatment, slams media
Panaji | Tuesday, 2018 10:15:24 PM IST
Claiming that Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar was responding well to treatment abroad, the state BJP on Tuesday slammed the media for its repeated questions on his health. ... read..

Identify TB Champions to raise awareness: Nadda
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2018 10:15:13 PM IST
Union Health Minister J. P. Nadda on Tuesday said 'TB Champions' who survived tuberculosis should be identified to raise awareness about the curable disease for a TB free India by 2025. ... read..

Hyderabad Airport cargo gets WHO-GSDP certification
Hyderabad | Tuesday, 2018 5:45:05 PM IST
GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd. (GHIAL) on Tuesday announced that its cargo terminal has been certified with the World Health Organisation's Good Storage and Distribution Practices (WHO-GSDP), awarded by SGS India, a leader in certifications in p ... read..

Eating raw fruit, veggies boosts mental health
London | Tuesday, 2018 5:45:05 PM IST
Eating raw fruit and vegetables such as kiwis, bananas, apples, dark leafy greens, cucumber, and carrots may lower symptoms of depression and improve mental health, more than cooked, canned and processed food, say researchers. ... read..

Poor sleep may raise obesity risk in kids
London | Tuesday, 2018 3:45:05 PM IST
Besides healthy eating and exercise, getting enough sleep may also be a key factor in managing weight in children and adolescents, a new study has found. ... read..

Identity of genes determining hair colour may boost cancer research
London | Tuesday, 2018 3:15:04 PM IST
An international team of scientists have identified 124 genes that play a major role in determining human hair colour variation, a finding that may pave way for better understanding of conditions linked to pigmentation like vitiligo and skin cancer. ... read..

Google develops AR-powered microscope for real-time cancer detection
New York | Tuesday, 2018 2:15:04 PM IST
A team of Google researchers has developed a Machine Learning (ML) and Augmented Reality (AR)-powered microscope that can help in real-time detection of cancer and save millions of lives. ... read..

3 cups of coffee, tea daily may cut stroke risk: Study
Sydney | Tuesday, 2018 2:15:04 PM IST
Are you an ardent coffee or tea lover, but advised to avoid caffeinated beverages due to your heart conditions Cheer up, drinking upto three cups of coffee or tea a day is safe as well as reduce irregular heartbeat and stroke risk, a study says. ... read..

Mother's depression can adversely affect child's IQ
New York | Tuesday, 2018 12:15:04 PM IST
When a mother's depression goes untreated, it can negatively affect a child's cognitive development up to the age of 16, suggests new research. ... read..

Canada's diplomatic kin in Cuba recalled over 'illness'
Ottawa | Tuesday, 2018 10:45:05 AM IST
The families of Canadian diplomats serving in Cuba have been recalled as some of them are suffering unexplained brain symptoms, the Canada Press has reported. ... read..

ASCI becomes member of Ayush committee
Mumbai | Monday, 2018 10:45:04 PM IST
The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) on Monday said it has been inducted to the Ayush Ministry's empowered committee with an objective to control misleading advertisements and exaggerated claims of its drugs. ... read..

Delhi has double concentration of finer, more dangerous pollutant PM1
New Delhi | Monday, 2018 7:15:05 PM IST
Delhi has almost twice the concentration of the more lethal pollutant PM1, or particles with diameter less than one micron, as compared to other cities where its being measured, data from government agency showed. ... read..

Why middle-aged smokers should quit
New York | Monday, 2018 6:45:04 PM IST
Middle-aged individuals who smoke could be at far greater risk of developing heart failure than those who never smoked, or those who quit, according to new research. ... read..

Ketamine can cut depression, suicidality rapidly: Study
New York | Monday, 2018 6:15:04 PM IST
Recreational drug Ketamine is likely to have fast-acting benefits in treating symptoms of depression as well as reducing suicidal thoughts, say researchers, including one of an Indian-origin. ... read..

Governor reluctant to give update on CM's health: Goa Congress
Panaji | Monday, 2018 5:45:04 PM IST
Demanding to know the exact medical condition of ailing Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, a Congress spokesperson on Monday said that even Governor Mridula Sinha was reluctant to give a health update on Parrikar to the Opposition. ... read..

80 genes that trigger depression identified
London | Monday, 2018 5:15:05 PM IST
Nearly 80 genes that could be linked to depression have been identified, a finding that adds to the evidence that it is partly a genetic disorder, say scientists. ... read..

Mother's obesity may up early puberty risk in girls
New York | Monday, 2018 5:15:05 PM IST
Maternal overweight and hyperglycemia or high blood sugar are linked to the earlier onset of puberty in girls, which can lead to multiple adverse health developments in adulthood, finds a study. ... read..

Helping a cause makes me happy: Akshay Kumar
Mumbai | Monday, 2018 4:45:05 PM IST
Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, who is increasingly supporting social causes and cinema with a purpose, says helping a cause and spreading awareness among people makes him happy. ... read..

Urban areas have more 'nuisance' birds than songbirds (Lead)
London | Monday, 2018 4:45:05 PM IST
If you are living in a crowded urban area, there are more chances for you to see birds that cause nuisance than those that make us genuinely happy, says a study. ... read..

A new warrior to fight HIV transmission
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.] | April 16, 2018 12:01:13 AM IST
A new tool has been developed to protect women from HIV infection. ... read..

Painkiller use in pregnancy may affect baby's future fertility
London | Monday, 2018 12:15:05 PM IST
Think twice before taking painkillers during pregnancy as researchers have found that they could affect the fertility of the unborn child in later life. ... read..

Flesh eating ulcers on rise in Australia
Canberra | Monday, 2018 10:45:04 AM IST
Australian health authorities on Monday issued a warning over the rise of flesh-eating ulcers in the country, calling for an "urgent scientific response". ... read..

Barbara Bush not to seek further medical help
Washington | Monday, 2018 9:15:06 AM IST
Former First Lady Barbara Bush who has been unwell for nearly two years, has decided not to seek additional medical treatment beyond "comfort care" at home, said a family spokesman. ... read..

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