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Jaipur-based producer shares meditation methods to combat corona

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Jaipur | Wednesday, 2020 1:15:06 AM IST
A Jaipur-based film producer is nowadays sending clips of his film to the coronavirus or COVID-19 affected countries including China, South Korea, Italy to make people aware about a unique meditation technique that could assist them in their fight against the deadly virus.

Naman Goyal's latest English language documentary film 'The magical guru and his secret mantra (revealed)' focuses on the Mantra Meditation Technique and its benefits.

Goyal has subtitled significant portions of the docu-film in the Chinese, Korean and Italian languages to ensure the viewers watching there can understand the language and instructions properly.

He has been getting a decent response as at least 20-30 people are writing to him daily to know about this meditation technique.

The 95-minute film focuses on the power of the mantra meditation technique which emerged in India and has a track record of building up the immunity of the body, helping people fight against deadly infections and diseases.

This meditation technique reportedly strengthens the immune system of the human body.

The film includes the journey of many patients (AIDS and cancer) along with their medical reports and is slated to release in the US and Canada in the second quarter of 2020.

Naman says that this mantra meditation technique operates on the mechanism of Kundalini activation.

The Kundalini force inside the human body is activated which subsequently starts to open up the magnetic chakras of the body starting from the Mooladhara chakra at the base of the spine.

As a practitioner continues the mantra meditation, it helps open his chakras one-by-one, and this ends up increasing the immunity of the body manifold.

The technique also delivers good results to people who have mental diseases, for example depression, and people looking to quit any form of addiction like alcohol, smoking etc.

According to Naman, this is a unique technique where you have to take no membership of any ashram or go to any Guru but can learn it through a Youtube video, which is available for free. You can start your mantra meditation discipline sitting at home.

The film also probes the historical connection of this mantra meditation technique. The roots of this meditation are connected with Sri Aurobindo Ghose, one of the leading spiritualists of the early 19th century.

Sri Aurobindo had later become highly intuitive and he predicted both the world wars and the date of the independence of India.

The film also features Arun Pradhan, doctor at SMS Medical Hospital, Jaipur and research patients who have had AIDS and some forms of cancers.

Pradhan has noticed that people who take medicines and in addition do this mantra meditation, their recovery rate is much faster than patients who only take medicines.

In some patients, this also has been life saving. Ashok Choudhary, a doctor from Bikaner, has also contributed in this research and has been mentioned in the film.

Currently, a non-profit organization by the name of Adhyatm Vigyan Satsang Kendra, Jodhpur organises meditation sessions in schools, colleges, army camps, hospitals and even jails all across the country on this technique at no cost.

The docu-film also tries to understand Patanjali Rishi's Patanjali Yogasutras and how this mantra meditation technique finds a resonance in it.

The docu-film has been shot extensively in Germany. In fact, the researchers from Germany also presented their findings about the meditation technique.

The docu-film is currently showing in some of the most reputed documentary film festivals all over the world namely, American Film Institute Docs, New York Lift off film festival & Sheffield Doc Fest (UK) for a worldwide premiere and release after it finished its production in January 2020.

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