Friday, December 2, 2022

3.5mn doses of Covid vax administered in Afghanistan since Aug'21
Kabul | Tuesday, 2022 2:45:08 PM IST
The Taliban has claimed that 3.5 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered in Afghanistan since they took over the country in August 2021, the media reported. ... read..

42 people dead due to heavy snowfall in Afghanistan
Kabul | Tuesday, 2022 2:45:08 PM IST
Since the last 20 days, at least 42 people have died and 118 other injured as heavy snowfall has lashed 15 provinces of Afghanistan, officials said. ... read..

Taliban meets representatives of US, 7 other nations in Oslo
Oslo/Kabul | Tuesday, 2022 2:45:08 PM IST
A visiting Taliban delegation and representatives of the US and seven other nations and region held talks in Oslo which mainly focused on Afghanistan's economy, humanitarian aid to the war-torn country, security and healthcare, according to media reports. ... read..

B'desh marks Mass Uprising Day
Dhaka | Monday, 2022 6:45:08 PM IST
Bangladesh on Monday commemorated the Mass Uprising Day which marks the climax of the movement of the people of the then East Pakistan for autonomy in 1969 that eventually led to the Independence War and emergence of the country in 1971. ... read..

Imran Khan seems to have accepted defeat: Maryam Nawaz
New Delhi | Monday, 2022 6:15:09 PM IST
Maryam Nawaz, Vice President of the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), has said that Prime Minister Imran Khans talk about leaving power are just false claims and he should go home, The News reported. ... read..

UN, HRW demand inquiry into missing Afghan activists
Kabul | Monday, 2022 3:45:08 PM IST
The UN and the Human Rights Watch (HRW) have demanded the immediate launch of an inquiry into the disappearance of two Afghan activists, who were reportedly abducted from their homes, the media reported. ... read..

Taliban delegation meets Afghan civil society members in Norway
Kabul | Monday, 2022 3:15:08 PM IST
A visiting Taliban delegation led by acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi met a group of Afghan civil society members in Oslo, during which the two sides reportedly agreed to work together for the betterment of the war-torn nation, according to media ... read..

High schools for girls to reopen in March: Taliban
Kabul | Monday, 2022 3:15:08 PM IST
Afghanistan's Taliban-led government has announced that high schools for girls, which have remained closed since the August 2021 takeover of the country, will reopen in March, according to media reports. ... read..

Out of work garbage pickers attack Chinese company staff in Pakistan
New Delhi | Monday, 2022 3:15:08 AM IST
The staff of a Chinese garbage company are being targeted in Pakistan's Karachi by what the company suspects are informal garbage pickers, who face a loss of livelihood, Samaa TV reported. ... read..

7 Afghan civilians killed in minibus blast
Kabul | Sunday, 2022 8:15:07 PM IST
At least seven civilians, including four women, were killed and nine others injured when a bomb blast hit a minibus in Herat city, capital of Afghanistan's western Herat province, an official said. ... read..

Taliban delegation in Oslo faces protests by Afghans
New Delhi | Sunday, 2022 6:15:08 PM IST
A number of Afghans based in Norway protested against the visit of a high-ranking Taliban delegation led by acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi to Oslo, saying that they (Taliban) do not represent us. ... read..

Rising inflation, Covid make people more vulnerable in Nepal
Kathmandu | Sunday, 2022 3:15:08 PM IST
Many families in Nepal are struggling due to reduced job opportunities and growing inflation amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which is still continuing unabated and has increased the single-day cases to more than 10,000 in the past few days. ... read..

'US has no specified schedule to recognise Taliban govt'
Washington/Kabul | Sunday, 2022 2:45:15 PM IST
The US has no specified schedule to recognise the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan, said Thomas West, Washington's special representative for Kabul. ... read..

Pakistan says ready to fight TTP after talks broke down
New Delhi | Sunday, 2022 8:45:07 AM IST
Pakistan Federal Interior Minister, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that talks with the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) broke down due to group's harsh conditions, Samaa TV reported. ... read..

Pak using 80% substandard Covid kits
New Delhi | Saturday, 2022 8:45:07 PM IST
The majority of Covid-19 testing in Pakistan may be yielding inaccurate results, according to a health expert who reported that nearly 80 per cent of imported testing kits were of substandard quality. ... read..

Pakistan oppn slams campaign for installing presidential system
New Delhi | Saturday, 2022 5:45:08 PM IST
Opposition lawmakers in Pakistan have sounded alarm over the ongoing chatter and calls for replacing the countrys parliamentary democratic system with a presidential system, demanding a debate on the matter in the National Assembly, Express Tribune report ... read..

Taliban deny arresting female protester
Kabul | Saturday, 2022 2:45:07 PM IST
The Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has denied the forceful arrest of a female protester from her home, the media reported. ... read..

European Union opens Embassy in Kabul
Kabul | Saturday, 2022 2:45:07 PM IST
The Taliban-led government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has announced that the European UNion (EU) has opened an Embassy for a "permanent presence" in Kabul and has "practically commenced operations". ... read..

Taliban delegation to travel to Norway
Kabul | Saturday, 2022 2:15:07 PM IST
A high-ranking delegation of the Taliban-led Afghan government will embark on a trip to Norway on Saturday where they will discuss important issues with Norwegian officials, envoys from the US and the European Union (EU), as well as some influential Afgha ... read..

China's state broadcaster implicates Jack Ma's Ant Group in corruption scandal
New Delhi | Saturday, 2022 1:45:08 AM IST
Chinas state broadcaster has implicated Jack Ma's Ant Group in a corruption scandal, ratcheting up pressure on the billionaire following a crackdown that has wiped billions of dollars from his internet empire, the Financial Times reported. ... read..

Iran, China and Russia hold joint naval drill in Indian Ocean
New Delhi | Friday, 2022 11:45:08 PM IST
Iran, China and Russia have launched a joint naval exercise in the Indian Ocean, with the aim of boosting marine security, the Daily Mail reported. ... read..

Honouring Netaji by setting up his statue at India Gate is very remarkable, says Netaji's daughter Anita Bose Pfaff
| January 21, 2022 9:50:18 PM IST
Acknowledging Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision to install Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's statue at the India Gate, Netaji's daughter Anita Bose Pfaff, on Friday, said that honouring Netaji by setting up his statue is 'very remarkable' and called for ... read..

Who will be the next Pak Army chief?
New Delhi | Friday, 2022 8:15:08 PM IST
In November this year, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will have to make some important decisions, including choosing the country's new Chief of Army Staff (COAS), as well as the Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee (CJCSC). ... read..

Baloch Nationalist Army claims responsibility for Lahore blast
New Delhi | Friday, 2022 6:45:08 PM IST
The Baloch Nationalist Army, a newly emerged militant outfit, has claimed responsibility for the powerful blast in Lahore that killed three people and injured dozens others, Dawn reported. ... read..

Over 90% students in Pakistan weak in maths, science
New Delhi | Friday, 2022 6:45:08 PM IST
More than 90 per cent of primary and lower-secondary students in Pakistan have only a weak or basic understanding of the mathematics and science they are required to learn, according to a nationwide study conducted by faculty at the Aga Khan Universitys I ... read..

Reopening schools for girls our responsibility, not world pressure: Taliban
Kabul | Friday, 2022 2:45:07 PM IST
The Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has said that reopening schools for girls across the country was their responsibility and not due to world pressure. ... read..

UN sends $32 mn in cash to Afghanistan
Kabul | Friday, 2022 2:15:07 PM IST
Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), the central bank of the country, has announced that the UN has sent $32 million in cash to the war-torn nation as part of the world body's humanitarian aid assistance, the media reported. ... read..

IED blast in busy Lahore market leaves two dead, several injured (Lead)
Lahore | Thursday, 2022 11:45:07 PM IST
A powerful blast in Pakistan's Punjab province's provincial capital Lahore has claimed at least two lives and injured dozens, in what is being seen as a targeted terror attack. ... read..

IED blast in busy Lahore market leaves two dead, several injured
Lahore | Thursday, 2022 10:15:08 PM IST
A powerful blast in Pakistan's Punjab province's provincial capital Lahore has claimed at least two lives and injured dozens, in what is being seen as a targeted terror attack. ... read..

Indian Army contacts Chinese PLA, seeks return of abducted Arunachal youth
Itanagar | Thursday, 2022 10:15:08 PM IST
The Indian Army through hotline has contacted the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) and sought return of abducted Arunachal Pradesh teenager Miram Taron, defence sources said on Thursday. ... read..

B'deshi actress's husband confesses to her murder
Dhaka | Thursday, 2022 6:45:08 PM IST
The husband of Bangladeshi actress Raima Islam Shimu, whose dismembered body was found on the outskirts of Dhaka, has confessed to murdering her, a top police official said here. ... read..

Muslim woman sentenced to death in Pak for blasphemy
New Delhi | Thursday, 2022 6:45:08 PM IST
An anti-cybercrime court in Rawalpindi has sentenced a Muslim woman to death on charges of sending blasphemous material over WhatsApp, Samaa TV reported. ... read..

Pak in tumult after rumours of imposition of 'Indira Gandhi-like emergency'
New Delhi | Thursday, 2022 6:45:08 PM IST
Pakistan's major opposition parties see a "systematic and planned campaign" behind circulation of rumours about imposition of some kind of an emergency in the country, like the one enforced by then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1975, and ongoing ... read..

UN to ask $8bn from donors for Afghan crisis
Kabul | Thursday, 2022 2:45:07 PM IST
Deborah Lyons, the UN's top envoy in Afghanistan, announced that the world body will ask $8 billion from donors as aid to help the war-torn nation amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis, the media reported. ... read..

Half a million Afghans unemployed since Taliban takeover
Kabul | Thursday, 2022 2:45:07 PM IST
The International Labour Organization (ILO) has announced that half a million people in Afghanistan have lost their jobs since the Taliban took over the country last August, adding that women have suffered the most, the media report. ... read..

Pak NSA scraps Kabul visit in face of massive anti-Pakistan protests
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2022 11:15:07 PM IST
Amid a planned anti-Pakistan protest in Kabul, the Pakistan National Security Adviser (NSA) has quietly scrapped his trip to Afghanistan, Pajhwok News reported. ... read..

Death toll from Afghan earthquake rises to 22
Kabul | Tuesday, 2022 9:45:08 PM IST
The death toll from a magnitude 5.6 earthquake in Afghanistan's western province of Badghis has increased to 22, an official confirmed on Tuesday. ... read..

Islamabad HC asks Imran, cabinet to take action against ex-Navy chief
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2022 9:15:07 PM IST
The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has directed the Additional Attorney General (AAG) to ensure that its directives for the demolition of the Navy Sailing Club and the initiation of criminal proceedings against former Navy chief Admiral (retd) Zafar Mahmood A ... read..

Taliban policies turning Afghan women into virtual prisoners in their homes
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2022 8:45:08 PM IST
The Taliban rule has had a devastating impact on Afghan women and girls, according to the Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the Human Rights Institute at San Jose State University (SJSU). ... read..

After plot to kill Pak activist, ISI now targets via fake campaign
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2022 7:45:08 PM IST
Ahmad Waqass Goraya, an exiled Pakistani activist who was the ISI's target for a hit job, said that all known stooges of the spy agency have become active to have his Twitter account blocked as part of a fake campaign on harassing women journalists of Pak ... read..

SL doesn't want to get caught between powerful nations: Rajapaksa
Colombo | Tuesday, 2022 7:45:08 PM IST
Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said on Tuesday that his country does not want to get caught up between powerful nations. ... read..

Missing Bangladeshi actress found dead
Dhaka | Tuesday, 2022 6:15:08 PM IST
Bangladeshi actress Raima Islam Shimu, who was reported missing a few days ago, was found dead in the outskirts of Dhaka, police said. ... read..

SL's dollar crisis leads to power crisis
Colombo | Tuesday, 2022 5:45:07 PM IST
Amidst the worst-ever power crisis connected to Sri Lanka's ailing economy and Energy Ministry threatening to stop fuel supply for electricity generation from Tuesday, a Minister said fuel would be obtained from the Indian Oil Company (IOC) to generate el ... read..

Taliban trying to 'erase' women From public life: UN experts
Kabul | Tuesday, 2022 5:45:07 PM IST
A group of UN human rights experts have warned against the Taliban's attempts to "steadily erase women and girls from public life", the media reported. ... read..

UN scales up assistance in Afghanistan
Kabul | Tuesday, 2022 3:15:08 PM IST
UN humanitarians and partners have provided food assistance to more than 9 million Afghans since the Taliban takeover in August 2021, said the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). ... read..

Two B'desh nationals who inadvertently crossed border handed over to BGB
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2022 4:45:07 AM IST
The Border Security Force (BSF) on Monday said it has handed over two Bangladeshi nationals to the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) on Sunday as a goodwill gesture. ... read..

Petrol price up by 55.22% during Imran's tenure
New Delhi | Monday, 2022 8:15:08 PM IST
Since August 17, 2018 when Imran Khan was sworn in as the countrys 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan, petrol prices in the country have increased by 55.22 per cent, The News International reported. ... read..

95% Afghan journos cannot cover events independently
Kabul | Monday, 2022 3:45:08 PM IST
A new survey has revealed that 95 per cent of Afghan journalists cannot cover events independently and also have a problem of accessing information. ... read..

Pak NSA to visit Kabul this week: Report
Islamabad | Monday, 2022 3:45:07 PM IST
Pakistan's National Security Adviser (NSA) Moeed Yusuf will lead a high-level inter-ministerial delegation to Kabul on Tuesday for a two-day trip for talks on bilateral matters and a focus on Islamabad's efforts to avert a humanitarian crisis in the war-t ... read..

Rohingya leader murder: B'desh arrests ARSA leader's brother
Dhaka | Monday, 2022 6:15:08 AM IST
Police in Bangladesh have arrested the brother of banned Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) leader Ataullah Abu Amar Jununi, whose outfit was involved in killing of community human rights activist at a refugee camp in Cox Bazar last September, official ... read..

Don't construct road via Nepali territory unilaterally, Nepal tells India
Kathmandu | Sunday, 2022 11:45:07 PM IST
Nepal on Sunday once again reminded India not to construct any roads in Nepali territory unilaterally. ... read..

Pakistan's Headache - Protege Taliban
New Delhi | Sunday, 2022 6:45:08 PM IST
Pakistan is being driven mad by its protege, Taliban 2.0. And is in a fix, not knowing whether to get tough with the new Kabul masters or continue to act like their patron in the hope of establishing one-day Pakistani hegemony over Afghanistan. ... read..

Ex-Pak general confesses 'guilt' in espionage case
New Delhi | Sunday, 2022 6:15:08 PM IST
Pakistan defence authorities told the Lahore High Court's Rawalpindi bench that Lieutenant General (retd) Javed Iqbal, who was found involved in espionage activities, had confessed to his "guilt" in his judicial confessional statement before an Islamabad ... read..

Nepal sends over 14 tonnes of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan
Kathmandu | Sunday, 2022 6:15:08 PM IST
Nepal on Sunday dispatched more than 14 tonnes of various relief materials on board a chartered flight to the crisis-hit Afghanistan. ... read..

There's no need for foreign manpower in Afghanistan: Karzai
Kabul | Sunday, 2022 2:45:08 PM IST
Reacting to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's directive to send qualified and trained Pakistani manpower to Afghanistan, former President of the war-torn nation Hamid Karzai said that there was no need of that, the media reported. ... read..

Intruder handed to Pak rangers by BSF (Lead)
Jammu | Sunday, 2022 1:45:07 AM IST
One Pakistani intruder who had inadvertently crossed the international border into Samba sector of Jammu was handed to the Pakistan Rangers through a flag meeting, the BSF said on Saturday. ... read..

Chinese spy boasted of lobbying 480 MPs in UK
New Delhi | Saturday, 2022 10:45:08 PM IST
The Chinese spy at the heart of Whitehall boasted of lobbying 'more than 480 MPs' and even sought to get her own puppet politician elected, the Daily Mail reported. ... read..

Prospects of violent conflict growing immensely with dangerous ideology in neighbourhood: Pak
New Delhi | Saturday, 2022 8:45:08 PM IST
Pakistan has said special attention is required to manage lingering border disputes which continue to pose security threats, particularly along the Line of Control (LoC) and Working Boundary where ceasefire violations by India threaten civilian lives and ... read..

Pakistan says concerned by rise of Hindutva politics in India
New Delhi | Saturday, 2022 8:15:08 PM IST
Pakistan, under its policy of peace at home and abroad, wishes to improve its relationship with India, the country's first National Security Policy document said. ... read..

Pak blames 'India's hegemonic designs' for strained ties
New Delhi | Saturday, 2022 7:15:08 PM IST
Pakistan has blamed "Indias hegemonic designs" and the "unresolved Kashmir dispute" for the strained bilateral ties. ... read..

Pakistan to give permanent residency for wealthy Afghans, Chinese
New Delhi | Saturday, 2022 6:15:08 PM IST
The Pakistan government has decided to offer permanent residency to foreign investors, especially to fetch heavy investments from wealthy Afghans, Chinese and American Sikhs, Dawn reported. ... read..

Sri Lanka's economy expected to grow 5.5% in 2022
Colombo | Saturday, 2022 3:45:08 PM IST
Sri Lanka is expected to record an economic growth of 5.5 per cent in 2022, with a recovery in its tourism sector, the country's central nank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal said. ... read..

Pak launches public version of 1st-ever National Security Policy
Islamabad | Saturday, 2022 3:45:08 PM IST
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the public version of the country's first-ever National Security Policy document and called it an "all-encompassing" framework for inclusive development. ... read..

Taliban welcomes UN chief's call to lift ban on assets
Kabul | Saturday, 2022 3:45:07 PM IST
The Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has welcomed the remarks of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calling on the US to lift a ban on the war-torn country's assets. ... read..

World's largest sapphire cluster unearthed in SL enters Guinness Book
Colombo | Saturday, 2022 3:15:07 PM IST
The Sri Lankan government said that the massive star sapphire cluster found in the country last year has been registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest ever. ... read..

Taliban denies claims made in HRW report on Afghanistan
Kabul | Saturday, 2022 2:45:07 PM IST
The Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has denied a new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report which said that the fall of the country to the new regime has accelerated human rights crises and humanitarian catastrophe. ... read..

ATMs to get operational in Afghanistan for 1st time since Taliban takeover
Kabul | Saturday, 2022 2:15:07 PM IST
Starting from Saturday onwards, ATMs in Afghanistan will become operational for the first time since the country's takeover by the Taliban, the central bank announced. ... read..

China using its billions to buy political influence across the world
New Delhi | Saturday, 2022 2:15:08 AM IST
Allegations that a suspected Chinese spy has donated more than 500,000 pounds to a senior Labour MP in Britain appear to fit part and parcel with Beijings modus operandi -- using its billions in cash to buy political influence across the planet, the Daily ... read..

IOM continues to expand relief operation in Afghanistan
Kabul | Friday, 2022 9:15:08 PM IST
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Friday that it has continued to expand its relief operations across Afghanistan in response to mounting complex humanitarian needs. ... read..

Pakistan expanded use of draconian sedition laws to stifle dissent
New Delhi | Friday, 2022 6:15:08 PM IST
Pakistani law enforcement agencies were responsible for numerous human rights violations, including detention without charge and extrajudicial killings, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in its World Report 2022. ... read..

Hasina urges unvaccinated people to get inoculated
Dhaka | Friday, 2022 4:15:08 PM IST
Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged unvaccinated people to get inoculated soon in order to protect themselves against the ongoing Covid-19 resurgence triggered by the Omicron variant. ... read..

Pakistan's lower house passes bill for additional revenue, financial reforms
Islamabad | Friday, 2022 3:45:09 PM IST
Pakistan's National Assembly or lower house of parliament has passed the Finance (Supplementary) Bill 2021 to generate additional revenue and bring financial reforms. ... read..

Rights of Afghan women, girls under attack: UN
Kabul | Friday, 2022 2:15:07 PM IST
The UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has said that the rights of Afghan women and girls are "under attack" and that they need the world body's support and solidarity now more than ever. ... read..

UN Chief calls for efforts to prevent further suffering for millions of Afghans
United Nations (New York) | Friday, 2022 12:15:09 PM IST
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on the international community to take immediate action to prevent further suffering for millions of Afghans. ... read..

KFC faces boycott in China for encouraging excessive purchase of meal sets
New Delhi | Friday, 2022 3:45:07 AM IST
A top Chinese consumer group has called for a boycott of a KFC meal promotion, saying it encourages food waste, the BBC reported. ... read..

China constructing villages at disputed Bhutan territory
New Delhi | Friday, 2022 3:45:07 AM IST
China is constructing villages in disputed Bhutan territory, which is less than 30 km from the trijunction Doklam plateau, sources said. ... read..

Blackout in Kabul as Uzbekistan power supply goes down
New Delhi | Thursday, 2022 9:45:07 PM IST
Afghanistans electricity body, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), said that Uzbekistan's power supply to the country has decreased by 60 per cent which has led to a blackout in Kabul, Khaama Press reported. ... read..

Pakistani passport 4th worst in the world
New Delhi | Thursday, 2022 8:45:08 PM IST
The Pakistani passport has been ranked as the fourth worst for international travel for the third consecutive year, with visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 31 destinations around the world, according to the Henley Passport Index 2022. ... read..

Afghan women demand govt jobs, representation
Kabul | Thursday, 2022 3:15:07 PM IST
Dozens of Afghan women from all walks of live held a protest in Kabul demanding the Taliban to provide government jobs and equal representation in society, the media reported. ... read..

Afghan universities to reopen, female students included: Taliban
Kabul | Thursday, 2022 2:45:07 PM IST
The Taliban-led government will soon reopen universities across the country for both male and female students, but classes will be separate for boys and girls, a Minister said here. ... read..

Bangladesh 'devaluing' taka to boost exports, remittances
Dhaka | Thursday, 2022 6:15:08 AM IST
With the exchange rate of the taka depreciating 25 per cent in the last 13 years against the US dollar, and falling to an unprecedented 86 takas against the dollar at the start of the week, Bangladesh's central bank is looking to adopt a policy of devalua ... read..

Garcetti's nomination as US envoy to India advances with Senate panel OK
New York | Thursday, 2022 3:45:07 AM IST
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday unanimously approved the nomination of Eric Garcetti to be the US Ambassador to India, a position that has been vacant for almost a year. ... read..

Threats by no means reduced at borders with China: Army chief (Ld)
New Delhi | Wednesday, 2022 10:45:08 PM IST
While there has been partial disengagement, threat has by no means reduced at the northern borders with China, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Manoj Mukund Naravane, said on Wednesday as he stressed upon the fact that force deployment from the Ind ... read..

Uproar in Nepal over Modi's announcement to build road in Lipulekh
Kathmandu | Wednesday, 2022 2:15:07 AM IST
A fresh diplomatic spat has brewed between Nepal and India after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modis recent announcement to expand the road across the Lipulekh area which Nepal claims as its own. ... read..

79% Afghan journalists gave up profession to survive
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2022 9:15:08 PM IST
The Journalists Foundation of Afghanistan said that mediapersons in the country are going through the worst economic situation as 79 per cent of them have lost their jobs and resorted to other professions to make money and survive, Khaama Press reported. ... read..

Afghanistan's future hinges on its relation with Pakistan: USIP
Islamabad | Tuesday, 2022 9:15:08 PM IST
The US Institute of Peace (USIP), a Washington-based federal institution, has stated that the future of Afghanistan hinges on its relations with Pakistan and funding by America and other nations. ... read..

IMF asks Pakistan to renegotiate if it wants extension in loan programme
Islamabad | Tuesday, 2022 7:45:08 PM IST
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called on Pakistan to come to the dialogue table and renegotiate the loan programme, if it intends to get the requested three weeks extension to implement prior committed actions. ... read..

Narrative on rift between govt, military was 'dead and buried': Imran
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2022 6:45:08 PM IST
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has reiterated that his governments relationship with the military was "exceptional" and the opposition's narrative regarding a rift between the government and the military was "dead and buried", Dawn reported. ... read..

B'desh issues new anti-Covid measures
Dhaka | Tuesday, 2022 6:15:08 PM IST
Amid a fresh surge in Covid-19 cases, Bangladesh has issued new restrictive measures which will come into effect from Thursday onwards. ... read..

Taliban to resume hiring govt employees, excluding women
Kabul | Tuesday, 2022 4:15:08 PM IST
The Taliban has announced that they will resume the hiring process of Afghan government employees, excluding female staffers, the media reported on Tuesday. ... read..

Taliban's acting FM meets Ahmad Massoud in Iran
Kabul | Tuesday, 2022 2:45:08 PM IST
Amir Khan Muttaqi, the Taliban's acting Foreign Minister who is currently in Iran with a 26-member delegation, held talks with National Resistance Front leader Ahmad Massoud, during which the latter was given assurance about his safe return to Afghanistan ... read..

Kazakhstan burning, Russian troops are in; India closely following situation
New Delhi | Tuesday, 2022 1:15:08 AM IST
Over 160 persons have reportedly died in several days of unrest in Kazakhstan, Central Asia's largest country, which has been rocked by a week of turmoil. ... read..

Not having economic sovereignty affects foreign policy: Pak NSA
New Delhi | Monday, 2022 8:45:07 PM IST
Pakistan's foreign policy is still not free from the influence of the US, says National Security Adviser (NSA) Moeed Yusuf. ... read..

Nepal govt body suggests curbs on large gatherings, school closures
Kathmandu | Monday, 2022 6:45:08 PM IST
A government body in Nepal has recommended restrictive measures against large gatherings and closing of schools as the latest measures against the latest Covid-19 resurgence. ... read..

Pak national exchequer robbed of billions to benefit private TV channel
New Delhi | Monday, 2022 5:45:07 PM IST
The insider story of the controversial and alleged illegal partnership between Pakistan Television (PTV) and the private ARY channel has come to light, The News International reported. ... read..

Hasina pays tributes on 50th anniversary of Bangabandhu's Homecoming Day
Dhaka | Monday, 2022 5:45:07 PM IST
Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday paid tributes on the 50th anniversary of Homecoming Day, which marks Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's return to the country in 1972 after spending months in a Pakistan jail. ... read..

Crisis-hit SL asks China to restructure debt repayments
New Delhi | Monday, 2022 5:15:08 PM IST
Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has asked China to restructure the crisis-hit island nation's debt repayments as part of efforts to help the South Asian country navigate its worsening financial situation, the BBC reported. ... read..

Posters across Kabul reminding women to wear hijab
Kabul | Monday, 2022 3:45:07 PM IST
The Taliban-led government's Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice have stuck posters across Kabul to remind women to wear a hijab, the media reported on Monday. ... read..

Afghan female journos fear increased Taliban curbs
Kabul | Monday, 2022 3:15:08 PM IST
A number of female Afghan journalists have confirmed that restrictions imposed against them by the Taliban have increased, saying they were worried about their future in the war-torn nation, the media reported. ... read..

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