Tuesday, June 18, 2019
There Finally Is A Preeminent International Asian Art Maestro Whose Exhibition Greatly Astounds the Art World And Requires Visitors' Flow Control
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SHANGHAI and LOS ANGELES, May 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --  The art of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang is sending shock waves through the art world. Over the past few decades, Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang has worked quietly and diligently on her art with determination and dedication. Suddenly, she rises to the pinnacle of the art world, and become a preeminent international maestro in the arts. She is an American citizen of Asian descent. Her art exhibition opened ceremoniously in the Shanghai Exhibition Center. The exhibition is organized by the Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Association Gallery, and co-organized by Shanghai Xu Beihong Art Research Club, Shanghai University International Exchange Art Center, and Rare Art Inc. of  U.S.A.

Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony guests Gong Xinhan, Former Minister of the Propaganda Department, Central Committee of the Communist Party of China; Cheng Lanmei, Chair, World Council of Women Artists; Tenure Professor Vincent Robbins of the Art Center College of Design and Artistic Director of Rare Art Inc. U.S.A.; Virginia Robbins, formerly interior designer for Raymond Fernand Loew; and Lu Ximing, Vice President of Shanghai International Culture and Art Exchange Association.

The opening ceremony was a grand occasion attended by government officials, renowned artists, critics, and distinguished members of society.   Art lovers and the public eagerly visited the exhibition in an overwhelming number. During his remarks, Lu Ximing, Vice President of Shanghai International Culture and Art Exchange Association expressed his best wishes for the perfect success of the Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang Art Exhibition.  

In his congratulatory remarks, the Director of Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Association Gallery Wu Shufang said: "As the Director of the Gallery, I have pondered on many things. First of all, this exhibition has brought the highest number of visitors since the opening of the Gallery. People come here enthusiastically in large numbers but they also behave very orderly. At one point, we even have to place a sign outside the entrance of the Gallery to manage the visitors' flow. This rarely happens…  The art of Dr. Wang brings together paintings, artistic skills, and the art of the East and the West. Her skills are exquisite and profound. As a result, the effects are magnificent."

Eager viewers packed the whole exhibition venue, this is unprecedented.

The China Review News reported on May 20 about the opening of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang Art Exhibition on May 18. The review stated: "Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang's artistic achievement is at the highest level of the Class of Ease. Her paintings are both super-realistic and of abstract, surrealistic style. The physical forms emanate a spiritual dimension. Dr. Wang's skills are exquisite and profound, and her works carry a strong scholarly spirit. She is a preeminent international maestro in the arts.  

Early 2019, the New York Academy of Art formally recognized the outstanding artistic accomplishment of Dr.  Yuhua Shouzhi Wang  and determined that she is a preeminent international artist of first class standing. The Academy presented Dr. Wang with a certificate jointly signed by the President and the Provost. In the same year, a small painting  Pomegranates in a Bamboo Basket of the size 18 by 27 inches was auctioned at the highest price of  US$1.27 million  during the Spring Auction at the Gianguan Auction House in  New York.

Seventy of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang's artworks of first class international standing are presented in this exhibition, including ink paintings of distinguished style, super-realistic paintings, and surrealistic paintings of abstract colors. These artworks reflect how Dr. Wang is recognized with the status of a preeminent international artist of first class standing. Her substantial and exquisite skills are the reasons she has attained such an accomplishment."

Professor Gu Xingyi of  Guangzhou University School of Humanities, who is a master student supervisor, a member of the Guangdong Writers Association, and Director of the Guangdong Province Collectors Association, made the following determination: "Each of Dr. Wang's artworks carries the likeness of 'form' and the likeness of 'spirit.' She arrives at natural ease by using simple brushstrokes that fully capture the forms. Each of her works is refreshing, memorable, and leaves the viewers with a wonderful aftertaste. These artworks are exceptionally rare and precious, and extremely collectible. The artworks in this exhibition are of the highest quality of the Class of Ease…Ancient scholars were of the opinion that the quality of a person's art reflects the quality of their personality…The excellence of the Class of Ease that Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang's paintings have attained is precisely a reflection of her noble character. … As a Chinese American, Dr. Wang is truly deserving of the determination by the New York Academy of Art that she is an international preeminent artist of first class standing; and the recognition by the United States Congress that she is "a great artist and sculptor." In the world, Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang is the only international preeminent artist of first class standing in all of Asia. She is of the same standing as artists such as  Cezanne, Gauguin, Monet, and Van Gogh."

The art review in Lang Mo states: "With the suspending strokes of the brush, ink splashes in a dancing rhythm, merging with the white space in the composition. In the Qing Dynasty, a poem of the philosopher Wang Chuanshan says: 'A piece of cloud takes on the color of the sun. The light comes neither from within nor without, has no shape and no details. It gives the impression of infinite passion, yet once the passion is dissipated, one does not retain any recollections.'

Mr. Zhong Baihua once said that the ultimate ideal and the highest accomplishment in Chinese art is when an artist can use the swiftness of brushstrokes to capture the imagery while manifesting the essence of the universe from within one's heart. In Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang's landscape, flower and bird paintings, not only can we experience such a state, we can also experience the candor of the modern art of painting, and the spiritual impact when art connects directly with our inner mind.

The paintings of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang radiate brightness. This is not the brightness from light, or from the perception of light in Western oil paintings. This brightness is all-encompassing. Dr. Yuhua Shouzi Wang's paintings are rooted in the vigorousness of Eastern philosophy while incorporating the modern elements of Western painting. Her art emanates the inner beauty of her spirit and a greatly generous state of mind.

Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang's inscriptions are penned in a graceful manner and an elegant style. Her penmanship is delightful and profound, emanating the radiance of nobility. Her calligraphy marvelously blends in with the painting composition, transcending the form to manifest the essence. Dr. Wang is highly achieved in manifesting the deeply meditative quality of Chinese art. The painterly charm of the calligraphy is condensed in the boundless white space upon which a flower, a bird, a tree, a stone, a mountain, or a river illusively appear to deliver the message of boundless deep passion and the immensity of meditative contemplation. The art reflects the greatly universal love of this maestro of fine culture who treats all beings and all matters in the universe with the great love of equal-mindedness. Every detail of the grass, the trees, the mountains and the rocks are created by wondrous brushstrokes. The rendition of the brushstrokes in the style of ease emanates marvelous subtleties and nuances."

Cheng Lanmei, Chairperson of the World Council of Women Artists said: "I am deeply touched after viewing several paintings consecutively. Initially, I thought that the works were painted by a male artist because of the power, the bold spirit, the way the artist uses dry brush and wet brush, and the superb control over light and dark ink colors. Truly speaking, as an oil painter, I paint as if I am creating ink painting in a very clean cut and precise manner. But truly, the difficulties in creating oil paintings cannot be compared to the difficulties in creating ink paintings. It is tremendously difficult to create ink paintings. That's why I deeply admire Dr. Wang's accomplishment in these paintings."

Vincent Robbins, Tenure Professor at the  renowned Art Center College of Design  in Los Angeles and the Artistic Director of Rare Art Inc.  U.S.A., said in his opening speech: "Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang's paintings are sought after by insightful people in the West. Dr. Wang has lived and worked in the West for a long time, she is familiar with the creative characteristics of Western paintings. Dr. Wang applies Chinese ink-wash painting techniques with ease, adopting their strengths in her own creations. Dr. Wang has skillfully integrated the detailed fine brushwork in Western oil paintings and the freehand brushwork in Chinese paintings, as well as the colors of Western oil paintings and the lines of Chinese paintings. Both the Chinese and the Western cultures are blended in her paintings. They are bold and innovative. Dr. Wang's paintings give the viewers a refreshing feeling."

Renowned Shanghai artist Yan Kangwen evaluated: "After viewing all the paintings of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang, I can only say one thing. Her art is unprecedented by any artists before her, and is inspiration to later generations. Her foundation is profound and her skills are exquisite. Dr, Wang has originated a new generation of painting style. She is internationally renowned. She is uniquely magnificent in the audaciousness, infinite variations, and vivaciousness of her art.  Her style and energy are powerful. Her paintings are breaking new ground and are  truly great works…Dr. Wang's paintings have surpassed the Class of Divinity, and have reached the pinnacle of the Class of Ease. These works are truly worthy of our learning and appreciation.

Other distinguished guests who attended the opening ceremony include:

  • Gong Xinhan, Former Minister of the Propaganda Department, Central Committee of the Communist Party of China;
  • Virginia Robbins, formerly interior designer for Raymond Fernand Loew who was one of the most renowned industrial designer in the 20th Century;
  • Wang Guofu, Vice President of Shanghai International Culture and Art Exchange Association;
  • Hong Yongqing, Director of the Shanghai Office of South-South Cooperation Promotion Association, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China, and Chinese Science and Technology Diplomatic Counselor to Hungary, Finland, and Canada;
  • Wang Yun, Office Director of Shanghai Office of China-Europe Technical and Economic Cooperation Association;
  • Wu Shufang, Director and Legal Representative of the Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Association Gallery;
  • Hu Shengliang, writer, Member of the Editorial Committee of the Labor Newspaper;
  • Pan Zhiqiang, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai International Culture and Art Exchange, and Representative to the 13th National People's Congress of Zhejiang Province;
  • Chen Jialing, first researcher of the National Painting Institute, Member of China Artists Association, and Professor of the School of Fine Arts of the Shanghai University;
  • Chen Yiming, contract artist of the Hammers Galleries, New York;
  • Xu Maoping, Member of the China Artists Association and a famous artist living in Japan;
  • Zhang Hao, International Horse Culture Scholar, artist and Co-chair of the China-Canada Cultural Exchange Promotion Association;
  • Wang Xiyin, Vice President and Secretary of China Traditional Craft Research Association;
  • Chen Ketao, Vice President of Shanghai Collection Association, Expert and Consultant of Shanghai Famous Art Appraisal and Evaluation Center, General Manager of Shanghai International Collection Company, and Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Association;
  • Wu Wanrong, Chief Editor of the Delightful China Magazine;
  • Qi Tiekai, Deputy Dean of Shanghai Painting and Calligraphy Academy;
  • Lin Baoguo, owner of the Baoguo Parlour at Da Ke Tang;
  • Yan Kangwen, famous painter;
  • Wang Sheng, Deputy Director of Wenzhou Calligraphers Association; Former Commissar of Lucheng District Public Security Bureau in Wenzhou.
  • Zhu Laikou, renowned art critic, senior media personality;
  • Lu Yongliang, Art Director of the Outlets Museum in the United Kingdom;
  • Zhao Yinghua, former Party Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau;
  • Chen Ping, Vice President of the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, and Researcher of the Wuyuan Culture Research Institute;
  • Wang Fusong, President of the Bang Calligraphy Academy;
  • Ye Daoming, Former and first Director of the Shanghai Yushi Sculpture Factory;
  • Shen Xueqin, Chairman of the Board of Shanghai Huaxia Modern International Communication Center;
  • Liu Yongbo, actor, special portrayer of Chiang Kai-shek;
  • Wang Rongxiang, Director of Shanghai University Art Exchange; among others.

In 2013, President  George On. Christophides of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers, and Associations  (WFUCA) led a group of experts to visit the International Art Museum of America. Upon examining the 77 artworks of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang that were on view at that time, they highly commended Dr. Wang's art and immediately named the artworks "2013WFUCA."

Professor Stephen  Farthing, an art scholar of world authority—Royal Academician of the Royal Academy of Arts in the United Kingdom,  and the former Rootstein Hopkins Research Chair of Drawing at the  University of the Arts  in London—once commented that "Dr. Yuhua Wang's paintings may draw heavily on the traditions of Eastern art but today they present themselves as extraordinarily Western ideas and images...Free of perspective, Dr. Wang's paintings reach across cultures to celebrate the space that exists intellectually and emotionally between representation and abstraction, between a fact and an idea."

In 2008, the artworks of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang were exhibited in the Gold Room at the United States Capitol. The United States Congress recognized her as "a great artist and sculptor" for her outstanding accomplishments, and officially chronicled such recognition in the Congressional Record. The same record also mentioned that Dr. Wang "takes great pleasure in helping others, is a selfless person whose moral character is noble, and has made great contributions to the development of cultural exchange between the East and the West."

This exhibition showcases the works of the one and only Asian who is an "international preeminent artist of first class standing." The artworks of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang exhibited this time are of the highest level of artistry as described in the saying: "The time when one abandons all skills is the time when one is perfectly skilled. As an experienced artist, one returns to a childlike state of mind, bringing a sense of comfort to the art."   Dr. Wang's paintings are filled with vivaciousness, surpassing the Class of Divinity, and reached the pinnacle of the Class of Ease. This exhibition offers art lovers and the general public the opportunity to comprehend art through the experience of appreciating, viewing, and emulating the exhibited works of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang.


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