Friday, April 28, 2017

With lowest tally in Delhi civic polls, Congress woes persist (News Analysis)
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2017 11:45:06 PM IST
The Congress suffered its worst defeat of the last three Delhi municipal polls on Wednesday, bringing to light the enormity of challenges it faces to revive itself in the national capital. ... read..

Civic polls help Tiwari emerge as key BJP face in Delhi
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2017 7:45:05 PM IST
The BJP's hat-trick in the capital's municipal polls is being seen as a feather in the cap of the party's Delhi unit chief Manoj Tiwari and it has helped him emerge as a key face of the party in the national capital. ... read..

This instagram page will have you yearning to travel by train again!
New Delhi | Monday, 2017 11:45:04 AM IST
Indian Railways -- one of the world's largest railway systems that runs over 12,500 trains every day -- is more than just the country's transport lifeline. For the 23 million passengers who use it daily, it is almost a way of life -- with a unique charm a ... read..

Innovation the name of the game for these food, drink stylists
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2017 6:15:04 PM IST
Like bitters enhance cocktails, spices tickle the palette and a variety of additions raise desserts to an altogether new level, it is innovation and creativity that make for an overall fine-dining experience, stakeholders in the space say. ... read..

Classical dancer interprets Mahabharata to resolve contemporary issues, leaves audience thrilled (With Images)
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2017 2:45:04 PM IST
A jam-packed auditorium here witnessed a leading classical dancer profoundly interpreting the Mahabharata in her latest presentation. The audience -- mesmerised at the performance -- couldnt help but ask for more. ... read..

Meet Akbar's ghost as Allan Sealy weaves together poetry and prose
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2017 11:15:04 AM IST
It's a blazing hot afternoon just outside the gatehouse of Jodha Bai's palace in Fatehpur Sikri. Tourists throng the forecourt. The air above the red flagstones is so hot that it begins to wrinkle and there in the haze -- near enough to touch -- stands th ... read..

This exhibition transports viewers into a world of spiritual calmness (With Images)
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2017 6:15:09 PM IST
A landmark exhibition, which promises to enliven Delhis art scene and transport viewers into a world of spiritual calmness and intense reflection has kicked off here with Indore-based artist Aparna Bidasaria showcasing a tapestry of evocative paintings of ... read..

Authentic flavours of Amritsar -- in luxury (Foodie Trail-Amritsar)
Amritsar | Friday, 2017 3:15:04 PM IST
Home to the holiest gurdwara of Sikhism -- the Harmandir Sahib -- Amritsar entices devotees with its divine and spiritual energy. And what adds to the splendour of the city is the absolutely scrumptious food on offer. ... read..

PhD research that blosommed into first organised collection of Delhi's maps
New Delhi | Friday, 2017 3:15:04 PM IST
A scholar set off from her native Milan to research on Delhi's pre and post-Independence architecture and planning (1912-1962) for her doctoral thesis. The upshot? Arugably the first book that provides a comprehensive and engaging overview of mapping in t ... read..

Lakhimpur: How communalism is creeping up on a peaceful UP town
Lakhimpur (Uttar Pradesh) | Thursday, 2017 2:45:04 PM IST
Salim Siddiqui, 65, who fixes motorcycles in a Hindu majority area here, the headquarters of the state's largest district of Lakhimpur-Kheri, feels the town lost its innocence since it witnessed its first communal brawl about a month back -- which also sp ... read..

Meet a 12-year-old who is building robots to save honey bees
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2017 12:45:04 PM IST
Just like any other girl her age, 12-year-old Kavya Vignesh likes to have fun when she is not studying. But unlike many others, she likes to make those moments memorable by creating something that helps solve some real-world problems. ... read..

Tuck into bites from the city of the Howrah Bridge (Foodie-Trail-Delhi) (With Images)
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2017 11:15:04 AM IST
Be it the appetising aroma of the Kolkata biryani, the richness of kosha mangsho, simmering bhetki paturi or the amazing chittal peti, the delicacies of the city of the Howrah Bridge possess infinite variations and textures. ... read..

It's summer of discontent for BJP in Bihar
Patna | Sunday, 2017 1:15:04 PM IST
All does not seem well in the Bihar unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), with some of the old-timers raising a banner of revolt against the newly-appointed President of the party's state unit. ... read..

Art of tiny Gujarat village attains global renown
Bhuj (Gujarat) | Thursday, 2017 12:45:04 PM IST
At a time when many traditional crafts are struggling to survive, Ajrakhpur -- a tiny village in the Kutch region of Gujarat -- is alluring domestic and international buyers with its beautiful natural-dyed, block-print cloth that is turned into exquisite ... read..

This is one Akhilesh project that may be spared Yogi's axe
Lucknow | Wednesday, 2017 9:45:37 PM IST
At a time the new Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Uttar Pradesh is reviewing schemes launched by former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav -- with some slated to be closed down -- there is one that is likely to escape Yogi Adityanath's axe. ... read..

Transforming water from poisonous to purified -- at no cost
Madhusudankati (West Bengal) | Monday, 2017 5:46:02 PM IST
Deep wounds and white patches on their skin are common among people in this tiny West Bengal speck bordering Bangladesh. The disease turned deadly for many, and the culprit was drinking water that contained arsenic -- a toxic substance that can lead to ch ... read..

Mumbai's unique 'Aquarium Tunnel Cafe' lures shoals of patrons (With images)
Mumbai | Sunday, 2017 11:45:04 AM IST
The Maximum City's thirst for unique experiences and locales just got an innovative boost with the country's very first Aquarium Tunnel Cafe opening here recently. ... read..

A desi gastro pub that offers authentic mix of East and West (Foodie Trail-Kolkata)
Kolkata | Tuesday, 2017 12:15:04 PM IST
Be it the original flavour of Bengal's sought-after fish cutlet or the popular north Indian shammi kebab, at Monkey Bar -- the Indian version of a gastro pub -- you will be reminded of your roots while letting your hair down. ... read..

Odisha's Sitaram Swain bags Rs 10 lakh cash prize, Scottish residency
New Delhi | Monday, 2017 1:45:05 PM IST
At a star-studded evening here, meant to celebrate and reward extraordinary work by emerging artists, Odisha-based Sitaram Swain was awarded the sixth Glenfiddichs Emerging Artist of the Year 2017. ... read..

Punjab Grill Tappa, a 'fun' take on a classic favourite (Foodie Trail-Gurugram)
Gurugram | Sunday, 2017 11:45:04 AM IST
Giving a new twist to a classic is sometimes tolerated, even enjoyed, and sometimes met with harsh criticism. But the Punjab Grill Tappa, an offshoot of the famous North Indian Punjab Grill restaurant chain, is sophisticated and vibrant but still maintain ... read..

Working to improve nightlife in Delhi: Minister
New Delhi | Saturday, 2017 6:45:04 PM IST
In what may turn out to be a good news for the capital's dwellers, Minister of Culture and Tourism Kapil Mishra has said he believes in improving the city's nightlife and that attempts are underway in this direction. ... read..

Where art is a learning, therapy and creative hub (With Images)
New Delhi | Saturday, 2017 1:45:04 PM IST
A magnificently elegant interior dotted with all things artistic -- surreal paintings, graffiti and moving quotations etched on its walls -- houses, to the wonder of many, young and enthusiastic children happily learning tidbits of art. And from whom? No, ... read..

Not just 'Adarsh Bhartiya Nari', Sita was a warrior: Amish Tripathi
New Delhi | Friday, 2017 11:45:04 AM IST
He is the author of the fastest-selling book series in Indian publishing history -- "The Shiva Trilogy" -- and his last book, "Scion of Ikshvaku", was the biggest literary blockbuster of 2015, all of which have together sold over 3.5 million copies. ... read..

A taste of uniqueness for gastronomes in extreme northeast (Foodie Trail-Basar/Arunachl Pradesh)
Basar (Arunachal Pradesh) | Thursday, 2017 12:15:04 PM IST
Starting with the locally-famous "achin pinam" (spiced rice) to smoked beef platters, or the "amin" made out of rice cake and chicken, every dish cooked in Arunachal Pradesh's Basar town gives out a flavour of the hills and wilderness that surrounds the p ... read..

Indo-Kenyan Chef Kiran Jethwa takes TV viewers on spirited journey through India
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2017 11:45:04 AM IST
He's quite a citizen of the world, what with being born in Kenya to an English mother and Indian father, whose roots are in Gujarat, and whose grandmother was from Daman and Diu. Just the right genes for Chef Kiran Jethwa to transport television viewers a ... read..

In Hong Kong, visit a park spread over two islands (Travelogue)
Hong Kong | Monday, 2017 12:45:04 PM IST
You want to feel spoilt for choices of sumptuous street food, shopping options and roller-coaster rides? This oceanarium, a park near the disputed South China Sea in Hong Kong, may just be the right place to visit. ... read..

A mighty poet and playwright, Derek Walcott's death is a striking reality (Tribute)
New Delhi | Saturday, 2017 6:15:04 PM IST
The passing away of Nobel prize winning poet Derek Walcott, the best known writer from the Caribbean internationally, is a great loss to literature and more so to hundreds of thousands of readers from across the globe who were transported to the region as ... read..

Assam's Devadasi dance experiences a slow revival (With Images)
Guwahati | Thursday, 2017 5:45:10 PM IST
In a small town called Pathsala, about 60 km from this principal town of Assam, a mission has been underway for more than half a century. The task at hand is not easy -- revival of the Nati dance of India's outlawed Devadasi tradition. ... read..

Basar: A beguiling getaway from urban monotony
Basar (Arunachal Pradesh) | Thursday, 2017 12:45:04 PM IST
The quaint hill destination of Basar at the centre of Arunachal Pradesh is a place that one often dreams about travelling to, but seldom does it find its way into your itinerary. ... read..

This Ramlila presents an enduring tapestry of communal harmony
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2017 4:45:04 PM IST
Nestled in Uttar Pradeshs glass-factory district of Firozabad is Kheriya, a small village which for over 50 years now has been enacting the hugely popular Ramlila with pomp and fervour. What makes it distinct is that Muslims form the majority of its cast, ... read..

Budget shopping a rewarding, memorable experience in HK (Travelogue) (With images)
Hong Kong | Wednesday, 2017 12:15:04 PM IST
It is easy to remember Hong Kong for its enormous variety of food and leisure, and the way these can be relished in quick time. But for me, Hong Kong is also about neatness, planning, seamless transport and the no-fuss attitude of its street vendors who m ... read..

Protests, ink attacks and trolls have become lethal weapons against writers, intellectuals (Comment)
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2017 11:45:04 AM IST
A day after the BJPs thumping victory in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday, a little-known progressive Kannada writer became the victim of an ink attack in Davangere town by a group of suspected right-wing activists. In gross defiance of the law and freedom of ex ... read..

Savour sub-continental food at Hilton Chennai (Foodie Trail-Chennai)
Chennai | Monday, 2017 1:15:04 PM IST
After India's frontiers got realigned during partition in 1947, the cuisine of the countries beyond our borders got confined within their own boundaries. To overcome that, the Hilton Chennai's Ayna restaurant is hosting an "India-Beyond Borders" food fest ... read..

This 'secret' bookstore in Daryaganj is a bibliophile's paradise
New Delhi | Monday, 2017 12:15:04 PM IST
For those interested in literature, it is a trip down memory lane -- Shakespeare, Shelly, Keats and Dickens -- at this pristine book agency on the famed Daryaganj road in the national capital, which gets transformed into a book lane on Sunday mornings. ... read..

A host of cuisines on offer at Etisalat Beach Canteen (Foodie Trail-Dubai)
Dubai | Saturday, 2017 12:15:04 PM IST
Why does one go to a beach? To relax or to check out water sports, perhaps. But this beach in Dubai has transformed into a dining and entertainment hot-spot with a line-up that includes celebrity chefs, home-grown restaurant concepts and fantastic family- ... read..

Kiosk serving Lebanese specials tops list of Dubai's 'hidden gems' (With Images)
Dubai | Wednesday, 2017 3:15:04 PM IST
Among all things culinary at the ongoing Dubai Food Festival, which has brought tastes from across the globe here, one of the most appealing is the "Hidden Gems of Dubai" in which about 3,500 voters selected the undiscovered culinary treasures of the city ... read..

Through crowd-funding, British mother offers reward for leads to daughter's killers
Panaji | Wednesday, 2017 12:15:04 PM IST
A British mother, in pursuit of justice in India for her slain teenaged daughter for the last nine years, has now resorted to crowd-funding to track down key witnesses and offer a reward for information that could help nail the attackers. ... read..

Varanasi soaked in poll colours ahead of Holi
Varanasi | Monday, 2017 8:15:05 PM IST
Call it Varanasi, Banaras or Kashi -- the city is little bothered about life around and takes it as it comes. But when it comes to politics, everyone has a strong view on the subject. With voting in the state assembly polls due only days ahead of the Holi ... read..

Here no child can say 'this was my playground'!
Shimla | Sunday, 2017 1:15:04 PM IST
No child can turn around and say "this used to be my playground" of the area around the historic Ridge, once the only promenade for the British colonial rulers when this city was their summer capital. ... read..

Will spring, season of flowers, bring new hope in Kashmir? (With Images)
Srinagar | Sunday, 2017 12:15:04 PM IST
Spring, Kashmir's season of a million flowers, butterflies, singing birds, honeybees and murmuring mountain streams charged by winter's plentiful snowfall, is already here. ... read..

Curated 8-course menu, heady wines make for perfect ambience (Foodie Trail - Gurugram)
Gurugram | Thursday, 2017 1:15:04 PM IST
It can't get any more niche than this: A curated eight-course meal, accompanied by four different wines, only on Saturdays, within a tony club, arguably the swishest in this tech hub adjacent to the national capital, restricted to 14 diners and one that d ... read..

'Plight of dogs in India never so bad as it is now'
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2017 11:45:05 AM IST
He is a well known naturalist and conservationist, has served two terms as a trustee of WWF India and has been an honorary wildlife warden in Chennai. And as a lifelong dog lover, he says that the plight of dogs in India has never been as bad as it is tod ... read..

Don't just dine, savour the experience at The Old School Brewhouse (Foodie Trail-Gurugram)
Gurugram | Monday, 2017 12:15:04 PM IST
Plato once truly said that "he was a wise man who invented beer". These hallowed words are given a new meaning at The Old School Brewhouse which makes its own beer and says its brew is more of an experience than just a good ol' mug. ... read..

Born to dance: Raja-Radha Reddy's Kuchipudi taverses 50 years (Arts Feature)
New Delhi | Saturday, 2017 1:15:04 PM IST
The inception of their 50-year-journey was without fanfare and in the face of quite some opposition, but the commitment and passion of iconic dance couple Raja and Radha Reddy brought Kuchipudi on to the cultural map of the world. ... read..

Joy in little things: This exhibition captures hope in mundane everyday life of an Indian metropolis (With Images)
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2017 4:15:05 PM IST
Strolling up and down the streets is a routine affair for all of us but a humble Mumbai-based artist is out to capture hope and positivity that we fail to take note of in our humdrum lives. ... read..

Camaraderie between Rahul, Akhilesh enthuses workers
Jhansi | Monday, 2017 6:45:04 PM IST
Once political rivals, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Akhilesh Yadav seem to be sharing great camaraderie in Uttar Pradesh assembly polls for which their parties have stitched an alliance. ... read..

Landscapes, Solitaire and Graffiti: This exhibition takes a classic look at Paris
New Delhi | Monday, 2017 2:45:04 PM IST
Have you seen the pictures of the iconic Eiffel Tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris? A large ethereal photograph of the 19th century architectural marvel welcomes one to "La Vie A Paris," an exhibition of photographs by Rupin Thomas. The photograph of Eif ... read..

Luxury aficionados turn into Alchemists, create a multi-sensorial experience
New Delhi | Monday, 2017 1:15:05 PM IST
An evening full of fun, frolic and anticipation of what lay ahead was seen here as five luxury aficionados collaborated together to play host to Capital's discerning elite at a multi-sensorial experience -- from exhilarating smells to a decked up bar -- t ... read..

IAF to flag-off 51st edition of India's oldest vintage car rally
New Delhi | Saturday, 2017 2:45:04 PM IST
Some of the rarest beauties of yesteryears are all set to roll out on the roads during the 51st edition of The Statesman Vintage and Classic Car Rally, which will be flagged off by Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa, on February 2 ... read..

Assam hamlet aspires to be India's cleanest
Shikdamakha (Assam) | Tuesday, 2017 1:15:04 PM IST
It's a movement that began during Christmas in 2012 with a competition to select the "cleanest" family in this village. The festival-specific contest in the village, located about 80 km from Assam's largest city Guwahati, has now morphed into the ambition ... read..

Music in blood: Rajasthan's Langhas don't marry into other communities
Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) | Tuesday, 2017 12:45:04 PM IST
As distinctive as their full-throated voices, the Langhas, a Muslim community of folk musicians from Rajasthan, have evolved a rather unique way to preserve their identity for centuries. It's a strict no-no for them to marry into other communities. ... read..

'India's public libraries undergoing revolutionary change'
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2017 11:45:04 AM IST
Images of ill-maintained public libraries -- laden with dust and poor-infrastructure, barely prompting a second visit -- is undergoing a complete makeover thanks to the government's ambitious National Mission on Libraries. ... read..

Majuli aims to be India's first carbon-neutral district (Environmental Feature) (With Images)
Majuli (Assam) | Sunday, 2017 4:15:04 PM IST
It's the world's biggest river island and the first such in India to be declared a district. Now plans are afoot to declare it the country's first carbon-neutral district by 2020. ... read..

Too many lit fests but few takers
New Delhi | Saturday, 2017 11:45:10 PM IST
The last few years have seen a sudden rise of literary festivals across India as well as the rest of South Asia but apart from a handful of them, most struggle not only to draw audience but also to survive. The ongoing Delhi Literature Festival here is no ... read..

It's all about crafts, cuisine at Hunar Haat (With image)
New Delhi | Saturday, 2017 11:45:05 PM IST
An array of delicacies has been spread out along with a huge collection of handicraft items from sarees, shawls to paintings and home decor accessories at the second edition of the "Hunar Haat" which began here on Saturday. ... read..

Vintage car rally season kicks off February 17
New Delhi | Friday, 2017 7:15:04 PM IST
A royal rendezvous with hand-picked Vintage and Classic cars and motorcycles is all set to take us down the memory lane as the the seventh edition of the 21 Gun Salute Vintage Car Rally and Concours Show returns to the Capital later this month. ... read..

Indulge in heavenly exploration of kebabs at The Ancient Barbeque (With Images)
Gurugram | Tuesday, 2017 5:45:05 PM IST
Ever wondered how a dish named drunken fish or wine-glazed mushroom would taste? Head for the ongoing Grills on Fire -- a fiery feast at The Ancient Barbeque (TAB) in this suburb of the national capital where an array of 24 kebabs -- vegan and non-vegan - ... read..

Art as rebellion: A pictorial journey into the Bengal famine (With Images)
New Delhi | Friday, 2017 5:45:25 PM IST
Of Bengals 60.3 million population at the time, estimates are that between 1.5 and 4 million people died of starvation, malnutrition and disease during the famine of 1943. ... read..

In a first, greater flamingoes spotted in Himachal's Pong wetlands
Pong Dam (Himachal Pradesh) | Wednesday, 2017 3:15:05 PM IST
More than 125,000 birds of 93 species have been spotted in Himachal Pradesh's Pong Dam wetlands. Among them, greater flamingoes, a common migratory species in India's coastal areas, have been recorded for the first time here, an official said. ... read..

Savouring the global flavours of barbeques (With Images)
New Delhi | Saturday, 2017 5:45:06 PM IST
One of the most tantalising of all cooking methods, smoking hot barbeque dishes have been an everlasting temptation for connoisseurs and an ongoing food festival that celebrates this spirit brings together American, Oriental, European and our very own Ind ... read..

Enjoy your glass of chhang at Mechukha (Foodie Trail-Arunachal Pradesh)
Mechukha | Monday, 2017 11:45:04 AM IST
If you are planning a trip to this remote valley in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, rest assured you will be welcomed with a glass of chhang, a pungent home-brewed local beer made from millet or rice. ... read..

In Punjab, foreign couples take wedding vows again (With Image)
Chaunni Kalan (Punjab) | Sunday, 2017 4:15:04 PM IST
Fascinated with the colourful Indian weddings, foreign couples are saying their marriage vows in a small village of Punjab's Hoshiarpur district. ... read..

Bountiful and 'snowful', winter reclaims its glory in Kashmir
Srinagar | Thursday, 2017 12:15:04 PM IST
Heaps of snow, razor-sharp icicles, the cackle of low-flying geese and the warmth of families huddled together to ward off the cold -- all these are markers of a great winter in Kashmir. ... read..

More ayurveda chairs to be created abroad: ICCR DG (IANS Interview)
Kolkata | Wednesday, 2017 1:45:04 PM IST
The ICCR, the organisation tasked with projecting the country's heritage and engaging culturally with friendly countries, aims to set up more ayurveda chairs abroad as part of its bid to harness India's soft power as a "potent tool". ... read..

It's comfort food all the way at Taj Palace's Capital Kitchen (Foodie Trail-Delhi)
New Delhi | Sunday, 2017 4:15:04 PM IST
In a city known as a gastronomical heaven with so many multi-cuisine outlets, it is difficult to find delightful fine diners hinging on the concept of comfort foods. There are a couple of them that now offer such heartening fare, and adding to the lot is ... read..

Chandigarh school kids adding strength to 'Wall of Kindness'
Chandigarh | Sunday, 2017 12:45:04 PM IST
It is an act of kindness and gratitude, but veiled in anonymity. ... read..

Cafes, culinary experiments and hashtags: Rulers of the gastronomical world (With Images) (2016 In Retrospect)
New Delhi | Saturday, 2016 3:15:04 PM IST
Sipping a oreo chocolate shake accompanied by a thick chicken patty smashed between buns or experimenting with the flavours of Indian regional cuisine -- a culinary visit to any eat-out remained incomplete without the "foodporn" and "foodgasm" hashtags, m ... read..

Reviving Na Khowa, the festival of feasting in Assam (Societal Feature)
Guwahati | Friday, 2016 1:15:04 PM IST
With the mercury dipping, people in Assam, particularly in the rural areas, are switching to celebration mode with the Na Khowa festival, an age-old ritual of community feasts organised to thank the gods for a good harvest. ... read..

NE designers dipping into diverse attire of regional tribes (With Images)
Mechukha (Arunachal Pradesh) | Wednesday, 2016 12:15:04 PM IST
Weavers and designers from India's northeast are now focusing on creating a greater variety of patterns by incorporating features from the distinctly diverse attire of the large number of tribes in the region to make a dent in the domestic and internation ... read..

In Kerala, the year belonged to CM Pinarayi Vijayan (2016 In Retrospect)
Thiruvananthapuram | Tuesday, 2016 1:15:04 PM IST
In Kerala, the year 2016 belonged to 71-year-old Pinarayi Vijayan who breasted the tape ahead of popular party colleague and arch rival V.S. Achuthanandan in the race to be the Chief Minister -- without even a whimper of protest from any quarter. ... read..

'Go digital' drive brought cyber security to the fore in India (2016 in Retrospect)
New Delhi | Saturday, 2016 1:45:37 PM IST
With the country logging into the digital world to become a cashless economy, the threat of data breach loomed over both public and private enterprises, with several such cases being reported through the year -- forcing the government to wake up from its ... read..

Solar lessons for India from Morocco's Hollywood city (With Images)
Marrakech | Thursday, 2016 1:15:04 PM IST
With Atlas Mountain on one side and the vast Sahara on the other, Ouarzazate -- also known as Morocco's Hollywood, where films like "Gladiator" and TV series "Game of Thrones" were shot -- has become, in a record time of three years, home to the world's l ... read..

Shaken survivors burst into tears on reaching Patna
Patna | Monday, 2016 6:15:04 PM IST
Unlike many other journeys they had undertaken in the past, it was an altogether different kind of experience for the survivors of the Indore-Patna Express derailment at Pukhrayan in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday morning. ... read..

How WhatsApp is giving wings of freedom to housewives (Societal Feature)
New Delhi | Monday, 2016 1:45:04 PM IST
A year ago, when 28-year-old Soma Chatterjee Maiti started using mobile messaging app WhatsApp, she did not know that one day the platform would economically empower her. ... read..

Seychelles: As exotic as it gets (Travelogue)
Victoria (Seychelles) | Monday, 2016 11:45:06 AM IST
It was raining heavily when the inaugural SriLankan Airlines flight from Colombo touched down on the Indian Ocean archipelago nation of Seychelles and one could hardly make out the water cannon salute from inside the aircraft. ... read..

When will children become a political priority, asks Kailash Satyarthi (IANS Interview) (Nov 20 is the UN's Universal Children's Day)
New Delhi | Sunday, 2016 1:45:05 PM IST
Notwithstanding the suffering of the common people, Kailash Satyarthi supports the governments demonetisation move as it will help curb trafficking, but the Nobel laureate and child-rights crusader asserts that unless and until children become a political ... read..

Iconic Bullet roars back on Indian roads (Lifestyle Feature)
Chennai | Sunday, 2016 2:45:04 PM IST
Talk of an aspirational or iconic motorbike in India and the 350cc Enfield Bullet (now Royal Enfield Bullet) chugs straight into our minds. ... read..

Endowed with waterfalls, beaches, mountains, Reunion woos Indian tourists (Travelogue) (With Images)
St. Denis (Reunion Island) | Wednesday, 2016 11:15:04 AM IST
Endowed with beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, spectacular volcanoes and weather that is pleasant for most part of the year, Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is striving to be a preferred destination for Indian tourists. ... read..

Bihari migrants carry home smiles, prosperity for Chhath
Patna | Friday, 2016 7:15:05 PM IST
With four-day 'Chhath' festival underway, it is celebration time in thousands of villages of Bihar. Over a million migrant workers are returning home with broad smiles and pockets full for the festive time with their near and dear ones. ... read..

Crimea: Steeped in history, immensely popular resort (Travelogue)
Yalta (Crimea) | Monday, 2016 1:15:05 PM IST
It's a land that's seen the Charge of the Light Brigade. It's where the Big Three Met at the height of World War II to decide on the final contours of the conflict. It's also been in the news for all the wrong reasons, but that hasn't kept the tourists aw ... read..

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