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Go Green With Savaari
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Date: 16-04-2019 1:35PM
Source: Savaari Car Rentals
Category: General, Consumer Interest, Environment, Travel & Tourism, Start Up, Oil And Gas, Sme, Transport
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Savaari is India’s largest Intercity cab service with extensive presence in 98 cities and unmatched road trip expertise spanning over 12 years.

CNG - A win-win proposition

In 2018, a concrete roadmap for the expansion of CNG fuel pumps was announced by Dharmendra Pradhan, the Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas. As per this, an estimated 10,000 CNG stations were to be added by 2028. This push towards greener modes of transportation in the personal mobility space is a win-win, posing significant ecological as well economical advantages. The potential savings of such a move have been estimated at Rs. 2 Lakh Crore, given that CNG cars are cleaner and way more cost-effective than their petrol counterparts. This also bodes well for prospective and current CNG car owners, as two of the primary pain-points with owning a CNG vehicle are the long waiting time and the lack of fuelling stations, especially while travelling long distances.

Flip the switch to take a trip!

In keeping with its core principles of sustainability and the goal of enabling the end-consumer to make meaningful choices, Savaari Car Rentals has introduced CNG cabs in Delhi and Mumbai. Customers now have the option of going green while also incurring significant monetary benefits associated with travelling by CNG vehicles.

CNG cabs have been around for over a decade, but they are never packaged as a distinct and separate offering. Most people who have travelled via CNG cabs have merely booked a regular cab but end up getting a CNG vehicle instead. Savaari is an industry game-changer, in as much as, it is the first and only cab service to introduce a ‘CNG category’ for its cabs. This has two consequences primarily -

  1. Those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint and travel in an eco-friendly way have a reliable and hassle-free option in Savaari.
  2. Those who book a regular cab can be assured that they will never get a CNG vehicle, thus, introducing much-needed transparency to the whole booking and car allotment process.

Moreover, historically, CNG has been confined to short-distance trips within a city, but with Savaari’s CNG option, this is no longer the case.

Advantages of CNG Cabs

Travellers can now book AC Sedans for as much as 10-15% cheaper than their diesel counterparts. All of Savaari’s CNG vehicles come with dual engines, allowing the driver to switch to petrol/diesel as and when required. The driver can simply switch to petrol if the vehicle is negotiating hilly terrain and needs additional pickup, or, it is peak summer and the AC needs a boost. This essentially means that travellers with Savaari who opt for the CNG offering can now enjoy the full benefits of diesel vehicles including powerful pickup and air-conditioning, while also benefiting from the substantial reduction in cost. Yes, there are some minor irritants- one has to sacrifice the boot for the cylinder, one can’t always find fuelling pumps or one may have to wait while refuelling. However, Savaari has demonstrated that all these problems can be effectively addressed with proper planning and foresight. All CNG cars come with luggage carriers and drivers make a note of CNG pumps where they can stop and refuel before the start of the trip.

Mohit Khanna, head of operations at Savaari says, “The biggest irritant of travelling in a CNG vehicle is the time wasted while refuelling at gas stations. However, operationally, we have been able to introduce multiple efficiencies, making travelling in CNG cars super-convenient for all our patrons. For every route we have identified key gas stations and the car is only refuelled outside city limits where there the queues are much shorter, allowing us to save precious time.

Savaari is expected to start CNG car rental services across Bangalore, Lucknow, Agra and Jaipur very soon, while expanding the current 4-seater CNG offering in Mumbai and Delhi to 6 and 12 seater cabs.

Towards a Green Future

In Europe and the US, electric vehicles are the standard bearers for modern, sustainable, environmentally-conscious tech and design. But due to a high price point, they remain inaccessible to the majority of the population. However, in India, the case for an environmentally conscious lifestyle is much stronger with the proliferation of CNG pumps and the attractive subsidies and perks offered to CNG car owners. Additionally rising oil prices and increasing recurring expense for car owners is now at an all-time high. All of these different factors have contributed to the increased viability of owning and travelling via CNG vehicles and Savaari’s decision to empower its customers to choose greener modes of travel is a step in the right direction.

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