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NRI woman undergoes unique fibroid tumour surgery in A''bad
Ahmedabad | Thursday, Dec 20 2007 IST

A UK-based 45-year-old Non-Resident Indian (NRI), Rashmikaben Maganlal Patel, who had developed an unusually large fibroid tumour in her uterus was successfully operated upon using laparoscopy and endoscopy techniques in Bavishi Fertility Centre here.

The tumour measuring 20 cm long and weighing 1.6 kg was removed by laparoscopy and endoscopy techniques performed by Dr Pragnesh Shah and Dr Himanshu Bavishi on December 15.

The two doctors told reporters here today that Ms Patel was diagnosed in London with a big fibroid tumor in her uterus. She underwent diagnostic techniques like sonography and MRI there. Both the investigations revealed a big fibroid tumour in her uterus. The fibroid was abnormally large measuring 20 cm long, almost three times of what is commonly found and treated.

Usually, fibroids are detected when they are 2-5 cms in size and easily removed. When it is such large, there is hardly any space in abdomen to operate the same through endoscopy. It requires unique skill, lot of experience and expertise, instruments and equipment, setup and team, they explained.

Fibroid is one of the common problems in women. Previously, it was removed by cutting open the stomach. Now, it can be removed much easily and safely by endoscopic operation, which facilitates better visualization and offers accessibility.

Rashmikaben said doctors in the UK refused to operate her by endoscopy, as in their opinion, it was too big a fibroid to be removed by Endoscopic method. Even if the operation was done by an open surgery, she might land up with hysterectomy. Hence, she was advised to get the uterus removed.

However, Ms Patel was not ready to remove the uterus because she wanted to bear a child. Under physical and mental stress, she frantically started searching for alternatives. She came to know about us through the Internet where she had posted her query, they said.

''''We assured the patient that the fibroid can be removed and will be removed by laparoscopy and endoscopy operation and the uterus'' child bearing function will be preserved. The patient asked for options for conservative approach. We explained to her the options like ''Uterine Artery Embolization'' and others and the limitations, advantages and disadvantages of the same, as compared to a laparoscopic removal of the fibroid,'''' they said.

The surgery was completed successfully in six hours without any complications. The tumor was removed in multiple strips with help of a unique instrument from a 10 millimeter incision only, they added.

''''I can''t believe this. All doctors in London told me not to go for this. I trusted Indian doctors. My problem is solved. My uterus and child bearing is preserved. I recovered in 24 hours and was relieved in 36 hours,'''' said Rashmikaben who was discharged on December 17.

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