Acupuncture can help with many different types of chronic pain: Research

Acupuncture can help mitigate many types of chronic pain: Study

Do you know cognitive behavioral therapy comforts fibromyalgia pain experienced by brain? Study finds

Cognitive behavioural therapy enhances brain's perception of fibromyalgia pain

Millions of people live with chronic pain, mental problems: Study

Cognitive behavioural therapy improves brain's perception of fibromyalgia pain

Growing pains in children are linked to migraines, according to new study

Study finds common painkillers use alongside hormonal contraception associated with heightened blood clots risk

Migraines are linked to increasing pain in youngsters: Study

Are growing pains in children related to migraines, finds study

Peppermint oil aromatherapy may reduce pain severity after heart surgery: Study

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Friday, December 1, 2023 9:48:23 AM