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Campaign on 'importance of Voting' organised
Hyderabad | Sunday, Dec 14 2008 IST

People, from all walks of life, who strive hard for social cuase and responsibility, converged here today to support the 'Let's Vote' Walk campaign, jointly organised by Hyderabad Chapter of TIE and citizens of the city.

After the meet, its participants, which consiststed of business leaders, professionals and citizens of the city, decided to enlighten people about the importance of the 'Vote' and promised themselves to act as responsible citizens for betterment of life. The organisation was planning to move to the other cities in the country, like Bangalore and Chennai to improve percentage of educated voters and to work along with similar NGOs or other forums to carry the message forward. The purpose of 'Lets Vote' campaign is to raise awareness among citizens of the country and to make them recognise and realise that how important voting is. The organisers also expect to ensure that the Hyderabad-based industries educate their employees to register themselves for voting by this month.

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