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Taurine might be a key to longer, healthier life: Research
New York | June 9, 2023 10:10:59 PM IST
According to a recent study headed by Columbia researchers and including hundreds of ageing specialists from across the world, taurine deficiency--a vitamin generated in the body and available in many foods--is a cause of ageing in animals. ... read..

Study finds pre-teen girls who consume fruit juice have healthier diets with no negative weight effects
Washington | June 9, 2023 9:38:21 PM IST
Dr Lynn L. Moore, a Professor of Medicine at Boston University Chobanian and Avedisian School of Medicine, recently published online research in Beverages. Moore and her colleagues discovered that pre-teen girls who drank 100% fruit juice had long-term go ... read..

Study discovers cells linking chronic psychological stress to inflammatory bowel disease
Pennsylvania | June 9, 2023 3:08:30 PM IST
Cells involved in the connection between stress reactions in the brain and inflammation in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract have been discovered in animal models for the first time, according to research from the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman Schoo ... read..

Lifestyle choices increase risk of developing brain tumours: Experts
Bengaluru | Friday, 2023 11:51:23 AM IST
World Brain Tumour Day is an international commemoration day observed annually on June 8 with an aimsto raise awareness about brain tumours and to educate people about the signs and symptoms of the disease. Experts opine that lifestyle choices increase th ... read..

Conversion via app case shows how children get swayed by virtual world
Ghaziabad | Friday, 2023 11:51:14 AM IST
The case of religious conversion using the Fortnite gaming app, wherein children were allegedly motivated and encouraged to read verses of the Quran and offer Namaz to "win games" before eventually they embraced Islam, has once again drawn attention towar ... read..

New FDA approved antiviral shows promise for kidney transplant patients
New York | Friday, 2023 11:51:14 AM IST
The recently approved antiviral Letermovir for the treatment of cytomegalovirus infections (CMV) has also shown promise for kidney transplant patients, who are more susceptible to the virus, according to results of a phase-III clinical trial. ... read..

High carb & fat food 'silently' driving fatty liver disease in India: Experts
New Delhi | Friday, 2023 11:51:13 AM IST
While alcohol is known to damage the liver, less activity coupled with high intake of carb and fat food is silently driving an epidemic of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in India, said experts here on the occasion of International NASH Day on Thursday. ... read..

NMC renews 5-yr recognition for two TN govt medical colleges
Chennai | Friday, 2023 11:51:13 AM IST
Tamil Nadu Health Minister, Ma Subramanian has said that the National Medical Commission (NMC) has allowed the Government Stanley Medical College and the Government Dharmapuri Medical College to continue to operate and allowed admission for undergraduate ... read..

Long Covid can impact fatigue, quality of life worse than some cancers: Study
London | Friday, 2023 11:51:10 AM IST
Covid-19 survivors suffer immensely from fatigue in their daily lives, which affects their life quality more than some cancers, finds a new study. ... read..

SC notice to UP on bail plea of octogenarian jailed in 4-decade-old milk adulteration case
New Delhi | Friday, 2023 11:51:10 AM IST
The Supreme Court on Thursday sought response from the Uttar Pradesh government on a plea by an octogenarian man seeking bail in a milk adulteration case, in which he was convicted nearly four decades ago. ... read..

Indian-origin nurse charged in death of 7-year-old in UK hospital
London | Friday, 2023 11:51:10 AM IST
An Indian-origin nurse appeared in court for allegedly killing a seven-year-old boy at a private children's hospital in Britain in 2016 by switching off his vital breathing device. ... read..

Three studies show walking & yoga can reduce cancer spread, recurrence
New York | Friday, 2023 11:51:07 AM IST
Walking for half an hour daily as well as practising a soft form of yoga can help curb spread of the cancer to other body parts as well as stop its return, claimed three new studies. ... read..

Brain tumour cases rising 'steadily' in India, 20% are children: Doctors
New Delhi | Friday, 2023 11:51:02 AM IST
Brain tumour cases are rising 'steadily' in India, and children account for 20 per cent of the increasing cases, say doctors here on the occasion of World Brain Tumour Day on Thursday. ... read..

Covid can fuse brain cells leading to brain fog, headaches: Study
Sydney | Friday, 2023 11:50:57 AM IST
Viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, which caused Covid-19, can cause brain cells to fuse, initiating malfunctions that lead to chronic neurological symptoms, according to an international team of researchers. ... read..

Study reveals how devastating heart conditions can be reversed
London | June 8, 2023 4:11:58 PM IST
In an extraordinary example presented by a team at UCL (University College London) and the Royal Free Hospital, three men who experienced heart failure caused by the buildup of sticky, poisonous proteins are now free of symptoms. ... read..

Socially adept monkeys have superior impulse control: Study
England | June 8, 2023 4:11:16 PM IST
Non-human primates have been used by researchers to test one of the theories put up to explain how humanity developed to become smarter. ... read..

Researchers reveal seizures while driving, it's important to diagnose epilepsy
Minneapolis | June 8, 2023 4:11:10 PM IST
According to a new study, 5 per cent of persons with focal epilepsy had a seizure while driving prior to being diagnosed with epilepsy. ... read..

Scientists inch closer to develop long-lasting swine flu vax
New York | Thursday, 2023 12:51:24 PM IST
Scientists have successfully conducted a long-term experiment with live hogs -- a domesticated swine -- that may be another step closer to achieving a safe, long-lasting and potentially universal vaccine against swine flu. ... read..

Ozempic frenzy sweeping through China as diabetes drug touted for weight loss
Hong Kong | Thursday, 2023 12:51:23 PM IST
Ozempic, originally a medication for treating diabetes, is in high demand worldwide with celebrities and social media users touting it as a miracle drug for weight loss. Now the frenzy is sweeping through China, where being "wafer thin" is a prevailing be ... read..

Raj girl's documentary 'When Climate Change Turns Violent' wins WHO award
Jaipur | Thursday, 2023 12:51:14 PM IST
A documentary titled 'When Climate Change Turns Violent' has won a special prize in the 'Health for All' category at the 4th Annual Health for All Film Festival held at the World Healtth Organization headquarters in Geneva. ... read..

Karnataka HC dismisses gynaecologist's plea to quash FIR
Bengaluru | Thursday, 2023 12:51:14 PM IST
The Karnataka High Court has dismissed the plea of a gynaecologist for quashing the FIR against him, registered under the Pocso Act, for allegedly failing to report the incident of a sexual assault on minor to the police. ... read..

Delhi HC annuls appointment of Medical Director of BSA Hospital
New Delhi | Thursday, 2023 12:51:14 PM IST
The Delhi High Court has quashed the appointment of Dr Navneet Goel as the Medical Director of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital in the capital, holding that the Delhi government's Health Department had created the position without following the proper proce ... read..

New York tops New Delhi in air pollution level
New York | Thursday, 2023 12:51:14 PM IST
The US financial capital's air hit the world's worst air pollution level for cities on Tuesday night topping New Delhi, prompting New York Mayor Erid Adams to issue an alert asking people to limit outdoor activities. ... read..

Meta urged to pull recalled pillows linked to 10 infant deaths from FB Marketplace
San Francisco | Thursday, 2023 12:51:11 PM IST
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has urged Meta, the parent company of Facebook, to remove recalled Boppy pillows from its Marketplace platform, which have been linked to 10 infant deaths. ... read..

Global Alzheimer's disease market to reach $13.7bn by 2030: Report
New Delhi | Thursday, 2023 12:51:10 PM IST
The Alzheimer's disease market is projected to experience robust growth at a compound annual growth rate of 20 per cent from $2.2 billion in 2020 to $13.7 billion in 2030, according to a report on Wednesday. ... read..

Acclaimed Gujarat cardiologist dies of heart attack at 41
Jamnagar | Thursday, 2023 12:51:08 PM IST
Gujarat's medical fraternity and the city of Jamnagar mourn the demise of Dr Gaurav Gandhi, a renowned cardiologist, who passed away due to a sudden heart attack on Tuesday, at the age of 41. ... read..

ChatGPT performs poorly at US' urologists exam
New York | Thursday, 2023 12:51:07 PM IST
The much acclaimed OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot has failed a urologist exam in the US, according to a study. ... read..

Punjab CM dedicates 35th mother and childcare centre
Chandigarh | Thursday, 2023 12:51:07 PM IST
In a step aimed at imparting quality health services to people, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Wednesday dedicated the 35th mother and childcare centre within a year. ... read..

Daily beetroot juice may boost heart health in angina patients: Study
London | Thursday, 2023 12:51:06 PM IST
Drinking beetroot juice every day for six months after having a stent fitted reduced the chance of angina patients having a heart attack or needing a repeat procedure, according to a study, led by an Indian-origin researcher. ... read..

Rising cataract surgeries driving artificial lens market growth: Report
New York | Thursday, 2023 12:51:02 PM IST
Market for Intraocular lens (IOL) or tiny artificial lens that replace clouded natural lenses are expected to grow nearly $5.0 billion in 2033 from $4.1 billion in 2022, according to a report on Wednesday. ... read..

Woman, baby infected with monkeypox after returning to SL from Dubai
Colombo | Thursday, 2023 12:51:00 PM IST
The Sri Lankan Health Ministry on Wednesday announced that a woman and her baby have been infected with monkeypox upon their return from Dubai. ... read..

AI outperforms standard risk model for predicting breast cancer: Study
New York | Thursday, 2023 12:51:00 PM IST
Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms can outperform the standard clinical risk model for predicting the five-year risk for breast cancer according to a large study of thousands of mammograms. ... read..

Medical camps for special children in UP
Lucknow | Thursday, 2023 12:50:59 PM IST
The Uttar Pradesh government is planning to organise medical assessment camps for differently abled children in secondary schools to provide them easier access to medical tests, advice and disability certificates. ... read..

Centre, states urged to increase number of endometriosis health experts
Hyderabad | Thursday, 2023 12:50:57 PM IST
The Endometriosis Foundation of India, headquartered at Hyderabad, has called for urging the state and central governments and Medical institutes to increase endometriosis health experts in the country to diagnose and treat more than 4.2 crore patients. ... read..

Delhi to adopts helium leakage detection technology to address contaminated water issue
New Delhi | Thursday, 2023 12:50:55 PM IST
The Delhi government has decided to employ helium leakage detection technology to easily identify any leaks in the water pipeline. ... read..

Covid mRNA vax safe, has no serious side effects in infants: Study
New York | Thursday, 2023 11:59:50 AM IST
Covid-19 mRNA vaccines given to young children (most of them age 4 and younger) are safe and showed no indications of serious side effects, according to a review of more than 245,000 doses. ... read..

Pregnant woman operated upon by nurse on video call with doctor dies during surgery
Patna | Thursday, 2023 11:59:43 AM IST
A bid to replicate a subplot of Bollywood blockbuster '3 Idiots' in real life -- by operating a pregnant woman with the aide of a gynaecologist on a video call -- met a tragic end, unlike in the movie, as the patient in Bihar's Purnea district died late o ... read..

Thwarted malware attack on e-Hospital services, no data breach: AIIMS
New Delhi | Thursday, 2023 11:59:39 AM IST
India's premier health institution, AIIMS New Delhi, said on Tuesday that it thwarted a malware attack on its eHospital services and the systems were working normally. The government also denied any cyber breach. ... read..

Power to grant bail on medical grounds in PMLA case discretionary: Delhi HC
New Delhi | Thursday, 2023 11:59:36 AM IST
The Delhi High Court observed that the power to grant bail on medical grounds under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) is discretionary and should be exercised carefully, ensuring the existence of necessary circumstances justifying such a decis ... read..

World not on track to achieve SDG 7 for energy: Report
New Delhi | Thursday, 2023 11:59:36 AM IST
A report compiled by the International Energy Agency (IEA), International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), World Bank, and World Health Organization (WHO) on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) was released on Tue ... read..

Baby born from uterus transplanted & implanted via robot in world first
Stockholm | Thursday, 2023 11:59:35 AM IST
In a world first, a baby boy has been born following a uterus transplantation achieved solely by robot-assisted surgery on both donor and recipient. ... read..

Brain tumour: Early detection is key to faster prognosis, say doctors
New Delhi | Thursday, 2023 11:59:35 AM IST
Early detection of brain tumour is vital, as it can accelerate treatment and help lead to morbidity free survival, said doctors on Tuesday. ... read..

Gardening, cycling may help 'fight off' genetic risk of Type 2 diabetes
Sydney | Thursday, 2023 11:59:31 AM IST
Indulging in moderate-to vigorous-intensity physical activity like gardening, dancing, cycling could lower the risk of Type-2 diabetes, even in people with a high genetic risk of developing the medical condition, new research has revealed. ... read..

Addressing mental, vision health next frontier: Indian-origin Apple Health VP
Cupertino (California) | Thursday, 2023 11:59:27 AM IST
Indian-origin Sumbul Desai, Apple's Vice President of Health, has emphasised that the next goal for the company is to help users improve their mental and vision health. ... read..

Covid variant, severity determines cardiac dysfunction later
New York | Thursday, 2023 11:59:26 AM IST
Patients infected with Beta and Delta Covid-19 variants, and those who required hospital stays for the infection, are more likely to experience heart issues associated with long Covid, according to a recent study. ... read..

Australian influenza cases increase as winter approaches
Canberra | Thursday, 2023 11:59:23 AM IST
Australia's influenza cases have soared by more than 40 per cent over two weeks as the nation heads into winter. ... read..

Doing good for others is beneficial to children's emotional, physical health: Study
Washington | June 7, 2023 10:08:17 PM IST
According to a recent UTHealth Houston study, children and teenagers who volunteer tend to flourish both mentally and physically. ... read..

Social participation promotes optimal ageing in older adults: Research
Toronto | June 7, 2023 9:40:35 PM IST
A new study monitored over 7000 middle-aged and older Canadians for three years to see if higher levels of social activity were connected with good ageing in later life. They discovered that people who participated in volunteer work and leisure activities ... read..

Sabotage, collusion might be derailing your weight loss journey: Study
England | June 7, 2023 9:40:30 PM IST
A recent study from the University of Surrey suggests that family members and close friends may be working together to thwart your efforts to lose weight. The study adds to a growing body of research that contends not all forms of social assistance have b ... read..

Worm genetics reveals key pathways for sleep regulation: Study
Washington | June 7, 2023 9:10:33 PM IST
Although the brain is thought to manage sleep regulation--how much, when, and how much sleep occurs--sleep deprivation affects the body, and signals from the body can affect sleep. The mechanisms by which the body regulates sleep, on the other hand, remai ... read..

Drinking beetroot juice linked to reduced risk of heart attacks in angina patients with stents: Study
London | June 7, 2023 2:09:34 PM IST
Consuming beetroot juice daily for six months following the placement of a stent decreased the likelihood that angina patients would experience a heart attack or require a repeat treatment, according to recent research presented at the British Cardiovascu ... read..

Premature, low birthweight newborns suffer fewer fractures than others: Study
Washington | June 6, 2023 9:40:26 PM IST
According to a recent study from the University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital, pre-term and low birthweight children suffer fewer fractures in childhood than full-term and normal-weight neonates. The Finnish register-based cohort resea ... read..

Study finds defibrillators used in just one out of ten cardiac arrests
London | June 6, 2023 9:10:49 PM IST
According to new research presented at the British Cardiovascular Society Conference in Manchester, defibrillators are used in only one out of every ten cardiac arrests where lifesaving devices are available. ... read..

Poorly insulated nerve cells promote Alzheimer's disease in old age: Study
Washington | June 6, 2023 9:10:38 PM IST
Alzheimer's disease, an irreversible type of dementia, is the most common neurological illness in the world. Age is the most important risk factor for Alzheimer's disease, although why is unknown. Myelin, the insulating membrane that surrounds nerve cells ... read..

Menopausal vascular fat may protect against dementia later in life: Study
Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) | June 6, 2023 11:10:35 AM IST
A study added to the evidence that the menopausal transition is a critical time for women and their doctors to focus on heart health, which protects their brain health. ... read..

Can exercise reduce a person's genetic susceptibility to disease?
Sydney | June 6, 2023 2:10:56 AM IST
According to recent studies, even those with a high genetic risk of getting type 2 diabetes can reduce their risk by staying active. ... read..

Study reveals deadly heart attacks more common on Monday
Manchester | June 5, 2023 11:38:03 PM IST
According to new data presented at the British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) conference in Manchester, serious heart attacks are more likely to occur at the start of the working week than at any other time. ... read..

Can exercise help to reduce genetic disease risk?
Washington | June 5, 2023 11:10:01 PM IST
According to new research, being physically active can reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes even in persons who have a high hereditary risk of having the disease. ... read..

Talking to your baby will boost brain development: Researchers
Texas | June 5, 2023 11:09:59 PM IST
A team led by a University of Texas at Dallas neurodevelopment researcher has discovered some of the most solid evidence yet that parents who communicate with their children boost their babies' brain development. ... read..

Study finds women taking oral estrogen hormones have increased risk of high blood pressure
Washington | June 5, 2023 3:41:22 PM IST
According to research, women aged 45 and more who used oestrogen hormone treatment in tablet form were more likely to develop high blood pressure than those who used transdermal (topically applied to the skin) or vaginal formulations. ... read..

Married men less prone to workplace burnout: Study
Moscow | Monday, 2023 10:54:31 AM IST
Men who are married are less likely to feel burnout at the workplace, suggests a study. ... read..

UP doctors told to prescribe only generic medicines
Lucknow | Monday, 2023 10:54:27 AM IST
The government doctors in Uttar Pradesh have been told to prescribe only generic drugs to patients as per the new guidelines issued by the medical health department. ... read..

New treatment delivers 'cold-blooded' death to tumours, cancer cells
Mumbai | Monday, 2023 10:54:26 AM IST
In a new development in cancer treatment, a Mumbai company has brought the Cryoablation technology from Israel to give a precise, cold-blooded death to most kinds of tumours and/or cancers. ... read..

Tribal woman delivers birth in ambulance in Kerala's Idukki
Thiruvananthapuram | Monday, 2023 10:54:23 AM IST
A tribal woman in Kerala's Idukki gave birth to a baby boy in an ambulance on Sunday, while on way to a hospital in Adimali, officials said. ... read..

Study finds common sleep hormone pill can worsen bowel inflammation
Sao Paulo | Monday, 2023 10:54:22 AM IST
Despite its antioxidant effects and role in regulating sleep cycles, melatonin, popularly known as the "sleep hormone", can worsen inflammation of the intestine and impair the action of gut microbiota, warned a study. ... read..

Vegan men considered less suitable for 'masculine jobs': Study
London | Monday, 2023 10:54:20 AM IST
Men who stated their dietary preferences as vegan in their job application were considered less "masculine" and thus are not likely to be hired, according to a study. ... read..

New low-cost clip can monitor BP using your smartphone's camera
New York | Monday, 2023 10:54:19 AM IST
US engineers have developed a simple, low-cost clip that uses a smartphone's camera and flash to monitor blood pressure at the user's fingertip. ... read..

US to temporarily import Chinese cancer drug to ease shortage
Washington | Monday, 2023 10:54:18 AM IST
In a bid to ease the ongoing shortage of chemotherapy in the US, the country's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed for a temporary import of the cancer drug made in China. ... read..

New combination therapy cuts risk of breast cancer returning by 25%
New York | Monday, 2023 10:54:17 AM IST
Adding a novel drug to hormone therapy can help block the return of the most common form of breast cancer by 25 per cent, according to a study. ... read..

Threat of pandemics far from over: Minister Bharati Pawar at G20 meet
Hyderabad | Monday, 2023 10:54:15 AM IST
Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Bharati Pravin Pawar has said that the threat of pandemics is far from over and called for integrating and strengthening One Health-based surveillance system. ... read..

Aussie state issues alert for meningococcal disease
Sydney | Monday, 2023 10:54:14 AM IST
Australia's New South Wales Ministry of Health (NSW Health) on Sunday issued a warning over meningococcal disease, urging locals to stay alert for related symptoms, after three cases have been recently reported across the state. ... read..

New treatment shows promise for some women with cervical cancer
Toronto | Monday, 2023 10:54:12 AM IST
A simple hysterectomy, a surgical procedure where the uterus and cervix is removed, is a safe treatment option that can improve quality of life for women with early-stage, low-risk cervical cancer, according to results from the phase III clinical trial. ... read..

Odisha train tragedy: Team of expert doctors to arrive from Delhi
Bhubaneswar | Monday, 2023 10:54:11 AM IST
A team of expert doctors along with medical equipment and medicines from New Delhi will reach Odisha to provide quality care to the critically injured in the tragic 3-train accident in Odisha. ... read..

Over 1.58 cr people screened under Telangana's eye test programme
Hyderabad | Monday, 2023 10:54:11 AM IST
More than 1.58 crore people underwent eye tests so far under the second phase of Telangana government's ambitious Kanti Velugu, billed as the world's largest eye screening programme. ... read..

Kannada actress Prema walks the ramp with cancer survivors to spread positivity
Bangalore | Monday, 2023 10:54:10 AM IST
Kannada actress Prema took a ramp walk with cancer survivors to spread the message of courage and positivity about beating the dreaded and stigmatised disease in Bengaluru on the occasion of the National Cancer Survivors' Day. ... read..

New drug delays progression of deadly brain cancer
California | June 5, 2023 9:38:14 AM IST
A new targeted therapy medicine can extend the amount of time people with a subtype of glioma are on treatment without their cancer worsening, according to an international trial co-led by UCLA. The discovery provides a potential new therapeutic option fo ... read..

Study investigates link between healthy lifestyle and death from osteoarthritis
Zurich | June 4, 2023 9:37:47 PM IST
In a study using data from the UK Biobank, 104,142 osteoarthritis patients were evaluated to determine the association between combined healthy lifestyle features and the risk of all-cause and cause-specific death. ... read..

Adding ribociclib to hormone therapy improves outcomes for patients with early breast cancer: Study
California | June 4, 2023 7:37:54 PM IST
A study found that patients with early hormone-receptor (HR) positive/HER2 negative breast cancer had a significant advantage in invasive disease-free survival when ribociclib, a targeted therapy medicine, was added to hormone treatment. ... read..

Study identifies potential targets for treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases in teens
Washington | June 4, 2023 6:39:50 PM IST
The brain undergoes continual change throughout development and adolescence. Early adulthood is a common time for the onset of neuropsychiatric disorders like schizophrenia. The dopamine system, which is necessary for thinking clearly and making decisions ... read..

Study sheds light on molecular mechanism that prevents cancer
Swindon | June 4, 2023 4:08:15 PM IST
Researchers have identified a key process in cell death that prevents cancer from spreading through a distinct molecular mechanism of the disease's early stages. The study was published in 'Science Advances'. ... read..

Study finds details on molecular mechanism that prevents cancer
Swindon | June 3, 2023 4:11:39 PM IST
Researchers have identified a key process in cell death that stops cancer from spreading through a distinct molecular mechanism of the early stages of the disease. ... read..

Study finds how immune system detection could benefit spinal cord injuries
Charlottesville | June 3, 2023 2:09:31 AM IST
The capacity of the immune system to respond to spinal cord injuries declines with ageing, according to new research, which also reveals potential ways to enhance that response and speed up patient recovery. ... read..

Study says memory killer cells can improve melanoma patients' chances of survival
Health | June 3, 2023 2:09:29 AM IST
Solna [Sweden] June 3 (ANI) Specialised long-lasting killer cells are present in our skin and serve as a defence against invaders. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have now determined how the ... read..

Study predicts the effects of genetic mutations on RNA formation
Munich | June 3, 2023 2:09:17 AM IST
A research team from Munich has created an algorithm that predicts the effects of genetic mutations on RNA formation six times more precisely than previous models. As a result, the genetic causes of rare hereditary diseases and cancer can now be pinpointe ... read..

Managing asymptomatic high blood pressure linked to cardiac, kidney injury
Washington | June 2, 2023 12:09:58 PM IST
In hospitalised patients, blood pressure is routinely monitored. Severe hypertension can cause a heart attack, stroke, or damage to blood arteries and organs such as the heart, brain, kidneys, and eyes. Most hospitalised people, on the other hand, have tr ... read..

Deep brain stimulation while sleeping improves memory: Study
Washington | June 2, 2023 12:09:54 PM IST
While it is well known that sleep is important for memory consolidation, scientists are still attempting to figure out how this process occurs in the brain overnight. ... read..

Grief may increase risk of heart problems: Study
Washington | June 2, 2023 12:09:52 PM IST
Losing loved ones may have a significant impact on both psychological and physical health. The University of Arizona researched the influence of grief on heart function and discovered that intense grieving might induce a significant increase in blood pres ... read..

Eye drops slow nearsightedness progression in children: Research
Ohio | June 2, 2023 12:09:47 PM IST
According to the findings of recent clinical research, the first medication therapy to reduce the onset of nearsightedness in children may be on the horizon. ... read..

Study examines connection between healthy living and osteoarthritis mortality
Health | June 2, 2023 12:08:06 AM IST
Zurich [Switzerland] June 1 (ANI) This study examined the relationship between individual and combination healthy lifestyle characteristics and the risk of all-cause and cause-specific death among 104,142 osteoarthritis patients using data from the UK Bio ... read..

Liver dialysis device proved safe, effective for treating severe liver failure: Research
Washington | June 1, 2023 6:40:22 PM IST
Researchers from UCL, the Royal Free Hospital, UCL spin-out Yaqrit, and their colleagues have completed the first successful in-patient study of liver dialysis. ... read..

Study shows healthy kidneys despite high blood pressure
Berlin | June 1, 2023 12:09:05 AM IST
Scientists found that unless you happen to have a PDE3A gene mutation, high blood pressure eventually damages the kidneys. ... read..

Study finds 1 in 3 adults with Type 2 diabetes have undetected cardiovascular disease
Texas | May 31, 2023 7:40:15 PM IST
One-third of Type 2 diabetic adults may have undiagnosed cardiovascular disease. In persons with Type 2 diabetes compared to those without Type 2 diabetes, elevated levels of two protein biomarkers that signify heart damage were linked to undiagnosed or s ... read..

New health indicators to determine well-being: Study
Lausanne | May 31, 2023 4:38:29 PM IST
During the Covid-19 outbreak, shortly after 'lockdown' and 'quarantine,' the term 'well-being' entered public parlance. We rapidly noticed that our well-being suffered as a result of our inability to go for walks, socialise, and work. Health became more t ... read..

Study finds how obesity increases mental disorders risk throughout life
Vienna | May 30, 2023 9:09:33 PM IST
Obesity increases the likelihood of having mental illnesses considerably. This applies to all age groups, with women having a higher risk of most diseases than males, according to a recent study conducted by the Complexity Science Hub and the Medical Univ ... read..

Low-flavanol diet may drive age-related memory loss, finds study
Washington | May 30, 2023 4:09:05 PM IST
A large-scale study led by Columbia and Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard researchers is the first to show that a diet deficient in flavanols (nutrients found in some fruits and vegetables) may contribute to age-related memory loss. ... read..

'Artificial pancreas' lowers disease management burden for diabetic people: Study
Washington | May 30, 2023 4:08:33 PM IST
Type 1 diabetes affects 46.3 million individuals globally, with an annual rise of roughly 3 per cent. To avoid peripheral illnesses caused by extremes of high or low blood sugar, insulin demands must be carefully calculated and administered regularly. ... read..

Afternoon exercise linked with greater improvements in blood sugar levels for type 2 diabetes patients: Study
Washington | May 30, 2023 3:09:10 PM IST
Researchers from the Brigham and Joslin Diabetes Centre discovered that participants who were physically active in the afternoon had lower blood sugar levels than those who were most active at other times of day in an examination of the Look AHEAD project ... read..

Study discovers how new blood serum test detect neurodegenerative disorder
Tokyo | May 29, 2023 11:10:58 PM IST
Synucleinopathies are neurodegenerative disorders caused by an aberrant accumulation of a-synuclein, a protein present in the brain and neurons. Incorrect a-synuclein folding results in the production of'seeds,' which attract more a-synuclein proteins to ... read..

Study finds how excessive salt consumption associated with cognitive disorders, high blood pressure
Tokyo | May 29, 2023 9:09:16 PM IST
Dementia is described as a loss of cognitive functioning, which included thinking, remembering, and reasoning, and it is quite common in Japan. At the moment, treatment satisfaction for dementia is among the lowest, and no medication therapy to cure the c ... read..

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