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Sircar launches virtual museum of Indian art and culture
New Delhi | Wednesday, May 23 2012 IST

Emphasising that knowledge was not the monopoly of any one individual or country, Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar, a scholar of cultural studies in own right, today inaugurated a Virtual Museum of Images and Sounds through which any one can enter the rich treasure house of Indian art and culture with just a click of mouse. Speaking after inaugurating the online museum, which has been developed by the American Institute of Indian Studies(AIIS), Mr Sircar called for more world attention to the study of India. 'India is a vibrant and confusing entity, it needed to be studied,' he said, stressing that more American scholars should come to the country to understand it. He, however, noted there was not the desired extent of American enthusiasm in learning about India. India is an entity which had taken shape out of plurality and diversity, out of mergers and acquisitions, he added. In this respect, India and China, which the world now believes were going to play bigger roles, were two different countries, he remarked. Mr Sircar said the virtual museum developed by the Centre for Art and Archaeology and the Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology of the AIIS would fulfill the need to take the museum to people in this era of fast-paced life when they don't find time to physically visit the place, and moreover the initiative was all the more important because of the fact that museums did not have enough to display all that was in their collection. On this occasion, he also said that digitisation of All India Radio and Doordarshan archives was one of his priorities in the Prasar Bharati. More UNI NAZ RSA SD1507 NNNN

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