Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Global appliances giant Hisense announces series of Next Gen Side-by-Side Refrigerators in India; to be available 29th Sept 2020 onwards
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- Unveils the all new next generation French Door Flagship Model at INR 54999/-

- The new range of 7 SKU's, including French Door, Side-by-Side, Single Door and Top Freezer refrigerators, is priced between INR 6999 and INR 64999

- The new models to be available from 29th Sept. on Amazon, Flipkart and Reliance Digital

NEW DELHI, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hisense, a global leader in consumer home appliances and electronics, announces the launch of its new range of next-gen refrigerators in India, today. The range includes four categories - the French Door, Side-by-Side, Top Freezer and Single Door, with a capacity range between 44L and 690L. The brand will offer a 1-year warranty on the refrigerators and a 10-year warranty on the inverter compressor. These will be available starting September 29th, 2020 on Amazon, Flipkart and Reliance Digital.

On the launch, Mr. Rishi Tandon, COO Hisense India, commented, "With the launch of Side-by-Side and French Door big capacity refrigerators, we are providing Indian consumers the power to choose and upgrade at reasonable prices, and are reinventing a segment   in the market which has limited options currently. Globally, Hisense is an aspirational premium brand that is involved in continuous technology innovation and customer-oriented development of products. The new Side- by-Side range that we are launching is the result of an integration of Global and Indian Insights. This has resulted in features that have been designed for the Indian consumers who aspire for more. We focus on the product's cutting-edge technology, superior performance, elegant and sophisticated design, and enduring reliability, ensuring nothing is ever compromised"

Price and Offer Details:



Capacity (L)

Brief Specifications

Introductory Prices INR

French Door

BCD 440W


Bigger Width Bigger Storage, My Fresh Choice: Convertible Section, Total No Frost, Dual Tech Cooling, Triple Cooling Zones, Super Freeze, Moisture Fresh Crisper, Inverter Compressor, Sleek Water Dispenser, Bigger Drawers, XXL Door Balcony, Removable Twist Ice Maker, 6-Zone Storage, Easy Approach Drawers, Holiday Mode



BCD 636W


Total No Frost, Multi Air Flow, Super Freeze, Moisture Fresh Crisper, Bigger Drawers, XXL Door Balcony, Twist Ice Maker, Bright LED Lighting, Premium Aesthetics


BCD 518W


Total No Frost, Multi Air Flow, Super Freeze, Moisture Fresh Crisper, Sleek Water Dispenser, Bigger Drawers, XXL Door Balcony, Removable Twist Ice Maker, Bright LED Lighting, Premium Aesthetics


Top Freezer

BCD 375W


Total No Frost, Surround Cooling System, Deodorizing Filter, Moisture Fresh Crisper, Easy Approach Pantry, Adjustable Door Balcony, One Line Handle, 90 Degree Door Design, LED Lighting, Sleek & Elegant Design


Single Door

BC 176


Fresh Zone, Fast Freezer Zone, Door Balcony, Safety Glass Shelves, Smart Lighting System, Premium Aesthetics


BC 92


Small Fridge Big Space, Freezer Section, Adjustable Temperature Control, Safety Glass Shelves, Reversible Door, Recessed Handle, Premium Aesthetics


BC 46


Small Fridge Big Space, Chiller Zone, Reversible Door, Recessed Handle, Premium Aesthetics


The refrigerators are being launched as a part of Say Hi to the Amazing Hisense launch campaign #BeAmazed on, Flipkart and Reliance Digital.

The consumers can access detailed specifications and features of the Hisense refrigerators on its official website- The website also includes details of the entire range of Televisions and Air Conditioners, in addition to the launch details of its upcoming products and brand- related information. The product launch is further backed by a strong national service network of 450 service centers, catering to 18500+ pin codes to ensure the best after sales service for its customers.  YouTube Link:

Product Information

With a mission to deliver an enhanced customer experience that exceeds expectations with every product, Hisense has introduced big capacity refrigerators at extremely reasonable prices. The 7 SKU's of premium next-gen refrigerators comprise of four categories - Single door, French Door, Side-by-Side and Top Freezer. Each product stands tall on four major pillars:

Amazing Freshness

The Dual-Tech Cooling system guarantees ideal humidity levels for an odor-free refrigerator and prolonged freshness of the stored food. The innovative My Fresh Choice section allows  user to change temperature settings according to the needs of their favorite food.

Amazing Cooling

The innovative fridge has multiple air vents that evenly distribute cool air in every corner of the fridge. The combination of advanced technology guarantees ideal temperature and humidity levels throughout. With just the touch of a button, the super cool function will lower the temperature to - 24℃ and assure quick cooling of food and drinks.

Amazing Design

The delicate black stainless steel panel, exquisite metal texture, stylish and smooth lines, redefine the texture of the kitchen, making it look more noble and innate. The recessed handle is the most elegant which makes it an optimal choice for a great refrigerator with minimalistic design. With a brushed design, it is a functional solution that offers an easy and a soft experience while opening the doors and drawers.

Amazing Space

A sleek water dispenser is seamlessly integrated into the flat door of the refrigerator. The advanced LED system lights up every corner of the fridge. The refrigerator comes with an XXL Door Balcony as well, for easy storage of larger items like tall bottles.

BCD-440W - French Door Refrigerator

With the capacity of 507L, the flagship model of the Hisense Refrigerator range has the following features

Bigger Width Storage

With its perfect width of 680mm, and counter depth, this exquisite refrigerator requires minimum space, yet offers a large storage capacity. Due to modern flat door design, it fits perfectly into any kitchen.

My Fresh Choice

The innovative My Fresh Choice drawer allows user to change temperature settings according to their favorite food from -5 C to -18 C.

Total No Frost

More advanced than a regular frost-free, the innovative Total No Frost Technology from Hisense circulates cold air evenly throughout the fridge and freezer to prevent buildup of ice crystals, so there's never a need for manual defrost.

Dual-Tech Cooling

The Dual-Tech Cooing system guarantees ideal humidity levels for an odor-free refrigerator and prolonged freshness of the stored food. By assuring different humidity levels in the cooling and freezer compartments, it prevents any mixing of odors and maintains a perfect climate in each part of the fridge.

Super Freeze

The super free function rapidly lowers the temperature of the freezer, freezing the food in a trice. This locks all the vitamins and nutrition, preserving the food items for a much longer duration.

Moisture Fresh Crisper

Two separate Moisture Fresh Crisper drawers, with slider, enables quick and easy setting of the perfect humidity level to keep the food fresh and vital for long time.

Inverter Technology

Fridges with inverter technology can help in saving energy. Inverter technology measures the conditions inside the fridge and manages the output accordingly. It also ensures a more stable temperature inside to extend the life of the refrigerator.

Sleek Water Dispenser

A sleek water dispenser is seamlessly integrated into the flat door of the refrigerator. Just pour fresh water into the water tank and enjoy chilled water, anytime.

XXL Door Balcony and Bigger Drawers

Taller items like 2-litre soda bottles, or two layers of regular bottles, can easily be accommodated in the large door pockets. The bigger drawers provide an extra storage space for all the food and vegetables.

6- Zone Storage

There are six separate freezer drawers with a My Fresh Choice compartment for effortlessly categorized storage space for frozen foods.

Holiday Mode

With this mode, the fridge compartment will set the temperature to 15 C which will save the energy consumption and the growth of microorganisms with bad flavor.

BCD 518W and BCD 636W- The Side-by-Side Refrigerator Range

The BCD 518W with a capacity of 566L and BCD 636W with a capacity of 690L have the following amazing features:

Total No Frost

More advanced than ordinary frost-free, the innovative Total No Frost Technology from Hisense circulates cold air throughout your fridge and freezer to prevent ice crystals from forming͕, so there is no need to manually defrost.

Multi Air Flow

The even distribution of cold air achieved by the Hisense Multi Air Flow System ensures that an optimum temperature is consistently maintained throughout your fridge and freezer, keeping food chilled to perfection, no matter where it is placed

LED Lighting

Brighter and more efficient than standard incandescent fridge bulbs, LED lighting allows  user to see the contents of their fridge more clearly, while also saving energy.

Extra Space

The Extra Space drawer provides enough space to store bulkier items. The transparent design makes sure  one can see what's inside clearly.

XXL Door Balcony

Thanks to the XXL Door Balcony, there is plenty of space to store large, bottled beverages and other items in the fridge door, freeing up space in the rest of the fridge.

Fast Freeze

The Hisense Super Cool and Super Freeze functions rapidly stabilise the temperature of the food as soon as you've put it in your fridge or freezer, keeping it fresher for longer

Sleek Water Dispenser

Available in the 518 model, this new water dispenser design is minimalist and very slim. It is seamlessly integrated with the door and also saves more space for food.

Removable Twist Ice Maker

Thanks to the Twist Ice Maker,  user  simply  has to twist the knob and the ice cubes will fall to the tray without adhering to one another.

BCD375 with Top Freezer

With a total capacity of 411l the refrigerator is equipped with:-

Total No Frost Technology

With Total No Frost technology, there is no ice build-up in the appliance, making defrosting a thing of past. It will also keep your food fresh and nutritious for a longer time.

One Line Handle

Different from the conventional appearance, this product has a new one-line handle design for customers' convenience and comfort.

90 ° Door Design

There is no need to create extra space for the fridge. The doors fit smartly into the corner of the wall, allowing for opening of drawers even when the door is opened at a 90 ° angle.

LED Lighting

The LED Lighting design runs deep and wide, providing illumination to every corner of the fridge.

Easy Approach Pantry

The easy approach pantry provides a big opening through which you can view large items conveniently.

Adjustable Shelf

It is really easy to change the shelf heights as per your need, helping in storage of larger items and tall bottles.

Moisture Fresh Zone

A Moisture Fresh Zone is a fruit and vegetable box with a moisture adjustment system. It maintains the humidity perfectly, which can be simply adjusted with a slider, depending upon the different food's storage requirements

Removable Twist Ice Maker

Thanks to the Twist Ice Maker, you simply have to twist the knob and the ice cubes will fall to the tray without adhering to one another.

Surround Cooling System

The Surround Cooling System cools the fridge evenly from corner to corner. Cold air is blown out through multiple vents on every shelf level, so it maintains a constant temperature and the food stays fresh.

Deodorizing Filter

The Deodorizing Filter is made of Activated Carbon, which eliminates bad smells, keeping the air fresh and preserving the flavor of your food for longer.

BC 46, BC 92 and BC 176 - Single Door Refrigerators

The capacity of BC 46, BC 92 and BC 176 is 44l, 93l and 185l respectively.

Fresh Zone

The Fresh Zone provides you with enough space to store bulkier items and the transparent design helps you easily see the contents inside.

Fast Freezer Zone

The fast freezer zone makes freezing rapid and saves energy. It can lock vitamins and maintain the original flavor of food as much as possible. Since the temperature can reduce to -6℃ quickly, it can create cold air to preserve fresh items.


Bright lighting automatically turns on/off when you open/close the door, for clear vision of all levels of the refrigerator

Door Balcony

User  can choose from up to 4 door balconies, providing more than ample door storage. There is plenty of space for all your food, bottles, and condiments, freeing up shelf space for the rest of your items.

Safety Glass Shelves

Unlike plastic shelves, safety glass is over four times stronger than standard glass, which means your shelves are optimally safe and much less likely to face damage of any kind.

Concealed Hinge

A neat square frontal view with covered hinges provides a seamless appearance, which is unobtrusive and subtle.

About Hisense

Hisense is a global technology leader in consumer electronics with an impeccable track record of providing top quality products. It is known for its glorious 51 Years of Global Trust and Innovation worldwide. Striving to push the boundaries of innovation and working tirelessly on research and development, the brand has a wide range of consumer electronics and home appliances like QLED TVs, UHD TVs, Smart TVs, Intelligent Wi-Fi Air Conditioners and Refrigerators. Hisense has left huge global footprints, with a presence in over 160+ countries, and with 14 manufacturing facilities located in countries like South Africa, Slovenia, Serbia, Mexico, Czech Republic etc. The group is committed to continuous innovation with 18 R&D hubs across the globe and an investment of 5% of its revenue back into R&D every year.

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Balaxi Pharmaceuticals reports revenue of INR 1,124 million in H1FY21 publishes the new Artprice's Report on the Contemporary Art Market, the primary growth driver with a +2,100% increase over 20 years

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting and Virtual Press Conference to be held October 14

Skill Development Programs To Move Forward In Career: A Review by CRB Tech Solutions

10th Edition 'AIoT Innovation India Conclave 2020' Concluded Virtually

ENV Media acquires the Indian lotto site

Röchling Automotive puts sustainable organic plastic on the market

GTPL Hathway's Consolidated H1 FY21 PAT at ₹ 862 million, up by 49%

EdgeVerve unveils AssistEdge Discover 1.5, to amplify Intelligent Automation with Process Insights

Office space leasing picks up in Q3 2020; absorption to gain further traction in Q4 2020: Colliers International India

Bama Tea Held A Tea Brand Summit To Promote Anxi Tieguanyin

Thai Union and Corbion Expand Adoption of AlgaPrimeâ„¢ DHA into Shrimp Aquaculture

Clé De Peau Beauté Reaffirms Their Commitment to Furthering Girls' Education in The New Normal

The New Norms Of A Changing World: The Ninth Open Innovations Forum To Be Held Online

Meet Zent2U at Virtual CPhi Festival of Pharma 2020

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Delhi govt suspends bar license of Delhi...
Crackdown forces creating rift between r...
Air India bids deadline likely to be ext...
SP's Ram Gopal Yadav files nomination fo...
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